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5 kids ONBOARD!
Family charters when owner's son Valentin has been invited to join them to share in the fun with the children of the charter clients.
*My favorite thing that I did was going to places. Like how we went to a CAVE with water that would take you IN and OUT! Love, Molly S.
*Dear Captain Charlie, Carolina, Val. Thank you for the BEST time of my LIFE! I will miss it! Ava B.
*Deat Captain Charlie and Val, Caralina . You are very good COOKS! Thank you for letting us come!!! Ethan B.
*Thank you for the AMAZING experience! Olivia S.
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Pirate Day in BVI, April 2019
Guests enjoying fun times on Vision to celebrate Pirate Day
Charlie, Carolina & Val,
Thank you all so much for such a great Family Vacation! Everything was amazing and BEYOND our expectations...Captain's cooking! Carolina's Desserts! and Val's entertainment of the KIDS were only one of the many things we enjoyed with all of you!... We miss you already! All the best!!
Josh, Aminee, Olivia & Molly S.
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April 2019
Family charters when owner's son Valentin has been invited to join them to share in the fun with the children of the charter clients
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LA Family Vacation
Charly and Carolina! Thank you for everything! This was such a SPECIAL trip, one that we will remember forever as a family. From the moment we stepped on the boat we felt like we were at home! Thanks for showing us YOUR world! xoxo Chiara & Chaz H.
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LA Family Vacation
Queridos Carolina y Charly, mil gracias por esta semana a bordo del Vision navegando, comiendo, charlando, riendonos, cantando, conociendo, compartiendo, descubriendo, durmiendo, nadando, haciendo fiaca, leyendo, ...todo de nuevo! Gracias por su hospitalidad y atencion impecable. Fueron unos dias muy lindos en familia. Hasta la proxima en Californis? Buenos Aires? BVI? Alejandra K.
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LA Family Vacation
My loves! What a rare experience! You are both such kind and brilliant people. Thank you for welcoming us into your space and for being pretty wonderful hosts! The food, sailing and laughs will live with me until I'm dead! Adore you both! Thank you,
Nina K.

Gracias Caro y Capitan Charly! I had a blast of the past 6 days with you both. Glad I could HELP clean the kitchen and became the 2nd mate of the boat! Thanks for showing us around and looking after us. Best,
Jack K.

Thank you Captain Charlie and 1sr Mate Carolina, This was the best trip on a boat I have ever had. You made the firsts long trip on the water comfortable and beautiful. All the laughs made me feel right at home on your boat. The Islands are a very special place and I hope you keep bringing joy and adventure to your family and all the people you meet. You are living the best life!! Un gran abrazo,
Andy K.
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Virginia Wine Country Fun (March'19)
Charly & Carolina: I would like to first extend my sincere thanks for sharing your passion for sailing and the sea. To see that from the beginning sets the tone for an interesting and open mind vacation. Your efforts to share YOUR culture and the LOCAL culture, and find interest in OURS was unmatched by any vacation I had ever been on. The food was superb! And your specialty dishes were the highlights. I appreciate the variety and local fair as well ...overall TOP NOTCH vacation! I hope we can return the favor when you visit us in VA! Sincerely, Julie & Greg V.
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Virginia Wine Country Fun (March'19)
Charlie & Carolina, what can we say? This was the greatest vacations I've ever been on! Service, Hospitality, Food and Drinks and Everything was 5 STAR! I hope to be with you two again for another charter! Can't wait to see you in Virginia! Pamela & Mike G.
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Friends Fun British Virgin Islands
Carolina & Charly
Thank you for a wonderfuk vacation. You are both very kind made our time here memorable. The meals were delicious, not looking forward to having to cook our own dinners again. Also, thank you allowing Neil to help with yo sailing.
Thank you all the best
Neil & Felice
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Photo 27
Friends Fun
"The Visionaries"
Charly & Carolina
Thank you so much for everything!
We had the best week being together, eating fabulous food, sharing good conversation and many laughs! The memories will always stay with us!
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Photo 30
Birthday on Board
My wife surprised me with a boat trip for us and 10 friends and family we sail on the Vision and the Nemo.
It was an amazing trip and great way to see the islands and show them to ours friends and family.
Charly and Carolina were great hosts. The food and drinks were perfect.
Thank you for the great memories.
Paul & Katrina
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6-13 January, 2019 - Fabulous Food!!
Wonderful charter. Great crew. Fabulous food especially prepared for us gluten-free people. Highly recommend Vision.
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Photo 36
Some more photos of our gluten free meals
Caro & Charly

I have chartered 5 times in the BVI. Our honeymoon was on a BVI Charter. I would rate our trip with you the best ever. The reason I would give you a 5 start is because you were service oriented. You always were there to help us with all our needs and requests.
We are a difficult family due to difficult food allergies. You were able with Carolina to supply our each and every dietary need.
The variance and quality of your food was exceptional. The desserts were the best and so I would highly recommend your charter to my friends and family.
Thanks you for your kindness and caring.
Dr. David S.
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Family Fun in British Virgin Islands
How did you enjoy your cruising vacation? It was a great time! Boat was great, Crew was outstanding and attentive, weather was excellent.

How would you describe your Captain and crew? Were they Courteous? Helpful? Friendly? Attentive? Knowledgeable? Top Notch. Carolina and Captain Charlie were helpful and courteous. Definitely made long term friends!

Tell me about your meals? Did the menus meet your expectations? Did your Chef and Crew pay close attention to your Preference Sheets? While I am sure that our strange palates caused some adjustment, the food was excellent and met/exceeded our expectations

How is the yacht? Is she clean and well-maintained? Were your cabins comfortable? Was the cockpit comfortable? Was there enough shade? The Catamaran was perfect. there was plenty of shade when needed, the cockpit was large and very comfortable, and the Cat was always clean, not sure when they cleaned but miraculously it always was. Cabins were the perfect size – comfortable to serve the purpose and compact enough to encourage being up on top enjoying the crew and scenery

What did you like most about the yacht? What did you like the least?

