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December 2018
Name: Aileen
Yacht: DIANNA ROSE with Joseph and Britta Stiles
Charter Dates: 12/22/2018 12:00pm to 12/28/2018 12:00pm
Area Cruised: Virgin Islands
Overall Rating: 5
5 being the highest 0 being the lowest
We hope your charter lived up to your expectations. We would love to know some of your impressions about your yachting vacation. Please answer the following questions and add any comments you may have.

1. Was the crew friendly and accommodating?
Joeph and Britta were phenomenal

2. Was the yacht comfortable and clean?
Yes! Everything was very well kept

3. Was the yacht well ventilated?
Yes! We miss the breezes already

4. Was the food good and well presented?
The food was beyond compare. It was like sailing with a Michelin starred Chef

5. Did you like the area you sailed?
We loved the BVI's and loved the Baths
March 2018
Joseph & Britta,
The Dianna Rose was the best vacation EVER. We can't thank you enough for the unmatched hospitality and food. Everything exceeded our expectations. We dined like royalty and drank like rock stars. It was such a memorable experience to swim with wild dolphin. Thank you for sharing your passions with us. The snorkeling was amazing! You will forever be remembered with much love in our hearts and minds as Mermaid Britta & Captain Commando.

See you next time on the intoxicator!

Marc and Jara
Emily and Steve
Amy and Mark

P.S. If you can't find Zoey - she is in Omaha, NE. We love her!!
March 2018
Joseph, Britta & Zoe,
What a wonderful week! Your care and attention to our vacation is greatly appreciated - you truly anticipated our every request!! We wish you safe travels this next year...
and we look forward to another great adventure in 2019!! Come see us in DC!

Thank you for everything!!
Drew and Ellen
march 2018
Britta & Joseph (& Zoe!!)
Thank you for the most wonderful and amazing week. Words can't fully express our appreciation of everything you did to make it the best week ever - the snorkeling, diving, paddle boarding, and just relaxing were amazing - and a great hike too - to see the most beautiful view in the world! The food was beyond words - Joseph your are an amazing and gifted chef! And having Zoe on board as the C.M.O. was so fun. Britta - you are so great at making everything go smoothly and anticipating our needs. We can't wait to spend another week with you next year. Thanks for everything it was us who received the pleasure this week!!

Janet and Glenn
Clearwater, FL
March 2018
Britta, Joseph & the CMO Zoey,
This is our second time aboard and you once again exceeded our expectations. Joseph did a masterful job planning our week, finding spectacular locations in spite of some challenging seas. The food of course, was the best in the Caribbean and I once again leave baffled on how you manage to pull these amazing multi-course meals together (all from scratch), with such ease. The highlight for me this week was the three discovery dives with Britta. I was so comfortable and relaxed through all three dives and I know it was due to Britta's presence. She also, along with Zoey, made sure our every need was taken care of along the way. We are sad to leave but excited to come back. Memorial Day 2019 baby!!

John and Kim
March 2018
Britta and Joseph and Zoe,
Thank you both for another amazing week - our expectations were exceeded again! It was a week filled with fun, laughter, beautiful views, amazing food & drinks! the two of you make everyone feel so comfortable and take care of every need possible. We loved the addition of your CMO Zoe! Thanks for the pumpkin butterscotch muffins Joseph - so delicious! We look forward to seeing you again and let us know if you make it to Virginia - we would love to see you!
Thanks again!
February 2018

We have enjoyed the most wonderful week aboard Dianna Rose filled with all of our favorite things. Joseph and Britta you have been the most wonderful hosts, taking care of us all and showing us some wonderful new places in the BVI.
The food has been just SO amazing, we have very much enjoyed this week of total indulgence, what a huge treat, our own Micheleon restaurant afloat in this stunning corner of the world.
We must also thank darling little Zoey for stealing all of our hearts and filling in for our own much loved hound.
You run a wonderful boat and have made our Holiday one to remember. Do look us up if you make it to the UK!

Charlotte, Rick, Amelia, and George
January 2018

Britta, Joseph, and Zoey,
Wow! This has been an awesome week - very relaxing and the food has been awesome - I have enjoyed every day - we snorkeled some and relaxed a lot - I don't even remember reading 3 books in one week - ever. I also can't remember the last time I went to bed at 9 and slept until 7. Zoey is an added enjoyment - she is a very special little dog. There is no doubt we will make a plan to come back - Thanks!

