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Praise from Charter Broker on three well done charters
I have now had 3 charters with Jacob and Christina absolutely nailed it each time.
The planning, the food, their personalities. . . . everything! It was very different groups from a family to a 35 wedding anniversary and all the clients were full of praise.
Charter Broker
April 2019
We had the absolute best vacation on the Alladora (previous boat) and I would attribute it all to the experience that these two provided. From the very moment we met them, we felt comfortable and felt accommodated for! They make a fantastic team working together and the vibe they had together made for a fun relaxing and amazing time.

Jacob is a fantastic skipper. He was very knowledgeable and I was amazed at how hard he worked to get us the best spots at all of the locations he brought us too.

Christina is a little spitfire and we all fell in love with her instantly. We would NEVER have believed we would be served such elegant food on the boat. Her meals were always over the top and the presentation and unique options were out of this world. Each morning we were greeted with tea and coffee, Bloody Mary's or Mimosas which was a nice treat.

I honestly cannot say enough great things about these two! I will definitely be on a charter trip like this again and will not accept any other skipper or chef except for these two. They both catered to every individual person's needs the entire trip, cooking separate meals when some guests did not like certain ingredients, they played taxi on the dingy for anyone who ever needed to get to shore and never once seemed annoyed or inconvenienced.

We love the BVI's and will be back for another amazing experience with Jacob and Christina.

-Josh M
March 2019
We were fortunate to book two day trips with Capt. Jacob Beman and Christina Astuto on the Pau Hana catamaran during the week of March 17, 2019. Our group consisted of three couples, several of whom had lifelong boating experience and a couple who frankly weren't sure they were ready to spend an hour, much less a day, on a sailboat.

Jacob and Christina immediately took charge of the charter, making sure we were comfortable as well as oriented to the safety procedures aboard the boat. The main challenge our group presented was that half of us wanted to go somewhere to socialize, drink painkillers, and buy t-shirts to bring home, while the other half did not want to see, much less talk to, another tourist if at all possible. Jacob was able to "read the room" & plan a full, fun day that made everyone happy. They were also exceptionally tolerant of the music choices of their guests...even if it was early 90's Hair Bands! Jacob and Christina demonstrated an intuitive talent for customer service, anticipating our needs before we had a chance to ask. Their ability to make us feel taken care of and a bit spoiled while still treating us like long lost friends is an interpersonal skill that can't be taught.

One of the more important and appreciated things I noticed was that both Jacob and Christina demonstrated their knowledge of and respect for the ecosystem around them in the way they operate the boat and the locations they chose to show us. It is clear that they both love this gorgeous corner of the world & want to conserve its beauty for future generations.

I feel that any well balanced review should include some constructive criticism. I struggled to find something to critique about the service we received, but here it is. Jacob's fashion sense is atrocious. The patterns in his shirts and shorts clash to the point of distraction. Christina assured us she is working on the issue, so hopefully improvements will be made in that area.

We enjoyed our time on St. John immensely, but the days we spent on the water were certainly the highlight of the week. After an amazing trip, I believe one's flight home should be spent planning the next vacation. It was the unanimous decision the group that our next getaway would be planned based solely on where Jacob and Christina are working. I just hope they’re prepared for that!

Regards, Brooks & Roisin
Boston, MA
March 2019
My husband and I were lucky enough to get hooked up with Jacob Beman as our captain for our BVI Charter 3/23/19-3/31/19. We had 3 other couples with us from Atlanta and ended up having the time of our lives, a lot of that had to do with Jacob.

Jacob's laid back personality and calmness made all of us at ease right away - don't get me wrong though, he was all business when it came to our safety and the boat - as that was his number one priority. He was so easy to talk to and would gladly include you if you wanted to learn to sail. It was nice to see Jacob helping out the chef as well. You would see him up early making coffee and even helping clean up after a meal. Other charters I have been on that has not been the case! Jacob knew when to go to certain islands before all the other boats showed up and always found us a great spot for the night.

His stories and experiences kept us laughing for hours and his genuine love of sailing and the islands is contagious. I can't say enough about Jacob and sure hope that when we take our next charter I am able to find him again!!

Suzie and Scott B
February 2019
We truly enjoyed having Jacob Beman as our Skipper/Captain in BVI. Jacob was a true professional and handled the Catamaran with skill above and beyond what I would have expected from someone so young. Jacob was always up early starting coffee and performing his skipper duties and he even helped our chef with some of the meals & her responsibilities. He was well versed in first aid, as one day I had a small cut on my ankle and he cleaned and bandaged it for me. We were quite impressed during our trip because he always sailed using the sails vs. using the motor, which may have been because of the great weather we had, but regardless, we enjoyed his sailing abilities thoroughly.
Jacob was happy to answer questions and teach those that wanted to learn about sailing. I was impressed by his professionalism, knowledge of the islands and water. Jacob was always smiling and he knew just where to take us to snorkel and things to tell us to look out for. He was happy to take us to the islands in the dingy and when needed he got us to and from the taxi drivers without any issues making our lives that much easier. We enjoyed having Jacob around, he is quite an impressive skipper. Jacob is professional, smart, kind, witty and I highly recommend him without hesitation. I would not hesitate to hire him as a skipper again and hopefully I can one day again! :)

-Cindy R

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