How did you find the pace and the itinerary of your vacation?
Perfect, Captain Charly made suggestions and we were able to direct where we wanted to go and when.

Would you charter this yacht again? If not, please explain: ABSOLUTELY! We have already recommended the Vision and Captain Charly to at least two different families
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28 June - 5 July, 2018 My family will never forget the memories you helped create!!
Dear Charly & Carolina,
Thank you for the fond memories. We all had a blast. Would love to come back with my kids someday. I look forward to getting my recipes!

Thank you for giving us great advise about many things. The food was great and the islands were amazing.

Thank you so much for showing me such a lovely time and filling me up with lots of good food. I will definitely be returning and expecting a home cooked meal from Valentine!
Love Lily

Thank you for being amazing hosts and fulfilling every request (no matter how many times). I appreciate you being so kind and always making us laugh. Thank you for putting so much effort into cooking and making us a slide show! I hope I will be back to see you soon. Ty

Thank you so much for the trip of a lifetime! I loved getting to visit the islands with my closet friends and family. The food was amazing!! I think I gained about 5 pounds on this trip. I cannot wait to come back! Lexi

Thank you for yet another amazing trip through the BVIs. Excellent food, day trips and sailing. I couldn’t have asked for a better vacation or better captain to sail us through this beautiful place. I can’t forget I got to do it with my best friends too. Again, thank you for everything! Abby

Thank you for exceeding my wants on the bucket list vacation. It was a pleasure spending the week with you and learning about your family. My family will never forget the memories you helped us create. Wonderful meals and I truly appreciate the way you took care of me and my family.

The “L” Family
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Family Fun in British Virgin Islands
Charly & Carolina
Thank you for the amazing trip. I really enjoy learning about this boat and how to sail it. Being able to help around the boat was very enjoyable for me. The snorkling was great! The food ans presentation was amazing! Coming on this allowed me to experience sometropical sailing like I watch on youtube. Also thank you for waking Lisa´s 31st birthday special, the cake, the pizza and I know I will never forget the singer!!! Being able to have some umpluged family time was really great. Keep up the great charters and hard work to fix your boat. Thank you again for all that you did to provid us with such great serwere.
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Photo 48
Family Fun in British Virgin Islands
Charly & Carolina
Thank you for the wonderful trip! It was an amazing experience. So happy we had such outstanding weather! Such a relaxing vacation being on the water, snorkelling, swimming, goint to the Baths ant the island beaches. The fabulous food with also be a part of the memories from on BVI trip.
Thank you for all your hard work to make this an amazing vacation. The hospitality was outstanding!
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Family Fun in British Virgin Islands
Charly & Carolina
You are amazing hosts and very hard working to make our trip an unfogetalde experience. The food was excellent and always presented beautifully. Thank you for making accomodations for our food preferences in such and integrated way. I am still amazed at how you two put out such fantastic meals in a tiny galley kitchen. You work so well as a team and take such great care of you guests. We appreciate all your effects! Love the BVI.
Pam & Ernie
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Photo 54
Family Fun in British Virgin Islands
Thank you for opening your home to us + provided us a chance of longtime over the past week. Your love us the sea + the unbelieveable food you so offen + sly prepared was amazing. It was also very nice to have go to know you a little more, to hear your stories + experience was very cool. You are welcome to Bristol anytime!
Thank you so very much
Pd: I apologize for the beer thing! I love vacation a little to much at times!
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Photo 57
Family Fun in British Virgin Islands
Thank you for making this vacation such a memorable trip! This was the best and most fun way to spend a birthday! I really appreciated the delicious cake and the thoughtful gift! I wish you both all the best!
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28 April - 5th May, 2018 ~ A Lifetime Experience none of us will forget!
Charley and Carolina were AMAZING! They cleaned daily, made every accommodation we requested and were very pleasing to be around for a full week. Everything was fantastic. The cabins were clean, beds were comfy and plenty of common space to hang out with the others. We hit up a different island or beach setting everyday. It was a perfect mix of being on the water and stopping for beach bars. Our group wasn't the most active but we were made aware of everything that was available, which more than suited our needs.
The food and drinks were FIVE STAR! I was continually amazed at how they were able to prepare such quality meals, from scratch and in such a small space. The service was GREAT!

It was a lifetime experience that none of us will ever forget.

The R Family

The R Family guests comment to their broker: Thank you for setting up a great trip. The trip was amazing & Charlie & Carolina were some of the nicest people I’ve ever met, please convey that we are all VERY happy and had a great time
28 April, 2018 Engagement in Paradise!
Carolina and Charly
What a wonderful week! From the food, the cocktails, the sunsets, the laughs, amazing!!!
We cannot thank you enough for your role in our ENGAGEMENT!! So Perfect!
Thank you for all your attention to detail!
James & Ashlee
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Photo 63
28 April, 2018
Charly & Carolina,
We had an amazing time. Our expectation were very high and yet completely exceeded
The food was perfect and it was a genuine relief to not have to decide what to eat on any given meal . The BBQ was make so on point. Also a perfect blend of sites and island hopping.
You anticipated our needs perfectly!!!
Mike & Kristin
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Photo 65
Photo 66
28 April, 2018
Charly & Carolina
Who had an amazing trip! You both provided us with a tremendous experience your attention to detail was first class and every meal was 5 star
Thank you so much for everything!
Ryan & Nina
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Photo 69
31 March - 7th April, 2018 - A Very Special Trip
Carolina & Charly,
Thank you so much for such a wonderful week! You made our week very special for our family and gave us a beautiful tour of the BVIs. The hospitality, food and activities were very incredible, and we will never forget this week.

Gracias! We have looked forward to this vacation for months, and our expectations were completely surpassed! We had a blast…..some of our favorite memories were jumping off the boat, going to the baths, and enjoying an authentic Argentinian barbeque with you guys. Brandon adored Val’s company, and so did the rest of the family. Val is a gem. Thank you so much for everything!

Thanks for everything! Great food, amazing hosts and wonderful at navigating the islands. We enjoyed your company and getting to know you, Carolina and Val. Very special trip!

