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February 2019 Feedback
February 2019 Charter Guest comments:

Mel, George, Brooks, Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! Thanks for the great care of our group from morning to night. We had a great time and so appreciate all your efforts. Delicious, Delightful and damn fantastic! Oustanding!!

I will remember the night sails forever!! Thank you so much for an awesome week!

Thanks so much for a great time, In St Martin, I write this rhyme, we fished and fished and lost a hook, but in the end we always had Brooks! The food that Mel prepared for us beyond compare... it is a must! Georges skills are top notch! Not a single anchoring did he botch! To save on water I hid my glass in my shoe each night very fast, and so we thank the crew for LIR... To Gearoge, Mel and Brooks... a final beer

Thank you for a spectacular week! We all had a perfectly wonderful week, thanks to the good care provided by all 3 of you, day and night. Melissa prepared the most delicious imaginative meals ever and George kept us all entertained with his tales of his wild youth while keeping LIR on safe passage. We left the comfort of our boat only once for dinner, and we all agreed that our meal ashore was a very poor substitute for Melissa's divine dinners. She is and extraordinary chef whom we all wished we could take home with us. Brooks happy spirit and smile brightened every day, she is a great addition to the LIR crew.

We return to Vero Beach as happy, relaxed indulged customers. PS we loved seeing the whales!!
November 2018 Grenadines
Captain George, Melissa and Brooks,
We both thank you for an amazing week filled with fun, laughter and the most spectacular food we've ever eaten. The end of our trip culminating in the fantastic firework display that was organised for us to celebrate our wedding day. It has all been unforgettable & we thank you again.
Pirates M & P
Grenadines October 2018 - First charter of the season
Many Thanks to Mel, Brooks and George for a wonderful trip. It is easy to build a great boat but difficult to build a great crew...and you are an amazing crew!! Thanks for all you do and we look forward to seeing you again!

Dear Mel, George and Brooks,
Thank you for an absolutely wonderful adventure under the seas and aboard the LIR. You were all amazing.
Love and Big Hugs...

About as fun as it gets...when you feel like you're one big family you know it was a good trip! The food, the service adn the attention to detail was Top Notch...of course the bromance had to end at some point, but we tried...
You're in my heart...
August 2018 Grenadines
Dear (Broker),
I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how much we enjoyed our cruise. The boat was (well-maintained), the weather held out and the crew was exceptional!

I would highly recommend this crew —Captain Greg, Chef Vanessa and our activities director Amanda. The boat was always clean and orderly. The meals were outstanding and all of our needs were anticipated before we even thought to ask. They are by far the best crew I have ever experienced.

I know allot about food and hospitality - I own and manage hundreds of restaurant throughout the East Coast. Cooking on a boat with limited equipment is very challenging. I want to especially thank Venessa for taking into consideration our dietary restrictions. She even found time to bake fresh bread and deserts each day. Her creativity and attention to detail was was present at each meal. We loved her food so much she is sharing her recipes with us.

Greg addressed all of my boating questions, got us to all of our destinations safely and especially helpful getting me reacquainted with Scuba diving.

Amanda some how knew what we wanted before we thought to ask. Her smile and willingness to please was genuine-- all of our guest had a great time!

I look forward to booking a trip next year -- I am open to any comparable vessel but you can be certain I will ask for the same amazing crew of Greg Vanessa and Amanda.

Thank for under promising an over delivering
June 2018 Bahamas
To the Amazing LIR and our friends for life: Greg, Vanessa, and Amanda
Another fabulous week of laughter, sun, snorkeling, adventures, MacDuff’s, piggies, and lots of
Mexican Train. Vanessa, the food was out of this world! We can’t tell you how much we love
and adore you all. Please promise us that you can and will come visit up in Maryland and we
would love to make you guys feel as loved as you made us feel throughout this week. Your
attention to detail is amazing. We would follow you anywhere. Even to the iguanas. “yikes!!!”
See you in a few weeks. . . months! (I promise)
Love Always,
Your favorite guests,
Randy, Claudia, Nate, Zach, and Tarryn
May 2018 The Bahamas

Ah, the sailor's life...

The wind, the sun, the salt, the sea... This week was perfection. Exceeded expectations in everyway and brought about a deep calm and happiness... The adventure, the care, the cuisine, the conversations... Greg, Vanessa and Amanda you are consummate sailors and wonderful people. We are so lucky to have come together for this special week, and we wish for you many more adventures.

All our very best and with much gratitude, A/J/C & A.
One of the best weeks ever! Thank you so much. X
February/March 2018
Post Charter Evaluation:

How did you enjoy your cruising vacation?

