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-Coffee/tea/fresh orange juice - Seasonal fresh fruit platter or fruit salad with honey and cinnamon - Freshly baked croissant - Eggs with bacon or sausages - Cereal, oatmeal - Toasted bread - Cake - Bread - Jam, honey - Greek yoghurt with fruits and honey (or honey and walnuts) - Pancakes with syrup - Greek donuts (loukoumades) with honey and cinnamon or with homemade chocolate paste - French toast with butter, syrup and season fruits - Grilled cheese sandwich - Baked omelette with corn, mushrooms, ham and cheese.


-Lettuce salad with honey vinaigrette - Greek salad - Lola salad with red fruits - Cabbage and carrot salad - Beetroot salad with feta cheese, walnuts and mint - Ceasar salad - Quinoa salad with lentils, avocado and haloumi cheese - Pasta salad with vegetables and feta cheese - Salad with bulgar and pomegranate - Cretan dacos - Potato salad - Baked broccoli salad with yoghurt sause - Pasta salad with shrimps - Tuna salad


-Spaghetti with shrimps and ouzo - Fish soup - Stuffed fish with spinach in the oven - Pork steak in the oven with fried potatoes or rise - Beef burger and potatoes in the oven - Pasticcio Greek type of lasagna bolognese with bechamel sause in the oven - Seafood risotto - Giouvetsi Greek dish with chicken, lamb or beef and pasta- Spaghetti bolognese a la greque - Mushrooms risotto - Greek staffed tomatoes with rice and fresh herbs - Meatballs with fried potatoes - Sweet and sour pork with rice - Cheesy baked mussels - Cuttlefish with spinach - Octopus with elbow macaroni 


-Lemon mousse - Mille-feuille - Mosaic cake Greek chocolate and biscuits dessert - Tiramisu - Cheesecake - Chocolate souffle


-Stuffed peppers with feta cheese - Bruschetta with eggplant and prosciutto/ goat cheese and salmon/ katiki cheese, prosciutto and melon - Carrot cream soup - Chicken pie - Cheese pie - Garlic sause - Tzatziki - Crab salad - Tarts with tuna salad - Octopus with vinegar - Vegetables au gratin - Eggplant salad - Sausage rolls - Fish croquettes - Stuffed mushrooms

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