Previously named Cacos V
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CaptainJuan Gomez Spanish 0
Chef Sebastian Merry British 0
Number of Crew: 9Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, German, Singhalese, basic French

Crew Profiles:
CAPTAIN: Juan Gomez – Spanish
Joined Spring 2018
Juan was raised in Gran Canaria, giving him that built-in sense of the sea! He fell into the yachting industry some years ago and found the fast pace matched his “can do” attitude.
Juan describes himself as a strong leader, capable of multi- tasking while maintaining high-level safety standards. Charismatic and sportive, Juan’s career path has been varied and has seen him create and manage his own wholesale distribution company for wedding dresses in Madrid as well as co-pilot the tourist sub-marine The Golden Shark based in Gran Canaria.
Previous positions: Chief Officer M/Y Mustique (55m), First Officer S/Y Akalam (32m)
Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, German

CHIEF OFFICER: Christian Galiana - Spanish
Joined Spring 2019
Spanish born Christian is a self-motivated individual with a strong work ethic, responsible and dedicated, he is a self-starter, innovative and goal oriented, yet fun to be with and always willing to go the extra mile. A positive individual with a successful background in many different roles he has strong values with regards to managing a team to deliver the highest standards of service to owners and guests.
Christian started his yachting career in 2010 when he joined M/Y Thalassa as deckhand and slowly through determination and exams worked his way up the ranks to become Chief Officer onboard M/Y Giraud. When Christian has any down-time he enjoys kitesurfing, diving, martial arts and volleyball.
Previous yachts: M/Y Solaris 940m), M/Y Laurentia (48m), M/Y Lady Georgina (48m)
Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, basic French

CHEF: Sebastian Merry – British
Joined Spring 2019
Sebastian is a young motivated and passionate chef, spending the last 12 years working in Michelin star restaurants, hotels, members clubs, and as a private chef, most recently at the Sheer Rocks restaurant in Antigua - it was voted “Best Restaurant” in the Caribbean by People’s Choice Awards 2018. In 2016 he joined M/Y Lionheart as crew chef and now returns to yachting by joining M/Y Giraud. Sebastian is passionate about fresh sustainable produce, with a thirst and drive for perfection in his field. He has gained experience and knowledge in a wide range of cooking abilities including Classic French, Modern British, Italian, Spanish, Scandinavian, Japanese, Fusion & South American and says his style of cooking is considered fusion, he also focuses on healthier alternatives of eating.
When not busy in the galley Sebastian enjoys music, water sports, films and photography.
Languages: English

CHIEF STEWARDESS: Emma Barrowclough – British
Joined Spring 2019
Emma started her career in yachting when she joined as stewardess the 56m M/Y Bad Girl, she has stayed with large yachts ever since, climbing up the ladder to be Chief Stewardess. Previously she was a Chief Stewardess on M/Y Costa Magna and after having Monegasque Royalty on as guests, they offered her a position as a personal governess living between their properties this position came with many roles, housekeeping, serving food and wines, creating tables for parties, buying linens etc., but after a few months she missed the camaraderie of yachting and joined M/Y Talisman C.
Prior to yachting Emma studied at Sheffield University and obtained a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Marketing.
If Emma has any downtime she enjoys, weightlifting, art & drawing which is a big passion, hair & make-up (occasionally doing the guests hair) cooking and “laughter”.
Previous Yachts: S/Y Maltese Falcon (88m), S/Y Black Pearl (106m), M/Y Costa Magna (40m)
Languages: English

2ND STEWARDESS: Aimee Keech - Australian
Joined Spring 2019
Aimee started her yachting career in 2017 when she joined the 40m charter yacht Mac Brew, she has since held positions as sole stewardess and 3rd stewardess before joining M/Y Giraud.
Prior to yachting she has 8 years’ experience in hospitality varying from bar tending, waitressing and front of house hosting.
In 2016 Aimee completed a degree in Interior Design and Decoration which has strengthened her a keen eye for detail and nurtured her creative skills which she enjoys transferring to interior table settings and any party/event set-up.
Previous yachts: S/Y Diane (74ft), M/Y Double Down (65m), M/Y Tesoro (40m)
Languages: English

3rd STEWARDESS: Kimberley Proper - South African
Joined Spring 2019
Kim has been in yachting for 2 years and with 2 seasons under her belt. Last season she was onboard M/Y Burkut (56m), only leaving as the yacht was spending this summer in the shipyard. Prior to yachting Kim spent six months working as a waitress at one of Cape Town’s trendiest and busiest restaurants, Café Caprice and whilst working there she mastered working under great pressure whilst maintaining a positive can-do attitude. She has also worked at a Safari Lodge planning weddings, banquets and events. Describing herself as engaging, attentive and approachable, with a great sense of humour, Kim is looking forward to the busy season ahead. When Kim has down-time she loves all aspects of fitness and being outdoors.
Previous Yachts: M/Y Burkut (56m), M/Y Christina O (100m)
Languages: English

CHIEF ENGINEER: Jose A. Caballero – Panamanian (image attached) Remove Juan Carlos
Re-Joined Spring 2019
Jose has 12 years of engineering experience on-board commercial vessels including cruise ships, private and commercial motor yachts. Qualified to the level of Y3, Jose is always comfortable and confident in whatever he does. Jose joined M/Y Giraud in 2017 and now returns for the 2019 season.
Languages: Spanish, English

DECKHAND: Nevada Smith - Sri Lankan
Joined Spring 2019
Nevada who hails from stunning Sri Lanka started his career in yachting on 2006 when he joined the 65m M/Y Bleu de Nimes for a refit in Istanbul, Turkey and since has been deckhand on large yachts both private and charter. Prior to this he worked 6 years for the Sri Lanka port authority. Nevada also has some hospitality experience having worked in the food and beverage department in a large hotel in Sri Lanka.
Previous Yachts: M/Y Forever (43m), M/Y Seven Sins (52m), M/Y Anka (40m)
Languages: English, Singhalese

DECKHAND: Peet Taqi Smith - Sri Lankan
Joined Spring 2019
Peet is a carpenter by trade but also a great varnisher and spray painter, this has come in handy when working as a deckhand or bosun on large yachts. Prior to yachting Peet worked as a self- employed carpenter in his home country of Sri Lanka. When not busy Peet enjoys water sports and fishing. Previous Yachts: M/Y Dusur (54m), M/Y Boadicea (76m), M/Y Victory (54m)
Languages: English, Singhalese

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