This was, by far, one of the best vacations we have ever taken, both individually and as a family. We had some positive expectations leading up to the trip, but we were blown away at how amazing & memorable the trip truly was. We were privy to the perfect balance of relaxation and adventure and didn’t want the trip of a lifetime to end. We honestly can’t wait to board LIR again for another trip!!

How would you describe your Captain and crew? Were they Courteous? Helpful? Friendly? Attentive? Knowledgeable?

Our Captain and crew were exceptional across the board. We felt safe and sound throughout the whole trip with Captain Greg “at the wheel,” and his sense of adventure helped us expand our comfort zones for the better with activities like cliff jumping and tubing. Chef Vanessa was nothing short of AMAZING! From her unreal cooking skills which fed us like royalty, to her caring and engaging conversation, she was a real joy to have on the boat. Amanda was just wonderful as well. From her impressive drink-making abilities, to her caring service waiting on us each day for whatever need we had. And who could forget her incredible backflip jump off of the cliff. The memorable impact this crew had on us could be especially felt on the last day as we hugged them all goodbye in tears. We didn’t want to leave the boat, nor our newfound friends!

Tell me about your meals? Did the menus meet your expectations? Did your Chef and Crew pay close attention to your Preference Sheets?

Every meal was just perfect! The menu and each meal FAR EXCEEDED our expectations. The portion sizes were fabulous, the table settings were intricate, and the originality of each plate was wonderful! The Crew definitely paid close to attention to some of our allergies and were always available to make more of a particular meal or snack. We had no idea that the meals would be one of the highlights of the trip but Chef Vanessa and the crew gave us feasts we will never forget. If only we could eat like kings and queens every day…!

How is the yacht? Is she clean and well-maintained? Were your cabins comfortable? Was the cockpit comfortable? Was there enough shade?

The yacht was exceptionally clean and well-maintained for sure. Our cabins and the cockpit were VERY comfortable and all the perfect size! We very much appreciated the crew cleaning our cabins each day, and there are so many spots on LIR to just relax and take a nice daytime nap.

What did you like most about the yacht? What did you like the least?

We probably liked the Crew most of all as it relates to LIR. Second to that would definitely be the size, and the way it reduced a lot of choppiness with its double haul. We can’t think of anything we didn’t like about LIR.

How did you find the pace and the itinerary of your vacation?

We had no idea what to expect about the itinerary, but it was the PERFECT mix of fun and adventure, and relaxation. The crew gave us such a wonderful balance of engaging conversation with them, and alone time.

Would you charter this yacht again? If not, please explain:

We would ABSOLUTELY charter LIR again, and hope to do so later this year!!
February 2018
Best week of my Life!

Captain Greg: Between riding motorbikes, tubing, diving, and snorkeling, I cannot thank you enough! Especially for hunting down Aubrey Forbes and his music. If possible, I’m nominating you for Best Captain of the Century!

Chef Vanessa: The food you prepared has obviously been out-of-this-world and awesome this past week! Your beautiful, happy, and positive nature made all the difference for this family. We love you and can’t wait to see you and Capt. Greg again to share more experiences and stories!

First Mate Amanda: First and foremost, killer drinks! All week you cased to impress us all, including your crew it seems. You are not only the best among those in the service industry, but among the greatest people I have ever met. You are so calm and peaceful on the surface, I can only hope you feel the same on the inside because you made us feel at peace all week!

I wish to meet you all again soon!


Limbo Champ Jake (Glen Mills, PA)

Dear Vanessa, Greg, and Amanda,

I’ve been dreaming of this vacation with my family for a year. I was hoping for something where we could spend quality time, relax and have fun. However, what you all provided exceeded all expectations and you gave us something I didn’t know even existed. The adventures pushed my boundaries, which was exactly what I needed. You all knew what we needed every minute and took such great care of us. We all enjoyed getting to know you personally, and hearing stories of your previous adventures. I’m overwhelmed with emotion for the joy your crew provided ad can’t believe it’s now time to say goodbye. Thank you for making my dreams come true and we will see you again – just not soon enough! Be well!

Jessica, Vince, Jake, and Jeremy (Lewes, DE and Philadelphia, PA)

Greg, Vanessa, and Amanda

Our vacation on Lir with you guys surpassed all expectations I had before coming on this trip. Captain Greg, A.K.A. Capt. Adventure, pushed me and my family outside our comfort zone. He had us doing things I never thought I would on this trip, and it was so much fun!!! I will never forget scaling the sea urchin cliff and diving into the “toilet bowl.” Chef Vanessa, you captured my heart with your amazing meals and shining personality! I can’t wait to come back and try more of your cooking!! Amanda, I don’t know how you do what you do. Always working so diligently and it felt as if you were reading my mind at times, doing this before I could even think it! Also, your drinks were the best ever! Keep up the good work. Greg and Vanessa are lucky to have you around. I will be counting the days until the next vacation with you!