Sue & Don
January 2018
January 2018
Joseph, Britta, and Zoey,
What an incredible trip! You both are fantastic hosts and the food was beyond our expectations! We both relaxed and had fun day drinking. Best of all for me, I learned to paddle board! Thanks Britta! This vacation has truly been my most favorite ever and we plan to come back - hopefully soon!

Thanks again!
- Rita and Jim
January 2018
Jospeh, Britta, and Zoe,
Thank you for a wonderful experience - an experience it was! The 3 of you, yes including Zoe, truly made the trip. Joseph, your gift as a chef is truly a gift, thank you for sharing that with us and expanding my horizons in foods I have never had before. Britta, I've been taught that everyone walks around with a sign around their neck that says "make me feel important." And that is truly what you have done. I tried more things in this trip and this is because I knew I could trust you! This has been an experience of a lifetime, and we are so thankful we were able to spend it with all of you! We will be praying for your safe travel. Please keep in touch.

Johnny & Lori
January 2018

Britta, Joseph, and Zoe
We want to thank your and to encourage you as well! This life that you have chosen together is a most worthwhile pursuit. We have enjoyed our great meals (they were breathtaking) and the attention to our needs (modest and otherwise), but its how you share your life so freely and with kindness and enthusiasm that is unsurpassed! To find something you're passionate about and pursue it, that favors your chances of a meaningful life! So congrats, best wishes, stay safe and come see us!

John and Susan
January 2018
Joseph, Britta, and Zoey,
We have been considering a Caribbean boat charter trip for the past few years, and early this year decided to book a trip for us, our two grown children, and their spouses. We went over details of various boats and crews, and are so thrilled that we chose the Dianna Rose! We wondered if all would be enjoyable in the VI post-hurricane damage, and can happily say, its so beautiful here and each day was better than the one before.
Britta was so welcoming and was an amazing, kind, and patient teacher to 3 new scuba divers. She set each one of us at ease the minute we stepped foot on the boat and was always perceptive to our slightest need. Joseph is calm and welcoming as well. AND THE FOOD...such a delight! Everyday: "Joseph, this is the BEST ____ I've ever had!" A weeks worth of the best meals I've ever experienced. Zoey is so sweet, oozing personality and just a treasure added to the trip. Jes loved her! Chris loved drifting the tender ("Just like the Navy Seals"). Tommy loved skippering the boat with "Pirates of the Caribbean" blaring in the background. Kelsey was a snorkeling queen, and Steve and Cindy - we loved seeing our family enjoying this amazing experience all together. A magical miracle memory has been made!:)
You are so special and we are grateful for this remarkable vacation!

With love, appreciation, and admiration,
Steve and Cindy
Danville, CA
December 2017
Thank you for the amazing trip! Britta thank you so much for holding my hand throughout every scuba and allowing me to follow behind you like a little guppie! You are so patient and kind - I am so happy you were here to be my first scuba teacher! Also, thank you for all the fruity drinks - I know Chris appreciated them! Jospeh, you are the best Chef ever and I'm going to be so sad when I return to pack my lunch for work. You both are a great duo and made this trip so memorable! I hope you enjoy the rest of your season and enjoy your breaks as well! I'm really going to miss Zoey...I think I may cry...I have to stop thinking about it.

Thank you again for everything, you are the best!
Jessica and Chris
December 2017
December 2017
Joseph, Britta, and Zoey,
Thank you for such a wonderful intro to the Caribbean! From the first moment on board, its been clear how much you love this special place. You have been wonderful hosts for both the islands and the Dianna Rose.
Joseph - thank you for letting Tommy and I pester you with incessant cooking and booze questions. It was so fun to get to talk with you about this passion of yours, and you've inspired us to try some new ideas in our own kitchen. Thank you for all your hard work and tasty food - it was a treat.
Britta - you are a magical fairy! Seriously, your ability to anticipate what people need and to magically turn down our beds without me even noticing was so impressive. I love your incredible positivism and boundless energy and no-nonsense fun-loving attitude. I'm bummed I didn't get to scuba with you guys, but it was a real delight to watch you wrangle our divers:)

Thank you so much!
December 2017
Joseph, Britta, and Zoey-
What a trip! I had a magnificent time on your boat despite the fact that I am what many would describe as "indoorsy" You were very accommodating to my ridiculous requests and stupid boat puns. Driving the boat under sail was really fun especially when I put on the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack. I think I actually had a genuine laugh. Britta - scuba diving was so FUN! You made it extremely low stress and it was so fun when you pointed out different sea life, I really enjoyed talking to both of you about nerdy things - booze, food, travel, and all the rest. The service you provided anticipated every need and helped us relax immediately. I an my elevated (somewhat) palate will miss you and this boat. AND ZOEY RULES.