Best and all our love,
The M Family
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Photo 72
March 10-16, 2018 – Best Vacation Ever!
More photos from the The M Family Charter
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March, 2018 - Family Fun Charter
March 15th 2018
Carolina & Charly
Thank you both for the incredible time! You both were so nice and personable and the food was AMAZING!
I’ll remember this week for the rest of my life.
Thank you again!

Cody (New England)
Carolina & Charly

Our week was incredible! This was been a trip that has been on my bucket list and now I can check it off!
It was everything and more than I dreamed it would be thank you so much for the awesome time, food, drink and friendship!
Blessings for continued safe travels!!

Karen & Anderson (NM)
P.S Love to Val
Carolina & Charly
Thank you both so much for such a wonderful week. Our entire family made memories that will last forever and thank you for being so patient with the 2 kids, they enjoyed meeting and playing with Val and wished they would have had longer to spend with him.
We hope to see you all again.
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March, 2018 - 10th Anniversary aboard catamaran VISION
March 8th 2018
Captain Charly, Carolina and Val
Thank you for the most amazing trip of our life. We will never forget the beautiful view, gracious hospitality, and amazing food. The three of you became our little family on the sea and we loved every single moment. Even with the swells and hurricane damage still around, the trip couldn’t have been better.
We will be dreaming of Carolina’s desserts and “Pair Killers” and Charly’s food and boat rules until we get to come back and sail again
Karah (TN)
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Photo 81
February, 2018 - Fabulous Family Fun Charter
Queridos Charly y Carolina
Mil gracias por 5 días maravillosos a bordo del VISION, gracias por la hospitalidad por el cariño y la atención a bordo y por todo el cariño a nuestros hijos.
Vivimos unos días inolvidables en un paraíso y con ustedes, una familia que nos ha dado ejemplo de vida y lecciones para llevarnos con nosotros y aplicarlas.
Nos han despertado nuestro lado aventurero y vivimos unos días intensos con nuestra familia y mi hermano y mi sobrina que igualmente nos unen más.
Les deseamos un año (y muchas más) de gran suerte a bordo del VISION y ya saben que tienen unos amigos más en NY o en cualquier lugar que nos depare el destino.
Un abrazo a Valentín y hasta pronto!
Carolina, Alejandro, Martina, Emilia, Esteban (NY)
Dear Charly and Carolina
A thousand thanks for 5 wonderful days on board the VISION, thanks for the hospitality for the love and attention on board and for all the affection for our children.
We live unforgettable days in a paradise and with you, a family that has given us an example of life and lessons to take us and apply them.
We have awakened our adventurous side and live a few intense days with our family and my sister and my niece who also unite us more.
We wish you a year (and many more) of great luck on board the VISION and you already know that you have some more friends in NY or wherever your destiny may be.
A hug to Valentine and see you soon!
Carolina, Alejandro, Martina, Emilia, Esteban (NY)
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Photo 84
February, 2018 - Fabulous Family Fun Charter
Carolina & Charlie!
Siento una inmensa felicidad de corazón personas tan encantadoras como ustedes!
Los felicito porque juntos hacen un equipo ganador y fantástico!!
Gracias por su cariño hacia nuestros hijos y gracias por transmitirnos el cariño al mar, a las islas y a la vida!
Gracias por su pasión, por lo que hacen y nos llevamos una energía y una parte de BVI para Colombia.
Un abrazo y sigan impactando vidas con su alegría y hospitalidad
Con cariño Ana María (Colombia)
I feel immense happiness with such lovely people as you!
I congratulate you because together they make a winning and fantastic team !!
Thank you for your love towards our children and thank you for transmitting our love to the sea, to the islands and to life!
Thank you for your passion, for what you do and we bring you an energy and a part of BVI for Colombia.
A hug and continue to impact lives with your joy and hospitality
With love Ana María (Colombia)
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Photo 87
BVI Yacht Show 8-11 November, 2017 ~ Broker Lunch ~ Superb Presentation!
My lunch on Vision was wonderful. Charly and Carolina are gracious hosts and eager to make guests feel welcome. Their passion for food is evident and the presentation was superb. Their experience in the charter industry and their willingness to make every charter special will give guests a great vacation.


BVI Yacht Show 8-11 November, 2017 ~ Broker Lunch ~ Amazing!
Thank you so much for your hospitality, the amazing lunch on Wednesday,and for taking the time to speak with me during the BVI Boat Show. Having the extra time to speak with you provided a wonderful opportunity to get to know you better.

Lunch was amazing! You opened my palate to things I had never tried before, like the Argentinian sangria, the empanada, and the mussels. Everything was incredibly delicious. And the chocolate mousse at the end was simply to die for!

I also want to thank you just for being there. I firmly believe that the best thing the yachting community can do to bring back the BVI is to charter! The vendors are ready, the crews are ready; the water is beautifully blue and teeming with marine life, and the land is becoming greener as every day passes. I know that you know where to take your guests to ensure a wonderful charter. Your faith and dedication to the BVI is fantastic.

Fair seas, Jennie
Photo 88
Photo 89
Photo 90
BVI Yacht Show 8-11 November, 2017 ~ Broker Lunch ~ Unforgettable!
Charly and Carolina are a great team. They have lots of experience in service and will make your holidays unforgettable.

BVI Yacht Show 8-11 November, 2017 ~ Broker Lunch ~ Fabulous!
Thank you both Charly & Carolina for a wonderful lunch and your lovely new boat which is looking fabulous. Keep up the good work.

Photo 91
Photo 92
Photo 93
BVI Yacht Show 8-11 November, 2017 ~ Broker Lunch ~ Wonderful!
Thanks very much for hosting a wonderful lunch...Vision
looks good, and I would not hesitate to place a charter onboard when the opportunity arises. It is getting the Crystal Clear touch.

BVI Yacht Show 8-11 November, 2017 ~ Broker Lunch ~ Impressed!
I cannot believe how you transformed Vision in three days. I know it will be looking better moving forward. I am impressed.