Safe Sailing,

To the Lir Crew,

I’m a man of few written words. With that said, I want to sincerely thank you all for an amazing UNFORGETTABLE week of vacation. My family and I truly felt your kindness, care, and love throughout every part of the trip! Your service was impeccable! I can’t wait to come back ASAP!

Vince (aka Jince)
February 2018
Greg, Vanessa, and Amanda

We had high hopes for this week and you three exceeded them all. The food, the libations, and the ambiance were fabulous. You made us feel so comfortable and at home on the boat. For that we will be forever grateful.
All three of you have a special talent and we look forward to sailing with you again (hopefully in the near future)!
Thank you! Thank you ! Thank you for a memorable week!

Gratefully Yours,
San Diego, CA

Dear Greg, Vanessa, and Amanda,

We echo the emotions
Ruth and John have expressed so clear
the memories of this trip
we will long hold dear.
Every day filled with adventure
on the sea without a fear
every night a gourmet dinner
filled with laughter, wine and beer
How could we ever surpass this?
Nothing can come close to our time on the Lir
The only remedy we can see
Is to return to yacht with you next year.

A big hug,
Philadelphia, PA
January 2018
Dear Greg, Vanessa, and Amanda,

We cannot thank you enough for our fabulous week of sailing! Your attention to detail really made our trip! Making us feel so comfortable from the very beginning meant so much to us!

Greg: Your expertise at sailing, your informative briefings each morning, and your willingness to be flexible could not have been any better! Your "skills on the grill" were absolutely amazing!

Vanessa: Your culinary creations were so amazing! Your wonderful use of herbs, spices, and creative ingredients was extremely evident in everything you prepared! The wine pairings were outstanding! Desserts were such an incredible treat each day!

Amanda: How could you possibly have known all of our needs and desires? Your bright smile in the morning got us off to such a nice start! Your creative cocktails were delicious! You were abler to do it all and still remain the sweet person you are!

Lir: Beautiful sailboat is an understatement! So well maintained, equipped with water toys and with helpful guides to use them! The encouragement helped us to try new things and for that we are so grateful to the crew! You are the best!! THANK YOU!

We hope our paths cross again!
Enjoy this poem. . .

Here we sit with a broken heart,
Today is the day we have to part.
Our time on Lir was so much fun
Snorkelling, boarding under the BVI sun.
Our memories will take, as we head home. . .
Farewell to the crew till next we roam.

Julie and Bill
Deb and Don
Bruce and Lee
Doylestown, PA
January 2018
Greg, Vanessa, and Amanda,

What can we possibly say to you all except that we will absolutely treasure this past week that we have spent with you three. Your boat was nothing short of Amazing! From the minute we stepped on the LIR we were hooked! "Nessa" you are a top notch chef. . . .Everything you prepared was just perfect and we are all going to miss your delicious food. Amanda, thank you for always being there 24/7. You are truly incredible and always with a smile. Greg, Best Captain ever! It is truly a joy to see how much you all love your job! It shows in EVERYTHING you ALL do! It was wonderful getting to know you. Thank you for being so kind to our family. This is not goodbye as I know we will see you again. Promise to stay in touch as we would love to have you visit us in Maryland. Enjoy the rest of your season and stay safe!

With love,
Randy, Claudia, Nate & Zach

Dear Greg, "Nessa," and Amanda,

Beautiful week, beautiful food, beautiful crew. . beautiful memories! Thank you! Despite Irma, the BVIs continue to impress. Our 25th wedding anniversary was perfect. . beyond our expectations. . thanks to you all and your attention to every detail. It was a privilege to sail on LIR and get to know you. Please stay in touch. . our doors are always open.

Be safe,

Susan, Michael, Connor, and Colton
New Year 2017/18
Captain Greg, Vanessa, and Amanda

Happy New Year 2018! It was a wonderful week following Hurricane Irma. We didn´t know what to expect to see but it was beautiful as always. It felt so good to stop and visit people and businesses along the way. . It will rebuild fully soon.
The attention to detail on LIR is immaculate and the personal service is a clean 10. We love how easy going you are with us yet we feel the journey is nothing but professional. Amanda´s sunny disposition brought us to feel right at home. Vanessa´s meals are always the very best (would not change one thing!) and Captain Greg made us feel like we were safe at all times. Dan especially loved the dive with the Eagle Rays.
Thank you for the most magical week! We count the months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds until we step aboard and each experience is better than the last! We love you all!
Alicia White

Greg, Vanessa, and Amanda,

I don´t know where to begin. You guys made this whole trip so amazing and relaxing. Thank you so much for everything you provided from spectacular dinners to raspberry
smoothies. You are all so amazing and I really hope to see you guys again sometime. You are all the very best!
-Davis White

To the best crew every time!

