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May 2019
Our trip has been fantastic. Our Captain Jacek and Chef Maya could not have made our trip more pleasurable. Great attention to detail and very accommodating in every respect. We chose to go with a pescatarian diet for this trip and Maya prepared fabulous and imaginative meals day after day. I only wish we could somehow replicate once we return home. The catamaran was very clean and comfortable. The pictures you sent us at the beginning reflected well on the type of boat we thought we were chartering.
April 2019
Really well designed for living. Feels very spacious and comfortable. She is also a beautiful cat and Maya and Jacek are such great hosts and crew! The are extremely accommodating, thoughtful and helpful. The food was really delicious and I'm a picky eater. Wondering if I can ever come back to the VI and have such a wonderful experience! Thank you so much Jacek and Maya. We miss you!

February 2019
Name: Randy
Yacht: SANTA ANA Santa Ana with Jacek Wierzbicki & Maya Souedi
Charter Dates: 02/14/2019 12:00 pm to 02/18/2019 12:00 pm
Area Cruised: Virgin Islands
Overall Rating: 5
5 being the highest 0 being the lowest
We hope your charter lived up to your expectations. We would love to know some of your impressions about your yachting vacation. Please answer the following questions and add any comments you may have.

1. Was the crew friendly and accommodating?
I highly recommend Maya and Jacek for the Santa Ana. They worked well together to make it a memorable experience for all who sailed on this trip.

2. Was the yacht comfortable and clean?
The Santa Ana was in perfect shape when we arrived and it stayed that way throughout the length of the cruise. The crew did a good job keeping her in ship shape.

3. Was the yacht well ventilated?
Yes. At times it was warm in the cabins at night.

4. Was the food good and well presented?
The food was one of the best parts of the trip. Maya was amazing! She did a fantastic job cooking and preparing the food. Every meal was well thought out and perfectly executed.

5. Did you like the area you sailed?
We loved every stop! Since we had a shorter trip than most we were able to cover a lot of ground and sea. Jacek did an excellent job directed us to the places we wanted to visit.

6. May we post this review on our website?

7. Additional comments on your charter?
It was a trip of a lifetime! The group that chartered the boat has been to beautiful places all over the world and had never experienced something like we all did on the Santa Ana. I highly recommend that once in your life you take a trip like this. I believe you would have the same experience we all did.
February 2019
Hey. It’s Amy and I haven’t had a chance til now to thank you guys for the most amazing trip on the boat!!! We got back Sunday and I haven’t stopped talking about our time on the boat and how dreamy it truly was. You both made the trip so special for our family. The kids miss you and want to come back.

It’s hard to see your IG posts of others on the boat and not be jealous of them! Ha!

You treated us like family and made us feel so special. This was a trip of a lifetime and we owe so much to you both! Thank you!!!!

I just told a friend today that I just had the best birthday ever on a boat in the Caribbean. It’s hard to describe to someone who’s never been how magical it really is to be in one of the most beautiful places on the earth....getting treated like royalty!!
Wishing you all the best this year!

January 2019
We had a wonderful time and Maya and Jacek were amazing! So great with the kids and we all left feeling like one big family! Thanks again for all of your help and I am sure we will be working with you again in the future!
Broker provided feedback July 2018
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2 - Poor
3 - OK
4 - Good
5 - Amazing

How was the transition from the airport to your yacht?
How was the crew greeting, including your first few moments on board?
What was your first impression of the yacht?
How was the tour of the yacht and explanation of the amenities?
How was the safety briefing?

Did you feel that the crew accommodated your desired travel itinerary?
Were the anchorages selected to you liking (scenery, water, entertainment, etc.)?
Did you find that you had sufficient time in each place?
Did you sail a sufficient amount?
Were you kept informed of travel schedule?
Boat and crew were great! Planning the itinerary was very interactive.

Were all of the toys that were promised to you on board and available for you to use?
Were you able to do what you had hoped to do while on board, whether that was relaxing or staying active?
There were enough opportunities to snorkel:
There were enough opportunities to go ashore:
We can't say enough about how great a time this was! Our grandchildren are still talking about the trip!