Photo 94
Photo 95
Photo 96
Carolina's Cuisine on Vision
We are ready to start your day with a delicious breakfast
Photo 97
Photo 98
Photo 99
Carolina's Cuisine on Vision
Appetizers anyone?
Photo 100
Photo 101
Photo 102
Carolina's Cuisine on Vision
Ready for Dinner?
Photo 103
Photo 104
Photo 105
Carolina's Cuisine on Vision
Just a few of the tasty treats from Carolina's Kitchen
Photo 106
Photo 107
Photo 108
The testimonials below are from Charly and Carolina's previous yacht charter:
August 2016
Charlie, Carolina & Valentin,
Sailing with you was one of the highlights of our 8 magical days here in the BVI. We are grateful for the experience that you provided. We enjoyed the wonderful cuisine, the fantastic stories and sightseeing and your hospitality…With gratitude
Dough & Laurie (Colorado)

July 2016
Charlie, Carolina & Val,
What a glorious 8 days we had with you guys and the beautiful yacht. Sailing, food and company was delightful. It was an amazing vacation thanks to your hospitality and fun personalities. Thanks for adding the “cherry on the top” for us all.
Fair winds and following seas.
Gary & Pam , Christy & Erik (Colorado)

5th-12th July 2016
Dear Captain Charly and Carolina:
How do we begin to thank you for the most amazing Honeymoon? From the start we had an amazing experience. Your boat was absolutely beautiful!! We were so lucky to have such a relaxing place for our Honeymoon. Your cooking was so delicious, vegetarian for myself and non-vegetarian for my husband.
We can’t wait to come back to see you!
Love Jason & Erin (North Carolina)

24th June- 4th July 2016
To the family member we did not know we had!
What an incredible and restful experience with you three on the yacht. We truly were treated like family. We loved our tour guide Valentin and playing cards and snorkeling with him. The meals were 6 Star Plus in every way, including the stunning Mahi-Mahi and the fire Grill lobster. We got to go over 7 knots with 3 sails up, got to feed tarpons in Billionaire’s Bay and eat an Argentine meat-fest after the seagulls almost stole our food.
We cannot wait to return and repeat the experience!
Steve & Martha (Atlanta)

21st-28th May 2016
Dear Captain Charlie, Carolina & Val:
WOW!!! Another amazing adventure with you in “paradise”! What a great celebration of Torin and Julia’s graduation…so many great memories we will take home with us. From snorkeling Caves, Indians, Lee bay, Peter Island to dancing at Willie “T” and Foxy’s.
Wonderful breakfast, lunches & dinners! FIVE STAR!! But most of all how you all are so fun to be with, making us feel at home and making it all seem so easy. Thank you again for the “Sail” of a lifetime.”
Rob & Jen (Florida)

May 2016
Dear Charley and Carolina,
Thanks you for making our WEDDING day so special. You made us feel very welcome on board the yacht and gave us memories that we will enjoy for a lifetime. The food was exceptional and your care and attention have been wonderful. We can’t wait to come back and enjoy your hospitality again next year!
David & Donna (United Kingdom)

7th-12th April 2016
Dear Charly and Carolina,
Thank you so very much for giving us a wonderful 5 days with you both on the yacht. Even though we have visited the BVI’s many times before, this has been by far the most memorable. We have experienced so much more of the beauty of the BVI by been able to sail to so many wonderful places with you.
On top of this your hospitality has been second to none. The wonderful food and drinks and your warm welcome are things we will never forget.
You also got Lynne to dive from the boat and to snorkel which is a first for her and a mark of her trust in you both.
We hope to see you again soon!
Gareth (New Jersey)

Dec.29th-Jan.5th 2016
Thank you for your wonderful attention to detail and thoughtfulness in hosting such a memorable trip for us. We will all have fond memories for a lifetime.

What a fantastic experience you all created for our family. You welcomed us onto your beautiful boat with open arms and the detail and care you used every minute of every day was terrific.
Wendy (California)

20-27 Dec 2015
From Tucson Arizona came the B Family!
Our first such adventure and we done it for a week with a family (Caroline, Charly and Valentin) we hadn’t met. What a gift we received, of sun, ocean, wind and sails. But above and beyond was the amazing hospitality, love and friendship we were given (not to mention the safety, food and countless comforts!). It has been an absolutely unforgettable experience for our family and I’m eternally grateful to the family for their generosity of heart in making it happen. A thousand thanks and much love!
Robyn, Brad, Powell, Glen, Paige and Abbey. (Arizona)

Guests said this about their charter in early April, 2015
Please pardon our delay as married life with new jobs has occupied us since our return! We appreciate you facilitating this trip of a lifetime, that incidentally began our life together. Our consensus feedback is as follows.

Without hesitation we recommend Charly and Carolina with their yacht for a trip of a lifetime. My wife and I can tell you how the yacht consistently was the most elegant and well cared for vessel among the other boats anchored in the bays we spent our nights at, or we could speak to the uniqueness and splendid gourmet quality of our meals that never repeated themselves, or the meticulous mastery of scheduling the crew wielded to craft an unforgettable trip for us hitting all the must-do's in the Virgin Islands tailored to our interests. But what is the most important and sincere point we can communicate is our deep gratitude for Charly and Carolina who made us feel as family in their home they welcomed us into aboard This yacht as we begin our own family--we saw pictures and heard stories of all the patrons who returned time and time again for follow-up trips, even couples who spent their honeymoons with the crew only to now invite Charly and Carolina to their own children's weddings! You don't just find an unparalleled voyage with This yacht, you find life-long friends.
Best, Dominique

Comments by guests aboard the 54 ft ketch in November, 2014
Sorry it took so long but we have been on the road since we returned from the charter. We had an incredible time in the islands. Charly and Carolina were fantastic and the This yacht was awesome, several people complemented Debbie and I on the beauty of the boat. I was awed by Anagada and the Baths and will have to return someday for a longer stay. Our Crew welcomed us like family and never lost patience with our constant stream questions. The last word: The best food, drinks and friendly service anyone could imagine!
Larry Mahan

From a family aboard in June, 2013
Our vacation was an amazing experience! All five of us had a fabulous time!!! We would wholeheartedly recommend This yacht for anyone contemplating this type of vacation.