December 2017
Joseph, Britta, and Zoe,
Our sincerest thanks for all your efforts to make our journey as enjoyable as possible! The delicious meals were beyond compare; nothing we've ever experienced before. The hospitality was never ending, from morning until night. You three make and amazing team!! May all your days be filled with sunshine, your sails filled with gentle breezes, your night skies filled with shining and falling stars, and your night waters filled with luminescent sparkles.
Once again thank you and bless you!

With love,
Julie & Laun
Missoula, Montana

P.S. The details of this trip may slip our minds overtime, but the three of you will be in our minds forever!
December 2017
I'm finding writing this difficult this morning. The "Miracle Basket" is on the table and Zoey is snuggled against my leg. I'm trying to avoid looking towards the basket of shoes and flip flops as it just reminds me that our incredible voyage is almost over.
This was our first sailing vacation ever and after this we can't imagine anything else than hopefully returning to the Dianna Rose someday! It has been say many times in this book already, the food, hospitality, and experience has been second to none. Joseph is a zen master in the kitchen. The best meals of our lives each and every day. Britta is the bartending and comfort ninja. Always putting our desires first, and Zoey is of course the life of the boat. You guys treated us better than family and we well never forget this week in paradise!

Kandy & Dustin
December 2017
December 2017
Joseph, Britta, and Zoe
Thank you so much for such an amazing adventure. Having been here before we were anticipating another fabulous experience - However, thanks to the two of you plus Zoe, the experience went far beyond anything we could have anticipated.
Joesph's culinary expertise is beyond amazing. Britta's hospitality and way with making all of us feel right at home couldn't have been any better. We celebrated my wife's 50th b-day with our closest friends and having Joseph and Britta part of it rounded out the trip nicely. We also brought our fly fishing equipment to experience "Tarpon-on-the-fly". You did a fantastic job providing us many Tarpon to choose from every evening - since we hooked several yet landed none, we'll have to come back and do it all over again.
We'll definitely be making a return trip!
Loved the week, the weather, the laughs, and all 3 of you!

Brian & Monique
Missoula, MT
November 2017
Joseph & Britta (+Zoe):
Thank you so much for a fabulous family vacation. The food was unbelievable (See reviews below), the service was amazing, welcoming, loving, and attentive. The whole Dianna Rose vibe made fun and relaxation unavoidable and you both should take great pride in your ability to make everything look so easy and making every moment so enjoyable. This was a great vacation that the entire family enjoyed as a group: snorkeling, paddle, conquering wake boarding, drinking (in moderation of course), card playing, cruising, and cards against humanity...but more about that later.

Joseph, what you created in that tiny galley was truly incredible. Probably the best complement that we can pay the food extravaganza over the past week are the spontaneous reviews offered by our children:

"The only meals that I have has that are as good as this were other meals created by Joseph."
"This food is better than any meal that I have had in a restaurant...EVER!"

Thanks for everything,
Simon, Robin, Calvin, Katie, and Owen
August 2017
August 2017
Dear Britta and Joseph,
There are not words that can express how amazing this experience has been for all of us. You have created memories that will stay with us a lifetime. Your attention to detail and local knowledge/expertise has made this truly and amazing adventure and not just a trip!
This crew will be back!!
All the best to you both!!
-Betty and Gary
July 2017
Britta and Joseph,
Twenty year ago we visited the Virgin Islands and that trip led to a fantasy of traveling the islands on a catamaran. Over a year ago we started saving and now we have come to the end of our week on Dianna Rose. This trip has been the trip of a lifetime - it's been comfortable, exciting, happy, funny, delicious, and full of memories. Britta, you made us feel welcome and special. You never stop working and you have special bat hearing! You seem to know what we want before we do! Thank you for your many yummy drinks, and your table settings did not go unnoticed. Joseph we never imagined we would experience such wonderful meals, each was an experience in itself! The smells coming from your kitchen were amazing! We loved the way you used interesting ingredients in each dish, it was fun to anticipate your presentation. It is evident you have a passion and we were fortunate you shared it with us. This has been the best snorkeling experience we have ever had. You showed us new and great sights everyday. We felt safe and comfortable. Besides new fish, this week we've seem natural baths, caves, dolphins, turtles, octopus, spotted eagle rays. Wow! Thank you for sharing a bit of yourselves with us including your special girl, Zoey! We will remember you three fondly. If you are ever in California, please let us know as we would love to see you again!
-Scott and Kayla
California USA
July 2017
Joseph and Britta...
From the moment you picked us up at the dock you made us feel like family. This was truly the trip of a lifetime for us both. We expected the beautiful sea, and good diving, but NEVER expected to be treated so amazingly wonderful like we were treated. The constant service that Britta offered - helping us with our dive gear, cleaning our dive gear ect. made our diving experience fabulous. Thank you for making and suggesting all the yummy drinks and taking care of EVERY need we could ever have. We felt so spoiled ALL week. As far as the meals went, we have NEVER experienced such amazing food. Joseph you are truly an amazing chef. Your dishes were 5 star and beautiful. The smells that we enjoyed all day were wonderful. Thank you for sharing your stories with us. It has been such a pleasure to get to know you two. You guys work so great as a team! We loved our time and cant believe we got hooked up with such a great crew!