Please rate the professionalism of the captain & chef:
Please rate the quality of you interaction with the captain & chef:
Please rate the quality of the crew's general knowledge of the boat:
Please rate the quality of the crew's general knowledge of the Virgin Islands:
During that week Jacek and Maya became part of our family! Our children and grandchildren adored them. And Bonnie and I made friends for life.

Please rate the timeliness, quality, quantity and variety of the food serviced at breakfast:
Please rate the timeliness, quality, quantity, and variety of the food serviced for lunches:
Please rate the quality, quantity, and variety of snacks available:
Please rate the timeliness, quality, quantity and variety of food serviced for dinners:
Were the drinks you requested on you preference sheet available to you in sufficient quantity?
Please list the following:
Favorite breakfast: Poached eggs
Favorite lunch: Tuna!
Favorite dinner: All
Least favorite breakfast: none
Least favorite lunch: none
Least favorite dinner: none
I have eaten at some of the best restaurants in the world and Maya could measure up to any of them.

Additional comments:
The entire experience was amazing! Five star sailing! The food, unbelievable!! We LOVE Jacek and Maya and our family can't wait to sail with them again!
May 2018
We loved spending the week with you two. Perfect trip!

Thank you for an amazing week! We hope to see you again soon.

You two truly went above and beyond. Thanks for making our vacation on Loveboat so memorable
-Jake and Maki
April 2018
Thank you so much! What a blast we had in the BVI! Great food, bars, and sun!

I will be working on that awesome drone footage! HAD A BLAST and no sunburns! Thanks for being such great gosts!!

Adventurous 1st time sailing adventure. Captain, Jacek and Maya are the best! A wonderful family experience off the grid. Loved The Baths, Anegada (beware of the scooters), and the Soggy Dollar.

The Loveboat, exciting and new come on board we're expecting you! Memories for a lifetime - please visit us in VA Beach! Loved everything!

Thank you for the sailing lessons and the wonderful food, its been an amazing time!
April 2018
Wow!! What an amazing family experience you provided us. We couldn't have imagined a better crew to share this with...Thank you!!! Jacek, your sailing instruction and patience were unmatched. Maya, we loved every dish you served. The Loveboat was the perfect vessel for our family.

Pat, Nancy, Emily and Colin AKA "Auto Pilot Dinghy Captain"
Amazing time together as a family...
Today is the 3rd day off the boat and we are all missing our amazing time together as a family. Yes, the crew actually became like family. We couldn't have asked for a better crew. Jacek and Maya worked so well together that you would never know that this was their first time to crew as a team.

We were very happy with all of the meals prepared for us. At the end of the trip, we were talking about which meal was our favorite and no one could decide because they were all yummy. We felt completely safe with Captain Jacek at the helm and his knowledge and professionalism was unsurpassed. The boat was kept in pristine condition throughout the entire 7 days, which was a team effort of the crew.

The very first night we had a "jam" session playing guitar with Maya, Jacek, my son and husband, which set the mood for the entire trip. Jacek and Maya put us all immediately at ease. As a team, they fulfilled our every whim.

Our days were filled with wonderful food and drink, beautiful sun and sea, card and dice games, dancing and lots of laughter. My son, who I was a little worried about whether he would adapt to being on a yacht for 7 days, said it was the best time he had ever had and didn't want to leave. I completely agree!!

So to answer the question of whether I enjoyed the trip...Beyond My Wildest Dreams!

Thank you Captain Jacek,and Maya! My heart is full! ~Anne and family
This trip was a 10...
Being from the Midwest we had no idea what to expect out of this adventure. We were concerned that we would be bored, sea sick, and be abducted by pirates. Other than the pirate part, the outcome couldn't have been more to the contrary! Every moment was new and exciting. The views in the BVI were breathtaking and we never once felt sea sick. And, the pirates were very nice :) This was a dream come true, we'd recommend it to anyone that can swim. We don't usually tell a lot of friends about the trips we go on, but this is one we just can't stop talking about!!! Scale of 1 - 10 I'd give this trip a solid 10! Our Captain and Co-Captain were incredible as well, we left feeling like old friends!
March 2018
Thank you guys for everything. Was the best trip of all my life, I will never forget it. The food was so good and the spots were so fun. I'm gonna miss you guys!