Here's some feedback on a few items:

yacht- The yacht was gorgeous and was stocked with everything we could have needed! Charly and Carolina are very particular about their yacht, and therefore it is is great shape with no problems! The sleeping arrangements were comfy (although our middle daughter Hannah did bang her head on to the upper berth several times before she learned not to!).

crew- Charly and Carolina were gracious, accommodating, fun-loving, and dedicated hosts. They worked hard to make sure our vacation was what we wanted. They understood that our family liked to have adventures and stay active, so in addition to sailing, they made sure we went swimming, snorkeling, hiking or exploring every day. They took us to the most amazing beaches and bars and always had great recommendations for drinks and snacks. They were very personable and really took the time to get to know each one of us. They excelled at time management, and gave us just the right amount of time to do things and get places without feeling rushed (but we packed an incredible amount into our 7 days with them). They also made the trip a lot of fun - Charly with music, dancing, camp games while sailing, and an infectious attitude for fun; and Carolina as our tour guide on hikes and snorkel excursions. Both Charly and Carolina made the trip educational, answering all our questions about the islands, fish and animals, sailing, etc.

food- the meals were fabulous!!! very delicious!! Charly is a fantastic chef. We always had more than enough to eat and drink. We enjoyed trying things we had never tried before (even the kids) - mussels marinara, Russian salad, melon with prosciutto, Argentinian barbecue, etc. Some American classics (burgers, hot dogs, brownies with ice cream) also hit the spot at just the right time.

Island connections - an unexpected (but not surprising) benefit was the help that Charly provided for arranging for car rentals, ferries, taxis, and restaurants. We thoroughly enjoyed taking advantage of Charly's connections to utilize the pool, hot tub, slide and trampoline at Scrub Island Resort and hiking trails and beach at Biras Creek. We didn't know enough about the area to decide our own itinerary in advance, but Charly and Carolina quickly learned what we liked to see and do and their recommendations were always spot on. Each day seemed to be an adventure that topped the previous day. We were even treated to a fireworks show on Peter Island during our last night on the boat!

Again, our week aboard the This yacht with Charly and Carolina was everything we hoped for and then some. It was a trip of a lifetime. Thank you for your role in hooking us up with them!

APRIL 2013
Name: Maryann Cote
Yacht: with Charly Zahr & Carolina Soaje
Charter Dates: April 1-5, 2013
Area Cruised: Virgin Islands

We hope your charter lived up to your expectations. We would love to know some of your impressions about your yachting vacation. Please answer the following questions and add any comments you may have.

1. Was the crew friendly and accommodating? Charly and Carolina are lots of fun to be around and welcomed us onto their yacht.

2. Was the yacht comfortable and clean? Yes. It's beautiful .

3. Was the yacht well ventilated? Yes. The fans are a big help in the cabins.

4. Was the food good and well presented? Food was excellent. Gourmet presentation and absolutely delicious!

5. Did you like the area you sailed? Yes, beautiful!

6. Could we have helped you further in any way?
I was pleased with the services.

FEB 20-24-13
Name: Dan
Yacht: Charly Zahr & Carolina Rodriguez Soaje
Charter Dates: February 20-24, 2013
Area Cruised: Virgin Islands

We hope your charter lived up to your expectations. We would love to know some of your impressions about your yachting vacation. Please answer the following questions and add any comments you may have.

1. Was the crew friendly and accommodating? Captain Charly and Carolina are very friendly and thoughtfully accommodated our preferences

2. Was the yacht comfortable and clean? Extremely - the This yacht is a spacious, beautifully maintained and comfortably furnished yacht

3. Was the yacht well ventilated? Yes - good passive ventilation, plus fans if needed, and the option for air conditioning - first rate!

4. Was the food good and well presented? Exceptional - creative, tasty, surprising, fresh, plenty

5. Did you like the area you sailed? Yes, Charly and Carolina knew where and when to go, sharing their local knowledge to maximize our enjoyment

6. Could we have helped you further in any way? Very well done

7. May we post this review on our website? Yes

8. Additional comments on your charter? I highly recommend this yacht. Carolina and Charly make a great team - they complement each other very well and care tremendously about exceeding expectations on all aspects of the experience. We had a fabulous time and are talking about when we might go again.

Jamie & Lori April 2005
Thank you Charly and Carolina for a wonderful vacation. We had such good fun sailing with the both of you. We loved snorkeling on the reef at Bitter End, seeing sharks and turtles. Thank you for introducing us o Virgin Gorda - we loved exploring it. We had a great time playing poker and perhaps our favorite night was Argentina BBQ with songs and laughter! Too bad Manchester United didn't win. Maybe next time. Thank you Thank you for everything! I think my Spanish got a little better no? Adios Gracias Hasta Luego.
Jamie & Lori April 2005

Dear Charly and Carolina,
Once again... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! This trip was better than the last- and it was amazing! How truly lucky Joe and I feel to count you a our friends. AND we're all so very talented at scuba diving - SCUBA PROS we are! I know we feel totally relaxed with you and enjoy your company and lovely home - what an adventure you are both living - thank you for sharing it with us. After our first trip with you I was thinking it would be so nice to sail with them again someday... today I am thinking - I can't wait until our next trip with Charly and Carolina! Take care both of you we will be in touch! Love Gretchen

Dear Carolina & Charly,
Thank you both for an amazing week. You really know how to make one feel at home and so welcome. We will always remember our first wedding anniversary and Caleb's first sail. Thank you for all your hard work and making us feel so special!
Best wishes,
The Margulis

Charly and Carolina,
The second time was even better than the first! Thanks for making it so special for us and especially for Shane.
California this summer?
All my best,

Jeanne and Jason
Thank you so much for the best, and presumably only, honeymoon cruise of our lives!
The amenities, the food, your friendliness, the fantastic locations, the snorkeling trips and local tours, and the gift of seeing Charly dance like Michael Jackson with Jason were all muy muy muy bueno!
We have had such a wonderful time sailing with you, and we wish you clear skies and perfect breezes o see you safely down to Venezuela and your fabulous life adventures beyond!
Come see us in California on your big RV trip of the USA (or anytime!)
Love, Jeanne and Jason

Jessica and Jim
To capture a moment in time is an extremely difficult task. Cameras and camcorders can do no justice. It takes special people to take those moments and make them real. You are those special people. I cannot think of any other people or way that could have made our honeymoon as special as it was. We will never forget this week or the two of you for the rest of our lives. We thank you from th bottom of our hearts for capturing this moment in time for us. We are glad to call you friends. Thank you for everything.

