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CaptainAlex Rush British 0
ChefKate Wernett American 0
Number of Crew: 3Languages: English

Crew Profiles:
Captain: Alex Rush

Nationality: British

Languages: English

Driven and enthusiastic, Captain Alex discovered his true love for sea at an early age and soon enough turned his passion into a career. A respectable set of sailing and technical certificates together with over 90 000 sea miles, three Atlantic crossings and hundreds of successful charters made Alex reliable and experienced captain any guest would be thrilled to stay on board with.
Treating the sea like his home, Alex feels responsible for preserving its beauty starting from rescuing sea turtles to beach clean ups. Apart from sailing and sustainability, his passions include scuba diving and windsurfing he is always excited to share with the guests.
Sociable and friendly, captain Alex is happy to welcome you on board SAMADHI for an unbelievable journey with his magnificent crew.

Chef: Kate Wernett

Nationality: American

Languages: English

Kate’s desire to explore and learn new things has given her a wide range of qualifications. Having obtained a degree in Environmental Studies and an extensive background in hospitality, culinary art and operations management, Kate is a real asset to the crew.
Keen on a healthy lifestyle, she has a passion for local organic produce and light and diversified wellness cuisine, rich in vegetables and fruit.
A gifted chef, Kate impresses guests with wholesome dishes without compromising flavour and presentation.
Her warm and fun personality as well as welcoming manner will make you feel right at home as soon as you step aboard the luxurious SAMADHI.

Steward/Yoga instructor: David Ban

Nationality: Hungarian

Languages: Hungarian, English

During his studies of Economics and Business Administration in Budapest and Berlin David got to know Yoga and is since that practising regularly not only the physical asanas but also the mental attitude of yoga. He worked in Hungary and Germany most of the time with diplomatic or NGO backgrounds. He has a Bachelor of International Economy and Business Specialization in Economic Diplomacy and a Master of International Economy and Business. On SAMADHI he is happy to share his huge yoga experience with the guests.

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