Thank you Maya, the food was awesome, good, and really pretty. I always wake up in the morning thinking about breakfast. Thank you captain Jay for showing us all these new and cook activities like knee boarding and tubing. Thanks for everything!

It was a pleasure to meet you and spend these wonderful days with you. Thank you for everything. You're great!!!

Thank you Captain Jay for taking us tubing and knee boarding on the dinghy. Thank you Maya for the great food. It was very fun!
March 2018
Dear Maya and Jacek,
Thank you for giving my family a wonderful time! Wish you both great winds and happiness.

March 2017
Where to begin... What a great trip! You both out did yourselves from each stop, and the food was outstanding! Jim and I really enjoyed your music!! As you could tell we love music. This was on our bucket list for vacation and we absolutely loved it! We loved how you picked up quickly what everyone liked to drink and eat. You are a great team. Thank you for such a wonderful time! Loved our late night talks!

Jim and Lori
February 2018
We had a fabulous time, so many amazing memories! Dethroning the "Farkle King". Crowing Cynthia the come from behind "Farkle Queen"! Two nights of hilarious Heads Up. Pole dancers extraordinaire. The stormy night and squall on the way to Anegada. A little rough, but felt so safe with Captain YO HO (Jacek)! Maya thank you for the great meals and beautiful singing. Jacek you are a beautiful guitarist and we loved your lyrics about our week long adventure! Thank you for your attentive service...we never wanted for anything!

Can't wait to see y'all in Austin. YEE HAW!!!
Sue, Cheryl, Malinda, and Cynthia (50th birthday girl)
February 2018
This has been a vacation we've been dreaming of for a long time - thank you for making it the trip of a lifetime. What beautiful sights we saw and can't wait to return again! Much love!

Thank you,
Greg and Gretchen
January 2018
Wow! What a trip - thank you so much Jacek and Maya for taking us around the BVI and showing us all the great spots! It was a great relaxing family trip. Enjoy the rest of the season.

January 2018
Thank you SO much for the best vacation ever! I've learned so much from you guys and hope you guys have a wonderful 2018!

December 2017
Dearest Helga and Charlie,
you two are idiots, but we still love you and had the best time on Love Boat. Please come visit us in Boston or Block Island and cook us a delicious meal with a full kitchen. We can play Farkle and continue to consider, WWJD?

Love you!
December 2017
Maya and Jacek,
Thank you so much for making our vacation so fun and so special! Your easy going style was the perfect complement to our beautiful surroundings! Maya - your meals were ALL amazing! Jacek - so appreciate your ability to not only sail, but fix anything and everything! Please come see us! We would love to see you again!

August 2017
Dear Jacek and Maya,
Thank you so much for everything!! The food was amazing and all the activities were super cool. Maya we are going to miss your food so much everything you made us was very good and different from what we have in PR, thanks for introducing Farkle to us, we loved playing with you!!! Jacek, coolest captain in the world!!! Thanks again for everything we loved sharing our vacation with you guys! Thank you Jacek and Maya for making this week and unforgettable one!

5 stars from us!!!
DXXXX Family
San Juan, PR

P.S. Thank you for the rice, Jose loved it
July 2017
Dear Jacek and Maya,
We had an absolute amazing time! You both are BOMB! Even when we were all schwitzing!!! From the very start, you both didn't miss a beat, always wanting to make sure we were having a great time! From the meals to the snorkeling spots, to the kids on the dinghy, we couldn't have asked for a better captain and chef! We loved getting to know you and enjoyed every minute on the boat! Hope we keep in touch and hopefully sail again sometime soon! 5 stars for our bucket list experience!

Love the 5 of us,
Jackie, Mark, Branden, Andrew, and Jason
July 2017
Thank you so much for the wonderful experience! I will always remember you guys. I loved all the fun things we did. Maya, thank you so much for the best food in the whole wide world! O captain, my captain (Jacek) Thanks for being the bestest captain ever. This trip was a thumbs up and a fist pump!!!

July 2017
I can't tell you how long I've wanted to go on a sailing trip and I'm so glad I was able to do it with you guys! The trip has been amazing from the beginning to the end. I only wish I could have had more time. A special thanks for the incredible food, the beautiful sights, and ever competitive Farkle nights.