Dear Charly and Carolina,
We had such a wonderful time on this cruise with both of you through the BVI! We really enjoyed your company, your hospitality, your cooking, and especially your friendship. Brooke and Ben had the trip of a lifetime with you and we are sure they will never forget the treasure hunt, football on the beach, sandcastles and, how can we forget, the game Set! They felt so special by both of you and we appreciate your time with them!
From one pirate family to another, we look forward to sharing the waters with you again! AARGH!
The Hunsakers

Brooke (Age 9)
Dear Charly and Carallina,
I really enjoyed the cruise you gave my family and I loved the treasure hunt it was so much fun! When I get home I am going to put together the fish puzzle. (I may need a little help because I'm not good, but it will help me get better.) The turtle made out of shells is going to go on my dressure where everyone can see it. Your guys cooking is the best! It tasted like a restruant. I loved your hospittallity. I liked playing with you on the beach. I liked the pirate flag cerimony with the swords, eye patches, and the telescope. It was so instering to watch the baracota eat with his big teeth. I will remember this for the rest of my life.
From, Brooke (Age 9)

Dear Charly and Carolina,
We came wih few expectations, just a hope to relax and enjoy the sun and water... What a wonderful, magical time this has been. You are two unique spirits, and sharing yourselves, your love of life, your beautiful sailboat and home with us has been such a pleasure. The past two days have been fantastic- what a change from the crazy day before (travel!) We hope to keep you in our lives and be able to share time again with you. We would love to have you come and see Virginia and Chesapeake Bay (and oysters and crabs). Thanks again for everything-
John and Page

September 2011
The Freyembergers HONEYMOON
Charly & Tom:
We had a great vacation with you. The food was delicious and you always keep us entertained. It was great seeing the islands from our own floating fortress! I appreciate you dedication to my search to find the perfect lobster. Thanks for all the pics you took! You documented our trip much better then we could have! We all feel like family now!

The Van Horns
Captain Charly & Tom:
Thank you so much for a wonderful HONEYMOON ! We loved the boat, the snorkeling, the swimming and ,of course, Grants B-Day Party! We are very happy in this Yellow submarine! The adventure was amazing, your warmth generosity and desire to have fun ! (And amazing cooking skills. Thanks to your wife for the birthday Cake). We feel so lucky to have meet you. Cheers!

Photo 109
Photo 110
Photo 111
More Photos from Charly & Carolina's previous yacht charter
Fun times are had by all!
Photo 112
Photo 113
Photo 114
Carolina & Charly previous charter guests. July'17
Thank you for an unforgettable vacation! My 54th birthday will always be remembered by the special celebration!We are very happy we had a chance to get to know both of you. If you come to NYC our home will always welcome you! GRACIAS Y BESOS!!
Thank you for an enjoyable and unforgettable days. Our family had a great time and we would not have been able to see such a unique aspect of BVI had we not sail on Crystal Clear. Also Thank you for helping us to celebrate Cecilia's birthday, it will be one we will always remember! We are very happy our paths have crossed.
Photo 115
Photo 116
Photo 117
Carolina & Charly previous charter guests. DAY SAILORS! July'17 Words to the Dinghy Captain
The boat is beautiful and the crew Top Notch!. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly . A day in the Ocean is always a good day! Thank you for being such gracious hosts!
Val, I have enjoyed getting to know you. You are an incredible young man who I know will grow into an incredible person. You are smart , outgoing, and such a genuine boy. Continue being you and listen to the guidance of your wonderful parents and always try to be better. I'm sure great things awaits you! Take care...
Photo 118
Photo 119
Photo 120
Carolina & Charly previous charter guests. DAY SAILORS! July'17
Dear Carolina, Charly and Valentin: Thank you for a beautiful trip. The whole experience was gorgeous and your company made our voyage all that more pleasurable. Hoping to see you in NYC!
Photo 121
Carolina & Charly previous charter guests.FAMILY FUN PACKAGE! June'17
Island time, ths is my kind of time! I never knew what relaxing meant until Pete=Dad thought that he'd love to celebrate his birthday sailing in the BVI. It was a leap of faith...and here I am...rounder and relaxed. The food was amazing!(hence the "rounder"), the company exceptional. Thank you for showing me how to snorkel and for a truly unforgettable experience.
Awesome trip! A great way to celebrate my 50th's! A++
One of my favorite things about staying here was the night sky. Back home you only see the city lights. Here you can see all the night stars.
I also loved to get "wet"! There were amazing water sports, paddle boarding, kayak, swimming and snorkeling a lot. And I can't forget about the food!!! Everything was very, very yummy!
One thing is for certain about BVI and boating: it is a polar opposite from the city. Bustling, loud, and anxious people fill NYC. But in paradise everything changes . That craziness is replaced with serenity and time to take a deep breath.
You are in the right place to escape, so come, stay a while!!
On another note, who knew I wasn't to bad about paddle boarding? That's a surprise! I'd like to end by saying what a pleasant time I had. There was time for reading, exploring, sailing, eating and much more!! THANK YOU!!!!
Photo 122
Photo 123
Photo 124
Carolina & Charly previous charter guests. HONEYMOON! June'17
This was an amazing Honeymoon for my wife and I. It was absolutely a joy to be with my new friends on Crystal Clear and share such wonderful memories with them. We will never forget you. Much love to you all!
Photo 125
Photo 126
Photo 127
Carolina & Charly previous charter guests. May'17
Fantastic! Who says, "You can't come back?". This second charter was as much joy as the first some years ago. This time we had a new crew member, Valentin " the Dinghy Captain"who will, in a few years, be a Charter Captain.
Again, we were amazed that Charly and Carolina can sail ALL day long, then anchor and then create the most sensational dinners at the Gourmet level! We were blessed with fabulous weather and superb anchorages and saw some new sights. Anegada was our prize discovery!
I also loved the fact that you let the old salt "Doc", return to his sailing days!
Thanks for a dream BVI vacation!