Thank you so much!!!
Rick & Jamie

P.S. Love Love Zoey, and make sure you give her extra love since the 6 of us will be gone!!
July 2017
Britta, Joseph, and Zoey,
This was a dream vacation for us and you guys made it spectacular!
Britta - You made us feel so at home and welcome. You never stop working - bartender, dive/snorkel master, and taking care of us in every way.
Joseph - We haven't experienced food so amazingly delicious and beautiful. The boat and islands are lovely, thank you for sharing so much with us.
Zoey - we loved getting close to you and spoiling you - we will miss you!

Thank you so much for all the wonderful and thoughtful details that made our week so fantastic!
Mickey and Penny

P.S. Look us up if you're ever in our neck of the woods!
July 2017
Wow! What an amazing time! Thank you Joseph and Britta for making this a top vacation in our books. You guys are the dynamic duo... Joseph with the ridiculously awesome food and Britta with the fabulously tasty cocktails! We loved all our adventures...snorkeling, hiking, Willy T's, lobster hunting! Zoe was an extra special touch and we will miss her! We can't wait until next time...and yes, there will be a next time! Yay!
Best wishes to you all!
Marisa and Todd
June 2017
Joseph and Britta,
Our review is a little different, as this is my sixth trip with Joseph. Five as chef, one as captain, so I should know what to expect, correct? Wrong!!! A new level of service and fun from Joseph and Britta. I knew what my food experience would be for my family, top shelf, five star. However I cannot say enough about Britta! The drinks, snorkeling, the underwater knowledge, all just so refreshing. I just felt at home the entire week. In conclusion, I am already booking my next trip as I enjoyed this one with my family so much.
Joseph and Britta, words can't do justice.
Sam, Laura, Kali, Lukas, and Alek
May 2017
What an amazing experience - exceeded ALL expectations! The service, the food, and the amazing surroundings - World Class. Thank you for leaving no detail unattended to. You both are truly professionals. A trip of a lifetime and we cannot wait to repeat - with the same group! Thank you for a great time - one that we shall not forget.
Best wishes to Britta and Joseph - we look forward to seeing you again!
Marybeth and Mike
May 2017
5 star diving - check. World class service - check. Top flight travel - check. Stunning underwater adventures - check. Incredible companionship - check. Attention to every minute detail - check. Trip of a lifetime - check.
Joseph and Britta, we cannot thank you enough for the week of a lifetime! It has flown by and we can't believe it is over. We look forward to being back with this same group. We will remember this forever!
Phil and Donna
Zoey completed the trip!
May 2017
Joseph and Britta -
Words cannot even express how grateful we are to have spent a week with such wonderful people like you. By far, you have exceeded any expectation we had. You welcomed us to your home with open arms and made us feel comfortable and relaxed. You are such a great team. Joseph's meals were world class, not to be out done by Britta's service. We have been to many resorts throughout the Caribbean and abroad. This has by far created more memories and life experiences that we will never forget. We cannot thank you enough. We look forward to another trip with you two. We cannot wait to spread the word of our own vacation to others. Highly recommend you! Keep doing what you do and we know you will succeed (you already have!) Best to you both (and Zoey)
Jennifer and Joe
May 2017
We have done this catamaran vacation twice before, but this week with you tops both previous trips combined. You managed to provide an experience that combined our need to relax and keep busy at the same time. The food alone was superb, worth the trip by itself! Both of you make the perfect crew - friendly, accommodating, and professional. I sincerely hope we have the opportunity to sail with you again for another very memorable experience. Thank you for a GREAT trip!
Carrol and Jerry
May 2017
What more can we say that hasn't been said before. An amazing time - the best time ever. The food Chef - the most wonderful ever, Britta you are the best- perhaps we will sail again sometime.
Wishing you both the best!
May 2017
An absolutely marvelous sail! What an experience for John who has never had a toe in the sea. We enjoyed every minute of the trip and hope to return on the Dianna Rose with both of you. Beyond all expectations!
Thank you!
Sue and John
May 2017
May 5, 2017
If I had to be marooned on a boat for 7 days I'm really glad two of the people we're you. The meals were wonderful and Britta can open a bar anytime in Montana.
Thanks Piere
April 2017
Jospeh and Britta...
As your other guests have said, so much love and kindness were felt on this amazing adventure. It is obvious the love and respect you have for each other. Continue to enjoy your life together.
April 2017
Joseph and Britta,
