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11 - 18 AUGUST 2019
We appreciate everything you have done for us, thank you!! - Panos for all the beautiful beaches you have taken us to. - Petros, thank you for all the amazing food. - Krissa, thank you for being a good friend to us and for the impeccable service and most importantly. - Manos, thank you for being great at what you do, you fix everything its crazy!! These were amazing vacations and all thanks to you guys, we look forward to seeing you again!!
03 - 10 JULY 2019
Thank you so much for a beautiful trip on this fantastic boat! A big thanks to the best crew for taking great care of us. Thank you so much for such a wonderful trip. It was amazing to discover your beautiful country for the first time through the sea! Hope to see you again!!
13 - 19 JUNE 2019
We must have done something pretty wonderful in life to have been blessed with this week. Not only are the islands some of the most beautiful we have experienced but the yacht and its amazing crew have been the very best. We have been spoiled, pomypered and looked after so seamlessly. They are the magical fairies that work endlessly in the background to make our vacation so memorable and perfect. I knew when we stepped onboard that we would be so so sad to leave. Thank you to Romachris II, the incredible crew and that you to its owner for sharing this magic with us! We are truly grateful and love you all!!
Much love
Paul, Tanya, Samuel. David, Daniella, Alex

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