To the first glimpse of the beautiful "Crystal Clear", to the glorious weather of the week and serene beauty of the BVI, it has been truly a DREAM vacation. Carolina, Charly and Valentin your hospitality has been greatly appreciated and accentuated the pleasure of the week. We sincerely thank you for all your efforts and hope that one day we may do it again!
Photo 128
Photo 129
Photo 130
Comments of Carolina & Charly's previous Yacht Charter. SAIL & STAY PACKAGE. May'17
What a wonderful trip on the Crystal Clear! Capt.Charley and Carolina were great host and hostess! The food and hospitality were exceptional! You made our 40th Anniversary a special time!
Photo 131
Photo 132
Photo 133
Carolina & Charly previous charter guests.FAMILY FUN PACKAGE! April'17
Thank you for such an amazing trip. Was so much fun an a nice break from the snow!. Awesome places, food and people! Your family is so nice and talented, your cooking is amazing. Thank you a lot!
I had a great time on the Crystal Clear, I loved all the places we got to go and things we got to see. I'm so glad to have met you guys. You are an amazing family. Thanks for teaching us the dice game and teaching me the ways of the boat. I loved the food! Thanks!
Thank you guys! Incredible adventure, great food, great swimming + sailing. Hard to leave such a beautiful boat and so friendly crew. Hope to see you again down here or in CO.Best wishes to you + your family.
MIKE (Dad)
Thank you so much for everything ! Was a fabulous trip! Incredible snorkeling, beaches, sailing and food!
Photo 134
Photo 135
Photo 136
Carolina & Charly previous charter guests.FAMILY FUN PACKAGE! April'17
Going on Crystal Clear was a blast! Charlie and Caroline were very welcoming. The food was amazingly delicious, so was the punch! I really enjoy coloring on the boat and snorkeling!
I had so much fun. I loved all of the delicious meals, specially the "Charly's pasta night". This was an amazing experience which I hope I can do it again soon!
We had a fantastic time aboard with Charly and Carolina, they are the MOST gracious hosts. The nicest people, friendly, caring and accomodating. They love children! Their sailboat is beautiful and the best way to know many islands. Also, the food was excellent as well as the drinks. A MUST if you come to the BVI's.
We had such an amazing and very memorable trip. Carolina and Captain Charly are very friendly and gracious. The food is amazing and delicious. I highly recommend this sailing trip for an awesome experience. We can't wait to do this sailing trip again!!!!
Photo 137
Photo 138
Photo 139
A wonderful day. This is what a day in the Islands in meant to be! So appreciative of our gracious hosts!

My first time sailing and no sickness! A perfect day with a perfect couple. We loved spending the day with Valentin. Thanks you very much!
Photo 140
Photo 141
Thank you for a wonderful day! You have a beautiful boat!

This was an awesome day!
Photo 142
Photo 143
Photo 144
Some of our DAY SAILORS Comments:
d a great day trip with Captain Charlie and his charming First Mate Carolina!!! And of course Second Mate Val made the trip even more special! Vance, our 8 year old son enjoyed a lot playing and learning from Valentin, and hopefully they will remain friends. We loved the great food and hospitality!
Photo 145
Photo 146
Photo 147
Comments of Carolina & Charly's previous Yacht Charter
What a wonderful experience with Charly and Carolina. The best hosts ever!!! We felt like Queen and King!! The dinners, lunches, breakfast so deliciously prepared despite all Marta's allergies! So, Charly is not only a great Captain,but also a superb chef! Carolina, the sweetest and warmest lady always taking great care of you with a fantastic smile! So, an amazing week with a bit of magic...we felt we were friends we know them for ever!
Awaiting already for you in Rome or Amsterdam with Valentin...
Photo 148
Photo 149
Photo 150
Comments of Carolina & Charly's previous Yacht Charter
Anegada was a wonderful Island! We loved sailing there. Beautiful trip, full of surprises! The Champagne for Valentine's Day was a real treat! The food Captain Charly cooked for us was simple amazing. Charly's Argentinian Grill and Carolina's Apple Cake were our highlights! We couldn't have ask for better weather or Harbors to sleep in. The snorkeling, sun, swimming ad location were perfection! Thank you so much for your hospitality!
Photo 151
Photo 152
Photo 153
Carolina & Charly's AMAZING repeater guests! Carolina & Charly were invited onboard by guests to co-captain with Captain Valentin
We had a wonderful sail away with you all! It was so special to have an intimate group of friends and family together. This made the vacation much more fun and relaxed for us two. our favorite experiences were the snorkeling, the Gourmet Meals, the great stories, lot's of laughter, tales of our travels, Captain Ron, and all the wonderful care and attention. We will see you soon!
Photo 154
Photo 155
Photo 156
Carolina & Charly's previous Yacht Charter NEW YEAR'S CHARTER with Valentin at their request
We have been to the BVI's many times but Crystal Clear was the most beautiful boat ever! And their salads were the best ever, too!!
Carolina and Charley were superb hosts and an added pleasure was having Valentin along for the week. Our week in paradise was a true pleasure!! Thank all three for a great time.
Photo 157
Photo 158
Photo 159
Carolina & Charly previous charter guests
Five beautiful days in Paradise with two even more amazing people. Thank you Charly and Carolina for showing us this glorious place and giving us so much of yourselves.
We will always recommend you to all who ask. Good luck to ypo and health and fortune to your Valentin!
Robert & Chris (NJ)
Photo 160
Photo 161
Photo 162
Amazing Sail & Stay Package!
Extraordinary Anniversary!
Photo 163
Photo 164
Photo 165
8th November 2016 – A Perfect Wedding!!
15 minutes Silvana changes to a perfect maid of honor dress, with daisies. Captain/Father Franco in his yellow pants and Kelly-green shirt, and my wonderful husband and myself share vows to protect our love and marriage through the eyes of God and nature for the rest of our “time”. It was not only perfect in every way, it was fun & romantic & energizing!