This week has been more than we could have ever expected. Your welcoming personalities have made this week more than anything we could have ever imagined. The food was better than any first class restaurant. Doug said better than a cruise ship. I know Joseph will understand that inside joke. Every night at dinner Doug and I would rejoice that we made the decision to choose the Dianna Rose and the best crew that came with it. The memories will last forever. There is nothing over the past 8 days that could have been done better! Hopefully our paths in this life will cross again because you're both incredible people and your genuine and unique outlook on life has made an impact on our lives. Until we meet again we wish you the best and a happy and peaceful future.
-Doug and Steve
April 2017
Still savoring a week in the BVI with Joseph and Britta Stiles aboard the Dianna Rose catamaran. What an awesome couple and hosts. Five Star Meals prepared from scratch daily with only fresh ingredients and the culinary training of Master Chef Joseph while ever vigilant Britta anticipated our every need without even being asked. Awesome sailing and snorkeling. Three of us also went scuba diving five times with Master Diver Britta. They know where all the best places are both above and below the water! Truly a week we will never forget. Thank You,Thank You, Thank You Britta and Joseph! ~Herb S.
March 2017
March 2, 2017
We came on this trip without expectations. Had we conjured up any, you both without question, exceeded them by leaps and bounds. Britta: your charming personality, attention to detail, and your service with a smile was without equal. Your patience and supportive attitude with the divers and snorkelers on board made the entire experience first rate. Joseph: Your easy going spirit and quiet demeanor gave everyone confidence to relax as you navigate the BVI and went out of your way to share the details of your itinerary as the week progressed. You and Britta make a great and seamless team as Captain and First Mate! Your experience in the galley is without equal. I've never had so many first rate meals in one week in my entire life. I will forever compare any five-star restaurant to the experience with your cookery this week. Thank you for making this the experience of a lifetime. Foodies be warned, this is your crew!
Many thanks to you both for every part of this week - you're the BEST!
Annapolis MD
March 2017

Joseph and Britta-
Thank you for catering to our every need! We had no expectation that we would be pampered in this way - we felt like royalty! We are speechless because there are no adequate words to describe this wonderful experience...generous, kind, helpful, fun, spotless, catering, delicious, accommodating, friendly, spectacular in every way...
Bottom lime, it was an exceptional, most memorable experience of a lifetime.
Much gratitude and best wishes to you both.
-Annapolis MD
March 2017
Dear Joseph and Britta -
First - Thank you - It has been a dream of mine since I met Maggie 30 years ago to get certified in diving: check! It has also been a dream for 20+ years to experience the BVI on a sailboat: check!
My expectations have been exceeded beyond my wildest dreams. Never have I seen or experienced such grace and style in action as you two. Every detail cared for and provided enthusiastically and professionally. You are both great at what you do. This has been the trip of a lifetime. Thank you.
Ann and Steve
March 2017
Another Blessing in our life. What an adventure! Britta and Joseph, thank you for such a special week. You both make a calm and relaxing experience for us first-timers.
Much love and appreciation,
March 2017
Thank you Joseph and Britta for the beautiful hospitality and the most delicious food and drinks ever! Joseph - you are a master chef in the kitchen. Britta - you accommodated us in so many ways, from diving to keeping our towels dry and ready. Thank you for sharing your gracious islands and skills with us.
Maggie and Steve
February 2017
All the family agreed to say: this week on Dianna Rose was our BEST vacation ever! The food, beverages, service was amazing, great culinary experience, Joseph is a master chef!
Water activities were superb (tubes, snorkeling, wake board, paddle...) A special thank you to Britta who brought the family deep in the sea. Great scuba diving time! A big thank you!! We will be back on the Dianna Rose.
The Gang
Boston, MA
February 2017
Mise en place- is a term I learned from the chef shortly after boarding the Diana Rose. It is a culinary term that refers to having "every thing in its place"-a key factor if culinary perfection is to be achieved. Well EVERYTHING was certainly in its place on the Diana Rose, as we sailed with another couple to celebrate my wife's 50th birthday. From the boat itself, to the paddle boards, the kayak, the snorkel equipment, to Britta's attention to detail in making sure we had everything we could ever want to eat or drink, to Captain/Chef Joseph's amazing food for the entire week. I cannot think of a single thing that could have been better, the team of Joseph and Britta simply blew us away with their hospitality, kind hearts, and constant focus on what they could do to make our experience with them, the best it could be.