Thank you for the best days of my life!! I love every single second of it and can´t believe it´s already over. You all had a special part in making this week so amazing. Amanda: thank you for always asking if we needed anything, making the best strawberry/raspberry daiquiris, and always having a smile on your face. Greg: thanks for being a great Captain, goofing around with me, and being awesome, your passion for scuba diving, sailing was super cool and you inspired us. Vanessa (Benny): I will miss you and your cooking like no tomorrow. It was the best food I have ever had (seriously)!! Your stories are unforgettable, and i loved talking to you. Thank you all for an unforgettable experience. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Dear Vanessa, Greg, and Amanda,
Thank you so much for the most memorable, relaxing and fun trip ever. The food was of course amazing, the drinks, and the activities. New Year's Eve was so much fun dancing with everyone. This was yet another trip on Lir that I will never forget. Thank you all again!
November 2017 Thanksgiving
You all had your hands full with the Chris 50th Birthday Cruising and Boozing Crew. We were greeted with smiles and hospitality that never ended!! The boat remained spotless, the food amazing and the sailing beautiful. We were able to get everyone in and out of the tender without any oops! HA HA HA. Chris´s birthday lobster feast was so well set up and well beyond what we expected. We enjoyed a 21lbs Turkey, which only just fitted the oven! It was an absolute feast! Night time fish watching and star gazing. We are BLESSED to have shared this experience with both sets of our parents and two best friends that are like family. -Greg Vanessa and Amanda are the perfect trio- complementing each other with a full team effort. We cannot thank you enough for making memories of this trip we each will cherish!!!
-Chris & Mel and Birthday Crew

Melanie said it all! Thank you for the wonderful adventure! XXOO
- Mike and Barb

Ditto. Thank you for the unforgettable adventures!! You guys are a wonderful crew!
-Mike and Sherry

Hey Guys, great job! The food was very, very good including the service. Thanks for giving our son Chris, the best 50th birthday party ever! Thanksgiving dinner was better than best . . . amazing! Hope you enjoyed the music! When we get home and look at the pictures, we will be able to enjoy the trip over and over again! Thanks so much for being a part of our lives! God Bless all of you!
-With our love,
Bob & Bernie
July 2017
Dear Greg, Vanessa and Michelle thank you for everything, I had the best week of my life. I had a lot of fun . I loved the food, tubing was very fun, although you were a little rough Greg... Thanks for the "Kemms" Michelle, I hope you get better at it. Thank you so much!

Greg, Vanessa and Michelle,
Thank you for such a wonderful week - we had the best of times. The food was amazing, Michelle´s Mojitos were the best. We learned new games and heard incredible stories. It was really nice sharing these days with you! Hope to see you again next year. Greg was very friendly and the kids had a lot of fun tubing and wake boarding, thank you for your kindness.
18th - 25th June - St Martin
Thank you Greg, Vanessa and Michelle for an awesome week. You all helped make the trip incredible and one we will never forget.

Greg, Vanessa and Michelle, y'all are awesome! We are so grateful for everything. It was so fun!

Wonderful hospitality, excellent food and fun times! Wish we could book a trip with you guys every year. Good luck in the future.
The Newburn Party!
5th May 2017
Thank you to such wonderful and lovely people. Greg, Vanessa and Michelle you created a trip of a lifetime, such amazing memories of good times with my beautiful wife and "outlaws" Ha! Thank you for keeping such a clean place for our home away from home for a week - keeping our bellies full with good food and our glass always fresh! Most of all thanks for keeping us safe!! and enjoying the beauty of the Grenadines - such a lovely time. Lots of Love X

With such a pure and Loving consciousness towards us. For our safety, enjoyment what else can I say?? Our trip has been exquisite. Happy to be with family and blessed to have had an incredible experience. Greg, Vanessa and Michelle your attentiveness and efforts made the trip such an awesome lifetime experience. Please please look us up if you´re in Toronto. we look forward to keeping in touch and hearing where your journeys take you all. Best of love X.

