Previously named Miss Danna
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Milk-coffee- tea- cereals- bread- croissants-yoghurt- butter-

marmalade-eggs (poached-omelet-scrambled)-cheeses

-sausages- cakes- crepes-fresh orange juice-fresh fruits


Starter: Flute stuffed with cheese, green  and red pepper

,served with yoghurt sauce

Main dish: Rolled Stuffed chicken breast with cheese and

sundried tomato served with wild rice

Salad: Caesar Salad

Dessert: Chocolate millefeuille


Starter: Shrimps cooked with tomato and feta cheese

Main dish: Salmon fillet covered with crust of herbs and served

with boiled vegetables

Salad: Greek salad (cucumber tomato, feta cheese, olives


Dessert: Lemon mousse


Starter: Fried mozzarella served with marinara sauce

Main dish:  Beef Stroganoff served with Basmati rice

Salad: Rocket salad  (tomato-cherry, parmesan, rocket)

Dessert: Cheese cake

Starter: Spinach and artichoke dip (spinach and artichokes

sauté with onion and peppers served with tortilla chips)      

Main dish: Tender loin stuffed with halumi cheese Madera

sauce  served

with potatoes pont neufe

Salad:  Cretan Ntakos (Bread,  chopped tomato, feta cheese,


Dessert: Banoffee



Starter: Boiled eggs stuffed with mayonnaise, and capers

Main dish: Beef fillet wrapped with bacon , flavored with red

sweet wine and red pepper

Salad: BBQ chicken salad ( chicken breast covered with sweet

and spicy

BBQ sauce green salad tomato fresh onion, coriander  and jack

and BBQ vinaigrette.)

Dessert: Honey balls with ice cream and  Chocolate sauce

Starter: Steamed mussels flavored with champagne

Main dish: Spaghetti with  treasures of the sea ( mussels, small


calamari and octopus)

Salad: Nicoise salad

Dessert: Fruits with yoghurt and honey

Starter: Brusketta with tomato mozzarella and basil      

Main dish: Calamari stuffed with spinach and rice

Salad:  Cabbage salad (red and white cabbage olives and


Dessert: Mousse chocolate with strawberries

Starter: Tortilla  stuffed with chicken and emmental       

Main dish: Pork pancetta with leek braised, celery  purée  and



Salad: Spinach salad and hot vinaigrette bacon

Dessert: Tiramisu



Margherita (tequila, quantreau and lime)

Mohito : (rum, sugar syrup, mint, lime and soda)

Porn star: (passoa, vodka, vanilla, puree passion fruit, lime)

Ice cream: (southern, baileys, kahlua, banana juice)

Martini Royal :( martini, prosecco, lime, mint)

5 Roses: (whiskey, red vermouth, roses syrup)

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