While every catamaran has the tools for sailing and fun water sports, what makes this charter special is Joseph and Britta. Joseph is a 5 star chef originally from Seattle who recently came off a 5 year head chef gig on a 120 foot mega yacht. His goal is to sail with his wife Britta, and create a mega yacht experience on a 50 foot catamaran. My wife and I have been all over the caribbean and we have learned that in the islands, really good meals were few and far between. We simply put up with that because we love the caribbean. But on the Diana Rose, 100 percent of the food is prepared from scratch. From the bread all the way to the potato chips were made on the boat, without a single box or packet being ripped open. We ate local fresh seafood, amazing produce from an organic graden flown in form St. Croix, and a variety of beef that was cooked to perfection. We esat down and ate multi course meals 3 times a day, and it was ALL EXCELLENT. Nothing else we have eaten in the islands comes close, and we ate like this for a WEEK! All this with a presentation you would expect from the highest end restaurants in New York, San Francisco or Chicago. It was simply amazing.

Britta is an experienced dive instructor and while none of us were certified to dive, she took us on snorkeling excursions every day. We watched her free dive to the depths of the ocean and bring up small creatures to look at and shared her wealth of knowledge about the sea and the abundant life on the beautiful reefs. In between all this Joseph captained the vessel as Britta ran all over the boat as the first mate. While at the same time making sure any adult libation was in our hands.

Lastly I would like to say, I am not the type of person who often takes the time to write reviews. I am pretty picky and my expectations are pretty high. Joseph and Britta are special people and have created an experience that does not exist anywhere else on the Caribbean. If you love the islands, you like a bit of adventure and you love great food, don't look anywhere else. The Diana Rose is the place. We will definitely be back!!

February 2017
Pickup-American Yacht Harbor, Red Hook St. Thomas
Day one - Maho Bay, St. John
Day two - White Bay, Jost Van Dyke (home of the painkiller)
Day three - Brewers Bay, Tortola on to Cane Garden Bay for the night
Day four - Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda
Day five - Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda
Day six - Benures Bay, Norman Island
Day seven- snorkeled the Indians early on to Round Bay, St. John
Last day- clear customs then on to A.Y.H.- Red Hook, St. Thomas
The purpose of this trip was to surprise my wife Kim for her 50th birthday; and also to fulfill a lifelong goal of having a half vacation with two couples. I can't even describe how great this week was. Joseph is as gifted chef as I have ever experienced. And we had him for 3 meals a day for a week!! Britta was the ever present cruise director who took us snorkeling daily, and kept the appropriate beverage in our hand. The bottom line is this is THE BEST vacation we have ever experienced. The food, weather, hospitality from Joseph and Britta were all outstanding. We will be back!!
John and Kim
Jeff and Shannon
February 2017
February 2, 2017
Joseph and Britta,
Thank you so much for a wonderful experience aboard the Dianna Rose. Our week with you flew by. The food, beverages, and service were exceptional thanks to your amazing skills and personal touches. The dining experience was 5 stars! Every meal was a culinary experience. Words cannot express or fairly describe the relaxation and equipment you provided us during our voyage. We will cherish every memory! We will be back!
Best wishes,
Jeff and Shanon
February 2017
We were absolutely blown away! The food and the service were absolutely amazing! I have never had better food. I don;t think there is a restaurant in Boston that can matchvJosepths menu! The boat was impeccably clean. Britta wa also an amazing host! We wanted for nothing! We will be back next year! ~Deirdre G
February 2017
Thank you so much for guiding one of the greatest trips our family has ever been on. We appreciate all the amazing food, adventures, and company. We wish you all the best going forward, you two will be a huge success!