Dear Greg, Vanessa and Michelle thank you for such a memorable trip and all your hard work to totally spoil us on our stay on the Lir. From the time we saw you three smiling faces at the Bequia airport, right to the end of trip, you have all been wonderful. The geography of the Grenadines and the stops and activities planned were awesome, but without the care and attention you provided it would not have been so enjoyable. Vanessa the meals were wonderful. Thank you not for just your cuisine, but for your interest and eager enthusiasm. Greg thank you piloting us through the waters safely! Michelle, thanks for keeping us "hydrated" neat and organised. The trip was memorable and a big part was sharing it with you all. Best wishes for the future X

From the bottom of my heart... thank you... you all handled us perfectly! see you in Barbados. X

March 2017
"Dearest Greg, Vanessa and Michelle,

The Custards and Gorgans could not have been better looked after. Spring break 2017 was a memory we will always cherish. Thanks for ensuring our every need and then some. The children loved every meal as much as we did. You are all charming fabulous hosts and were planning to do it again next year.

Thank you thank you thank you for taking us through the rough seas, treating us to one last water ski and your general cheerful and willing attitude... Happy almost Birthday Michelle!!

"Please let us know if you will come to land locked Dallas!! The Home of the Cowboys"

With all our best wishes and sincere hope for another turn on the LIR..
Maison, Allen, Franklin, Isabella, William, Whitney, Jay & Will"

"Greg, Vanessa and Michelle.

Cheerful , constant eagerness to please, fine food to sustain us, ample beverages to enlighten us, but mostly great anchorages, clear skies and fair winds.

Thanks Jay"
Best Crew In The BVI - December 2016
"Dear Greg, Vanessa & Michelle,

You have been the one of the best crews that we have had in the BVIs!!! All 3 of you paid attention to every detail... Watersports, delicious food, clean cabins, tidy boat... the list goes on and on. We loved every moment and your humour, fun games, and company were the icing on the cake. We will definitely spread the word about the amazing boat and wonderful crew. Dont be surprised if friends of ours try to charter the boat. We hope you have a great time in 2017 you work so hard and we really appreciated it all. We will send you our go-pro movie. Maddies will be 3-5 mins and chriss video will be 1/2 hour . Thank you so much again for all of your hard work and great fun! Love XXX ..."

Chris. C
You Guys Are The Best - December 2016
You guys have been so thoughtful and kind to us, we are so lucky that we got such an awesome crew. I hope we can come back and see you guys again!! you guys are THE BEST!!! - Davis W (12yo)

Thankyou you all for the best week of my life!!
From the moment I got out of the taxi you made me feel welcome and at home. Greg, thank you so much for doing all the things you did - thank you for pulling us wake boarding, with my dad skiing and diving, and final tubing. You made it so much fun!!!!
Im being rushed out now BYE... wait, Im back, we had to run to customs, anyways, thank you much Greg.
Vanessa thank you so much for the best food I've ever had,seriously!!! you have a gift!! you made every meal with precisions and delecasy. it was so good!!!
Michelle, thank you so much for being the uplifting person are you, you were yourself and that is funny and awesome!! you make the best strawberry, mango, dacories and pena coladas. you made the trip 100% times better and it would have not been the same without you. I loved your jokes, Im going to miss you a ton..
thank you all for an unforgettable vacation!!! - Trey W (16yo)

Thank you for the most amazing week of my life!! you all made it so enjoyable for us. from the food, to the activities to the time we all had together I will never forget it!! thank you all for making sure we were all having the most memorable vacation!! You guys are the best crew ever!!! We lucked out!! I hope we see you guys soon!!
- Paton W (18yo)

Happy New Year!
hopefully we will see you in a few months and all our resolutions will have come true. You all (Greg, Vanessa, Michelle) have made us feel so welcome from the start of our BVI vacation. Cheerful, helpful and Professional. the 3 of you were perfection!!
We loved every minute of sailing, water fun, dancing and dining on fantastic food! We cannot wait to see all of you very soon. With love and gratitude - Alicia W

Thank you does not even start to tell you three how much we appreciate you!! You gave our family the Trip of a lifetime!! We had the best food and the best service we have ever experienced. We also always felt secure with captain Greg driving and sailing the boat. We have had some great vacations, but this trip had topped them all.. We felt like you were family from day one. You three are simply the best!!
- Dan W

Feb 11 - 18 2016 Windward Islands
'You are a great team, operating seamlessly for our safety, comfort and delight' 'We'll be back on your boat - LOVED LIR - beautiful sailing yacht'
New Years 2015/16
As far as the boat etc., everything was great. Boat was exceptionally nice and crew fantastic.

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