July 2017
What time is it? Turtle Time - while I leave somewhat jaded without a Farkle win, I do leave with lifetime memories and two new members of the family. You gave us a break from reality and much needed distraction. Thank you! Maya, the meals were fantastic and kept us going. A new experience each day. Jacek thanks for being a great instructor and entertainer. We hope to see you on your next visit to the states, an ATV adventure awaits! We hope to do this again...and soon!!!

July 2017
Thank you both for the best family vacation ever! We learned how to spy on dolphin, hypnotize squid, assist with toenail removal, split toe open on Sandy Cay, kneeboard, and subwing. We LOVED Maya's cooking, Jacek's guitar, Farkle, Bananagram, every single stop along the way and we WILL be back to the BVI!

Dom, Amier, Sophia, Mary, Same, Jue, and Jade.
June 2017
Many thanks for a wonderful vacation! We loved everything we did:) We have looked forward to this for weeks and we are sad that it had to end. You gave us everything we asked for and more. We also loved getting to know you both. You will be friends for life. We hope you will visit us in Utah. We hope to visit you again for more adventures. Maya we are all going home fat and happy!! Your food was delicious, and no one is going to be happy with what they get at home. Jacek thank your for your sailing instruction. I know that the boys loved it. Thanks to both of you for our forever memories, adventures and friendship in Farkle Nation!

Love always,
The Farklioness (Amy)
June 2017
Thank your for everything! We had such a great time. I'm not ready to go home. This will be a trip that I'll always remember. I'm so happy that we got to know you both. Tony Danza hold me closer is going to be stuck in my head for a really long time:) Thank you Maya - Jacek! We will miss you. Come visit us in Utah.

June 2017
I will miss you guys so much. You were the best cook ever.
June 2017
I will miss you guys sooooo much!! I had such a fun time with all that we did! My favorite night was probably Leverick bay when we all danced and swam in the pool. Of course, I love our inside jokes like....brisket, trisket, life line hotline, and ya (haha) I really want to visit you guys soon! I definitely won't forget you guys and I hope you guys don't forget me!!! Hope I see you guys soon!

June 2017
We don't even know where to begin. What an amazing trip we have had!!! The BVI's are fantastic and have a ton of things to do which was awesome. The thing that put it over the top to best family vacation was Maya and Jacek!! You both made us feel so welcome and cared for. We are a crazy bunch and you fit right in:) Thank you for the amazing food, teaching the kids how to drive, water sports, game nights, teaching us about this amazing place and all of the laughs. We were so blessed to end up on the Love Boat!! Looking forward to your tip to MN soon:)

Hugs and Kisses,
Nick and Gail
June 2017
Maya and Jacek,
Thank you so much for everything! We were truly blessed to be on this boat and treated so special by both of you. The food was excellent!! We will definitely see you again....soon!

Sherry and Michael
June 2017
What does one say? The food was good! The sailing was awesome! The friendship is most precious.

Love you,
Sandy and Steve
June 2017
I can not explain how awesome this experience was! We had heard such wonderful things about you both from Sandy and Steve, and they were right! You guys rock! The food, hospitality and entertainment all great! Look forward to seeing you both soon!

Take care,
Jami and Keith
May 2017 Captain Only
My dearest Jacek,
You are Bae AsF!! I'm going to be so sad when I leave because I'm not going to have my Havara Club buddy. I will never forget our dinghy you always.
Conio Marc
P.S. Tarpon are life
P.S.S. Dolphin on wheels (E-E-E-E-E-E)
P.S.S.S. Give me a banana

Jacek we love you! Thank you for making our trip. I think you and Marc are going to be bros for life haha good luck! Please play dolphin on wheels after all of your characters from now on, it will make them love you more!

I've gotten lost in your eyes. I would learn to cook for you! Haha, on a serious note, you are the absolute best captain ever!

Trip of a lifetime my friend. Thanks for the hospitality and taking care of us. Thanks for the memories.

