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CaptainJohan Levin Swedish 1971 MOY 200 Unlimited
Chef/HostessLiselotte Levin Swedish 1972 Offshore Skipper
Number of Crew: 3Languages: English, Swedish

Crew Profiles:
Captain Johan Levin warmly welcomes you aboard Oculus, along with Chef Lise Levin and First Mate Rafa Sosinski. All three crew members are avid kiteboarders, with both Johan and Rafa available to serve as instructors for you and your guests.

In their youth, Johan and Lise were active snowboarders, ultimately competing as part of the Swedish National Team. In their twenties, they discovered a love of sailing and set off in a 25-foot vessel to sail around the world, a journey which took three years. After completing this momentous adventure, Johan and Lise decided that the next step was to build their own 45-foot sailboat from scratch. With characteristic diligence and perseverance, they spent the next eleven years constructing S/Y Corrine by hand. In 2011, they set off once again, sailing and living off the sea before settling in Antigua in 2013. It was in Antigua that they found their love for kiteboarding—inspiring a brand new phase of wholehearted adventure.

Johan holds a Master of Yachts 200 Ton Unlimited license and is known to his friends as MacGyver for his uncanny ability to fix or build anything with one hand while lassoing a lobster with the other. His attention to detail allows him to break down any kiteboarding trick, from the most basic to the most advanced, into learnable steps.

Lise has been cooking since she was a teenager. She loves to experiment with different cuisines, sauces and presentation styles. She is dedicated to fresh ingredients and is an expert at sourcing culinary components in sailing locations around the world. As with boat building, she is passionate about making dishes and elements from scratch.

Rafa has both a traveler’s and a kiteboarder’s soul and has spent the last five years as a sought-after kite instructor in locations from the Canary Islands to Vietnam to the Caribbean. His love of sailing has inspired him to work on vessels in the British Virgin Islands, the Bahamas and the eastern coast of the United States, and his most recent voyage includes an Atlantic crossing. Rafa’s infectious enthusiasm for adventure will inspire your guests to try new things and set new goals.