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Our menu offers a creative, forever-young cuisine that stresses fresh vegetables, homemade delicacies and seafood.

Delight - Delicious Cuisine We value modern, light and healthy cooking.

Sustainable - Our cuisine aims to be not only delicious but healthy and sustainable. It is vegan or vegetarian based with options on fresh fish.

Local -  We search for relationships with local farmers wherever Samadhi sails.

Tasty, Natural and Healthy - Our creations are diverse and tasty and our team is delighted to make your dining a most enjoyable experience

Contemporary - inspiration - We’re always looking for new ideas all over the world and are happy to share the best inspirations we can find with you.


Breakfast buffet
Our breakfast buffet varies daily - enjoy a varied choice of:
Selection of bread, Pastry, Granolas and Yoghurt, Eggs and vegan alternatives, Cheeseplatter and vegan alternatives, Hummus and other salty spreads, Nutbutter, jams, sweet spread, Fresh fruitplatter, Oats with fruits, nuts and seeds, Fresh smoothies, Onos, Avocado toast and much more

Lunch and Dinner Menu
Our daily varying 2 course lunch is designed to give you a delicious break in the middle of the day. You will be full of energy after.

samadhis forever young Dinner Menu is the perfect way to spend the evening. We offer a daily changing 3 course dinner.

Be inspired by our experienced chef!
The Menu may vary with daily specials. Please say todays choice on the board.

Our chef always finds the perfect combinations and varies all dishes on local and seasonal availabilities.
The Menu may vary with daily specials. Please say todays choice on the board.

Tuna carpaccio, olive oil, capers on rucola
Gazpacho, fresh vegetable and roasted bread croutons
Ceviche, Avocado and Mango inspired with cilantro
Summer rolls fresh herbs and salad with a relish of feta, olives and sundried tomatoes
Spicy Papaya julienne and herbs with nut topping on rice noodles
Quinoa salad with watermelon, onion, mango, pepper tossed in a honey citrus dressing
Miso soup, spring onions, seaweed
Bruschette with different toppings
Tabbouleh, chili peppers, parsley, chickpeas
Zucchini carpaccio with avocado, pine nuts parmiggiano, tahin
Various Antipasti and fingerfood suprises
Curried ginger and coconut soup
Roman eggplant lasagna
Light Consommé, homemade raviolo

Main courses
Grilled watermelon, goat-cheese, roasted almonds, sweet mint
Caesar salad, croutons, grilled gambas and parmiggiano
Sushi and Sashimi specials
Truffled Butter-Risotto, avocado, rucola, mature cheese
Fresh homemade Pasta in light tomato sugo
Zucchini lasagna with sun dried tomatoes and a delicate nut topping
Poke Bowl with rice, fresh tuna, avocado, herbs, roasted nuts and spicy topping
Smoked fish filet with fresh herb salad with nuts, seasonal vegetables, lite lemon vinaigrette
Balanced vegetable or seafood Curry
Homemade gnocchi with grilled mushrooms and pesto
Thai curry with black rice
Teriyaki salmon at sautéed vegetables
Zoodles with pesto, dried and oven roasted tomatoes and grounded pine nut
Quinoa butternut, truffle with baked sweet potato and chestnut aioli
Saffron Risotto a la marinara
Quinoa Bowl with grilled seafood and salad variation
Mahi Mahi, coconut rice, sauteed vegetables with ginger and sesame seed oil, green salad
Stuffed zucchini, grilled tomatoes, roasted potatoes, green salad

Fresh fruit salad
Carrot cupcake
Pineapple Carpaccio
Tiramisu Samadhi with Cookies and cream
Cheesecake on fruit mousse
Mango and pineapple tartare
Triple Chocolate muffin
Passionfruit mousse
Baked mango & raspberry sorbet

Hummus, various tapanades, fresh bread
Local olive oil tasting with fresh bread
Tzatziki, Sun-dried Tomato Dip, sliced vegetables
Fruit platter
Roasted Nuts and dried fruits
Olives and bread
Summer rolls with various fillings

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