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CaptainPanayiotis Koutmanis Greek 1960 First Class Captain
Number of Crew: 4Languages: Greek, English, French, Italian, Albanian

Crew Profiles:
CAPTAIN: Panos Koutmanis, Greek - Age: 58 - Languages: English
Captain Panos, is an exceptionally capable and experienced Captain working on luxury yachts during the last 17 years. Born in Αthens, he is a Merchant Marine Academy graduate with a Class A’ Captain’s license for unlimited size of vessels. From 2000 onwards he has been working as a Captain on luxury charter and private Motor Yachts of up to 70 meters, in Greece, East and West Mediterranean and in various other areas, having crossed the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean several times. Before joining the yachting sector, he worked for 11 years as Captain and 2nd Officer in cargo ships and tankers. Captain Panos delivered Questa e Vita from Sardegna, Italy to Greece for her launch in the Greek charter market in 2017 and this is his second season on board. He is a very charming, smart and pleasant person who puts all his efforts to satisfy guests. He loves to organize all kinds of activities on board and on shore and works close with guests to ensure that all their needs are met, for the enhancement of the onboard experience. His excellent client and yacht owner references, in addition to his extensive knowledge of the Greek Mediterranean coastlines and his talent in creating the ideal tailor-made itineraries to suit every guest expectation, ensure the most unforgettable holidays on board.

CHEF: Apostolos Kritselis, Greek - Age: 31 - Languages: English, German
Apostolos is a multi-talented Chef who always impresses clients with delicious meals and creative decorative food and art de la table presentations. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Aachen University in Germany where he worked in this field for 15 months. Cooking was always his great passion though. Therefore while he was in Germany he worked as a commi de cuisine in two restaurants specializing in Greek and European cuisines. When he returned to Greece he decided to acquire a Chef’s Diploma and to follow his dream by becoming a successful Chef.
From 2014 until today he worked in gourmet restaurants and in Viking Cruises. Working as a Yacht Chef is the ideal career for Apostolos whose second love is the sea. Born and raised in the beautiful coastal town of Volos, he has been involved in various activities related to the sea since a young age. He served his military service as a Marine and his hobbies are free diving, swimming, tennis and professional photography. Besides his specialization in creative Mediterranean-Greek cuisine, he creates inspired vegan and vegetarian dishes and he makes great sushi and fantastic cocktails. Being a fishing expert, he would love to teach guests fishing or to fish and cook the catch for them, seasoned with freshly picked Greek herbs. With his exceptionally charming and pleasant personality and his will to create the best for his guests, Apostolos will definitely offer a culinary experience to remember on board Questa e Vita.

STEWARDESS: Tanya Kyrikou, Greek - Age: 30 - Languages: English
Tanya is an exceptionally sweet, polite, cheerful and hard working person with excellent organizational skills. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Pedagogy for Nursery & Primary Schools from University of Thessaly, has attended various seminars and has worked for 10 years as a Nursery School Teacher and Baby Sitter in Greece and in New York, USA. Tanya enjoys her job and prides herself on providing guests with an excellent level of service. She is always attentive, with a wiling and at the same time discrete manner, which is the characteristic of the Questa e Vita crew members. She is great with decoration and art de la table, due to the skills in craft and arts developed during her studies and previous jobs. This is her first season on board Questa e Vita but has already acquired excellent client references. Tanya adores children of all ages and enjoys the most taking care of them and organizing creative activities for them. With her passion to have everything perfect on board and with her team spirit, is definitely a key factor for the most unforgettable holidays on board Questa e Vita.

DECKHAND: Billy Moustrat, Albanian - Age: 46 - Languages: French, Albanian, Greek, Italian & English (basic)
Billy is one of the most capable and smart deckhands, with an impressive resume and excellent guest and employer references. He is an extremely well mannered, polite, willing and hard working person, enjoying much being involved in guest service, doing his best to make their vacation unforgettable. He has been collaborating successfully with Questa e Vita’s manager on board and on shore during the last five years and has been working in the yachting and shipping sector since 2000. His work experience in the yachting and shipping industry includes: a) Technician’s positions in Baglietto Yachts Shipyard (Italy), Beneteau Yachts Shipyard (France), Reflexion Refits (Athens, Greece), Andreadis (Syros, Greece), Mistral (Athens, Greece) b) Deckhand/Steward positions in various private and charter Motor Yachts. He also holds a French Literature degree and has worked as a French Language instructor. He is taking English language courses during winter .

GENERAL MANAGER: Questa e Vita is managed all year round by a very qualified professional General Manager and his team, who maintain her in top condition and supervise each charter, guaranteeing the highest level of service on board.
Panos Koutmanis Captain
Panos Koutmanis

Apostolos Kritselis Chef
Apostolos Kritselis

Tania Kyrikou Hostess
Tania Kyrikou

Billy Moustrat Deckhand
Billy Moustrat

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