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13 - 20 JULY 2019
We had such a wonderful time on X-treme. The crew was fantastic and they took such a great care of us. We loved every second of this memorable trip. Thank you everyone for making our vacation so special. We look forward to coming back!!

15-22 August 2018
We all had one of the nicest summers, and it wasn’t at all about the places or beaches, it was because of you guys who made it so joyful and memorable. So, thank you for accepting us onboard with you guys who making us feel like home the entire time. God bless you and safe journey back to Athens!!! Lots of love!
21-28 July 2018
Beautiful islands, wonderful weather. The opportunity to share our friendship. Singing, dancing, playing the guitar. All of these made the best experience ever by outstanding captain Orestis, who ensured all details of our trip were pleasant and skillfully found the most beautiful beaches for us. Our cook and wonderful singer Daphne who indulged us with our dietary needs, but in a delicious combination of Greek and Philippian cuisine, Jazz/Blues player Tasos who was always there to provide for everything. Thanks for all, our friends forever.
8-15 July 2018
We have had the most incredible week with captain Orestis, Chef Daphne and deck hand Tasos. They are amazing! We’ll be back, and we’ll miss our new friends!
22-29 June 2018
Our family had a week of relaxation, fun and adventure! The staff: Daphne the chef was amazing!!! Deckhand: Tasos, was adorable, talented helpful. We hope he gets into Stanford. Come see us! Captain: Orestis – well what can I say. He was fantastic! He kept us safe and catered to our every wish.Hugs to you all <3
4-11 May 2017
Thank you for this amazing experience on Xtreme! We all truly loved it! Dafni your cooking was a lot better than amazing! Captain you were an amaziiing captain, I will totally rate this visit infinity out of infinity! Thank you guys!
Dear Daphne, Nikos and Kostas,
We shall always remember our wonderful stay in Greece and the warm welcome and hospitality you offered us. We hope to return one day to get to know more of your fascinating country.
Thanks for making these holidays unforgettable!!!
Muchas Gracias por todo!

We leave the ship with the feeling of having been Xtremely Dominated by loves, pleasure, fun, sea, sun, wind, food (delicious, thanks Daphne) and so much moreWe will be back!
Thank you all!
August 2015
Andreas, Sofia and Alex made the whole thing perfect!!! They are extremely attentive and nice, always going beyond the standards. The whole trip was simply great. We had lots of fun and always felt very safe. Definitely highly recommendable. Id go anywhere with this Crew!! Carlos
July 2015
Such and amazing time on the water getting to see the beautiful islands and swim in the best sea water in the world! It was fascinating to learn the history of the areas from Andreas and then getting to share night singing with Alex was fantastic! Maybe the best part was the food! Thanks to Sophia! Cant wait to come back! DJ Brown

What an amazing trip this has been first time for us to come to Greece and see the islands. A special thanks to Sophia for the amazing food, thanks to Andreas for taking us places and telling us the history of all the islands and Greece, a big thanks to Alex for keeping us safe on the boat and a great man to talk to. This past week they have been like family to us and we are so very grateful to have met such wonderful, kind, friendly people. Thank you for the wonderful time on the water. Cant wait to come back!! Michael Brown

How can I begin to describe what a wonderful time we had on our beautiful journey through the Cyclades and Hydra with Andreas, Sofia and Alex. From the start to the finisheverything was perfect! The waters gorgeous, the weather incredible, dolphins, exploring, singing, amazing food and so beautifully presented. Above all this the beauty most treasured is that of our new dear friends Andreas, Sofia and Alex! We will cherish our memories of this trip forever. We wish Gods blessing upon each of our new friends and hope to be this way again soon! With love, Carol Brown
June-July 2015
This has been the most magnificent holiday Ive ever had it would not have been so incredible without each incredible person! Thank you Gaia

The most beautiful, blissful two weeks. Happiness in every moment. Andreas, Sofia and Alex thank you! I dont have any more words I feel love! Jessica

There are no adequate words to describe the perfect bliss of Xtreme Dominator, the food by the brilliant and beautiful Sofia, the skippering by the amazing and acute Andrea! The crewing so perfect by the great Alex who can also sing! Thank you all for making my dream come true! The best holiday any three gals could wish for! Till next time, love Ms Thompson.
August 2014
Our only complaint is we didnt stay longer..the itinerary was perfect! The days were filled with beautiful places to swim, Jet Ski, sea bob (the best!) and enjoy the wonderful food and wines of Greece! Sofia, Alex, and Andreas were incredible!!!! They are so professional and so warm and friendly.we felt like a family at the end of the week.
I am so happy to hear they enjoyed having us onboard because it must be difficult for crews when the chemistry is off, after all, it is a lot of time in close proximity for everyone.
Our whole family had nothing but the very best to say about this charter!!!
&#932;hank you!!!!
Beth, Will, Alex, Hannah
June 2011
We want to thank you for the wonderful time we had on X-treme!
The crew was exceptionally professional ,friendly and helpful, the food was splendid and the sites were magnificent!
It was a great experience for all of us, we wish you all the best!
Maria, Joan, Mark

August 2011
To the crew:
Thank you very much for the beautiful week! We were quite excited for our trip but our vacations on X-treme were beyond expectation. The sceneries, the sea, the food, our competent captain, the paradise of greek isles made our vacations dreamy!
Thank you once again,
Paul, Antony, Sandra, Meredith, Mathieu

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