Truly memorable!
Patty and Stan
May 2017
Jacek and Maya,
Thank you for such a wonderful, memorable trip. Not everyone handles a family of 7 as gracefully as you have! Maya, the food was wonderful, even if Daniel wouldn't eat it! You did such a great job of showing us the islands, introducing new games, and helping keep the kids entertained.
-Sandra and Hobson

The food was good

Thanks for everything this past week. It was awesome. The food was really good, and I had a fun time sailing and playing games with yall.

Thanks for taking us to all the snorkeling sports, and the food was all really good.

The week was great. The food was good and the songs were great. Especially socks in a box. Playing Farkle was really fun except for those darn twos.

Thanks for everything! Now here is a driving tip...when your driving the boat don't crash into rocks.
April 2017
Jacek & Maya -
Our family thoroughly enjoyed our week in the US and British Virgin Islands! Our kids, Carter and Caroline will surly remember this experience, and we hope to bring them back again as adults in a few years. Caroline overcame her snorkeling fears in the beautiful, warm Caribbean waters, and enjoyed seeing the wreckage of the Rhone, coral, fish, and rays. Carter learned how to assimilate to sea conditions, and loved hanging with Jacek on the boat, and especially getting pulled around on the tube, and lounging on the hammock. Melanie and I fell in love with Maya's cooking, and will miss the incredible meals served with the style to us all week. What a treat to find out that Maya can sing beautifully and Jacek is an axe-master on the guitar!
What a wonderful trip!

-Joel, Melanie, Carter, and Caroline

P.S. 4,000 points in one possession of the dice from the 2-time champ.
P.S.S. Stay Farkly
March 2017
Maya & Jacek -
Holy cow! What a fantastic week - we could not have had a better crew. The nonstop smiles, jokes, and laughter have made this trip unbeatable! Both M & J went out of their way to make sure everyone in my crazy family was busy and happy - which is not an easy task for 17, 16, & 15 year olds!!
I cannot tell you the last time we have all enjoyed each other's company so much! The laughter among all of us made the trip even more priceless - Very limited technology:) - just enjoying swimming, water sports, Farkle, charades, singing, dancing, talking and laughing - this is a vacation I will cherish always.
The food is amazing as well. Teenagers are always hungry and Maya made sure they were never hungry. Snacks and fresh smoothies daily - yum! Adult beverages were always flowing as well!
All in all I can't imagine a better spring break. We started our vacay not knowing < & J and we are leaving kmowing they have become part of our family. Next time we will definetly be requesting M & J!

March 2017
Maya and Jacek,
I had SO much fun, especially with Maya:) I had a blast shaving your extremely hairy legs and laughing at your horrible dance moves. Also Jacek needs to work on his jokes because the are horrible!
-Megan (15)

Maya and Jacek,
Thank you so much for the AWESOME week! I had a blast! You both made the trip for me! I am extremely happy we were on your boat! We better keep in touch!!
-Kat (16)

Cool trip!
-Ryan (17)
March 2017
Dear Jacek and Maya,
Thank you so much for making our Caribbean adventure so much fun!! We enjoyed every minute of the sailing, snorkeling, and of course the AMAZING food. You made us all feel so comfortable and welcomed. The children loved the experience - especially swimming with the sea turtles and learning to play Farkle:) We will treasure the memories of this trip.

All the best,
The PXX Family
March 2017
Jacek and Maya,
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Such a wonderful week with both of you! What can we say - great food, great activities, great service, great friends! Loved the water activities, dinghy rides, and all the great cocktails. Stories will be told for a long, long time!

Love you guys,
Becky & Wayne
March 2017
Wow, I never imagined such fine people to be with us to meet our every need. You are both the best! Food was GREAT! So appreciative of helping with our kayaks, paddle board, our noodles, snorkeling, you name it, and there you were. Also, Connie and I had fun with you Maya in the Captain's chair:) Your music was so beautiful. I had a great time!

Thank you for everything,
March 2017
Truly the trip of a lifetime!! You met and exceeded our expectations. Loved the music, sailing, food, fun, and you both are amazing. The service you provided as a team is a winning combo. You both have so much going for you!! Smart, nice, mature, hardworking, passionate, great people skills, and beautiful all the way around - oh to be so young and have unlimited possibilities ahead for your lives!! I won't sleep as well without the voice of an angel, and I know one thing for sure, I will never forget you!!!

Clark and Connie