Thank you both so much for accommodating our every wish and holiday to our challenging demands of doing it all in 4 days!! We did!! Thanks to you both!!

God Bless,
Alisa & George
Comments here are Carolina & Charly,s previous Yacht Charter
Dear Charly and Carolina:
Thank you so much to make our Honeymoon a trip of a lifetime! Your boat is beautiful and full of charming details that we both loved!
The food was beyond compare! The color and flavors were a treat for all the senses. The places you took us to were magical. We enjoyed the many fish!
You both do such a lovely job of making us feel comfortable. The trip would not have been the same without you! We will be back. All so peaceful and romantic!
Photo 166
Photo 167
Guests aboard catamaran VISION in mid March, 2016, said:
I can't find the words to describe how amazing Franco and Sylvana are. They turned what was bound to be a fabulous vacation into an unforgettable experience. The boat was magnificent, the scenery sublime, but the hospitality, knowledge and comfort they brought to our trip was beyond compare. I think I speak for my whole party when I say it was the trip of a lifetime.

Jason G.
19 March 2016 ~ Exceeded Expectations!
Dear Silvana & Franco,

What a wonderful trip; exceeded expectations & that is saying a lot, as we had been super excited!! You treated us so well and adapted to our needs. Loved how you charged up the trip for good snorkeling, diving and sailing. Food was amazing! And we loved hearing your stories. Everything we needed, you jumped up and got. Such a great vacation, we did not work at all. We recognize how hard you worked, constantly!

Silvana; such an amazing amount of work you do.

Franco; also appreciate how you took care of us during dives. Just great all around.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
19 March, 2016 ~ Forever Friends!
Silvana & Franco,
Best vacation ever!! We had been looking forward to this trip and was not sure what to expect. What we found were two amazing, professionals that made even the simplest tasks magically appear out of what were difficult undertakings.
We found a time to connect with our family & friend Beth, which was the most important part of the trip. What we did not anticipate was finding two individuals that we now call friends and whom will remain so for the rest of our lives.

March 2016, A Wonderful Vacation!!
Dear Silvana & Franco,

Thank you for taking such good care of us (adults & children!). We enjoyed all the stories and information about the islands! If you ever need a deck hand, Logan is available!

W. Family
Guests with Franco & Silvana over New Years, 2015/2016 said:
Amazing, Franco included my son and guided him in assisting with rigging the sails, etc. Mapping out the day's sailing with him every day. Franco was flexible with our wants and he made great suggestions.
Silvana was a wonderful hostess, very warm and she made the best desserts!
Fresh Wonder... I was so relaxed I couldn't drive my car when I got home <3 !
Janet W.

Franco was wonderful and was ready for anything.
Silvanna kept everyone well feed and was so nice to us, though her English was not great, we all communicated well enough.
For a 20 year old boat it was well cared for and everything worked fine. The sailing was excellent.
We made up the itinerary as we went along and it was great.
Tubing, snorkeling, swimming, scuba, and sailing, we couldn't have done much more, it was great.
Silvanna made great food and we had a great variety of drinks. Franco introduced a few new drinks as well.
Great time! We may do it again in a couple years.

D Family
December 2015 ~ Renewed our Wedding Vows!
Dear Silvana & Franco,

It has been 4 glorious days and what can we say other than thank you, thank you, thank you for an unforgettable trip on our first catamaran cruise. You are both so delightful, so knowledgeable, so interesting and so much fun! So you brought magic to our trip which was already blessed with gorgeous surroundings, a piercing blue Caribbean Sea, the wind, the waves, a soft rain, and islands inhabited with warm natives, all contributed to a life-long happy memory.

Most of all, thank you for presiding over us re-taking our vows! Have we were outside Long Bay VI and within 15 minutes, Silvana changes to a perfect Maid of Honor dress with daisies; Captain Father Franco in his yellow pants and Kelly green shirt, and my wonderful husband and myself share vows to protect our love and marriage through the eyes of God and nature for the rest of our time. It was not only perfect in every way, it was fun & romantic & energizing.

Thank you both so much for accommodating our every wish and holding to our challenging demands of doing it all in 4 days! We did!! Thanks to you both!

God Bless,
Alisa & George
April 2015 ~ Beyond Words!
Dear Franco & Silvana,

We are beyond words to express the amazing time we had. This trip was truly a dream come true for our family.

Vacations come and go, but your hospitality, experience, cooking, knowledge of the islands, and most of all, friendship has fill our vacation with lasting memories.
Thank you for everything and till we see you again, safe travels and all the best to you both!

Fair winds and following seas and long may your big jib draw!

B Family
April 10, 2015 ~ An Amazing Journey!
Dear Franco & Silvana,

Thank you so much for an amazing journey! We had such a great time.

Silvana, the cooking was amazing. The tiaramisu was the best on any boat in the Caribbean, and all of Italy! Muy delicioso!

Franco, you are the best boat driver in all the seas! You took care of us and showed us all the beautiful places. This was the best vacation ever and we will never forget it!

J Family
March 25, 2015 ~ 9 Glorious Days in the BVIs ~
Franco & Silvana,

Thank you so much for a fabulous trip! We had nine glorious days of great sailing, snorkeling and relaxing. You were very generous with your time in allowing us to help with the sailing and you took us to some great spots for snorkeling.

Silvanas cooking was phenomenal and we are going to miss your pasta lunches when we get home! We will be looking for you as crew again when we book our next trip to the BVI!

M Family
March 8, 2015 - My 70th Birthday!
Thank you both for making my 70th birthday the best one ever! Hope to sail with you again.