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April 2018
Dear Kenny,
My clients had a fantastic time onboard and loved everything about trip. Just received this great feedback:
“Thank you for checking. We had a wonderful trip, definitely went by way too quick. The captain and his crew were truly first rate. Kenny and his wife are a great team. The food was fantastic. Also, the boat was very well cared for.“
Charter Broker, March 2018
November 2017
Kenny, from my client:
"You were "SPOT ON" (once again)! Your recommendation for MILK & HONEY and her crew was perfect! The photos in the e-mail did not do this yacht justice, as you said! The "baby proofing" on the stairs for my grandchildren set my mind at ease. The owner should be VERY proud of Captain Kenny, Chandra, and crew! We had a great time, and I was VERY impressed with their attention to detail and accommodating attitudes...We couldn't be happier --- Thank you! We'll charter this yacht again."
"We loved every second! Kenny runs a great boat and crew…as usual, you steered us in the right direction. We are already planning our next trip on M&H! "
Thanks so much and please thank your great crew, Kenny.
Charter Broker
November 2017
August 2017
Hello Kenny!
My client is one to always provide feedback. You will find the following to be an excellent review from his charter on MILK & HONEY in August:
• Boat is exceptional volume so a lot for the money. Interior design is very functional and practical and my wife liked that.
• Chef is excellent. 100% of his preparations were cooked to perfect temperature. Flavors very good.
• Systems on board were good and easy and not at all temperamental.
• Air conditioning was quiet and effective and the boat felt clean in all respects.
• Captain Kenny is natural and decent and down to earth. He works very harder than any of the other captains we have had. He is humble and talented and said yes, can do to every request.
• His wife Chandra is equally humble and talented. Bright, cheerful, and always on the ball.
• The other crew were capable and clean and respectful. Blaine the engineer was on deck to help more than we have seen from other engineers and delightful.
I believe however that if anyone is going to recognize and define good crew, it’s this client. The accolades that he paid you and your team are exceptional. Kenny, it makes me very proud to represent you and MILK & HONEY in charter. I have always known you “were good,” but the way that my client describes you really defines how you/Chandra set your sights on that higher bar. I just want to thank you for putting such effort and energy into what you do. I am really….so, so impressed…and honored to be a part of your sales force! I also believe that it’s telling about your character in how you made a quick decision to accept this last minute charter, and then how successful it turned out to be. I have tremendous respect for you Kenny. Thank you again and again.
Charter Broker
August 2017
August 2016
I am happy to inform you that the two week charter of the yacht MILK & HONEY was a great success. The yacht has high-quality interior with beautiful appointment. It has a very convenient layout. The entire family, both my son and his family, my daughter and her family, and I enjoyed our stay thoroughly. The entire crew on the yacht MILK & HONEY was very accommodating, very friendly and very pleasant from am to pm. They were tireless in offering us activities such as water sports, etc. Captain Kenny and his wife Chandra were the best. The meals that Chef Kevin produced were mouth watering. The planning of the menus by me, Chef Kevin, and Chandra was a good arrangement.
I am glad I chartered the yacht for two weeks. It was just too nice to have to leave after one week.
August 2016

August 2015
"I have had the pleasure of assisting this family's charters for over 16 years and feel this was the best follow-up report received from them yet. They had a GRAND time! They loved every minute aboard the MILK & HONEY, especially the Captain and crew. In particular, they appreciated the itinerary, the fact that the captain shared such intimate knowledge of the area, the yacht toys were always made ready ahead of time, the food. and the manner in which the crew was so attentive to each charter member. Everything went flawlessly and their Wedding Anniversary was a success all thanks to you! With all the work that goes into our charters, it is especially nice to receive such a complimentary follow-up from our clients. Kenny, I want to personally thank you and your crew for all the hard work during the charter and the coordination from you and your chef leading up to the charter. It is your professionalism that helped me with another successful charter and I look forward to working with you again in the very near future. By the way, don't be surprised if you see these individuals again on board MILK & HONEY for another 'holiday of fun' in the near future."
Charter Broker, August 2015
January 2015
I cant recommend MILK & HONEY highly enough. The boat was immaculately clean and well maintained. All seven crew were great. Captain Kenny is really helpful. He is an instructor and I dove with him every day.
I have a really challenging diet (no meat, dairy, or carbs) at the moment and the chef produced amazing food throughout even with these limitations.
We will definitely book MILK & HONEY again.

December 2014
Dear Crew of Milk and Honey

This was the best vacation we have ever taken!!! The details, service, thoughtfulness and hard work were beyond compare. The dives were magnificent. The X-Mas 14 Beach Trip was a delight. The search for the family movies were epic! The 4 star meals were exceptionally delicious. Each hand-picked destination was incredible. The creative touches were beyond amazing!.... The gorgeous table settings, the photography, the stockings, the Santa hats, the real Christmas tree, the fabulous video, and the Christmas lights were all a work of art, each and every morning, afternoon and evening. The table service would have impressed the Queen of England! The effort to keep us from going overboard or suffering any tiny cut was the best baby-sitting I have ever seen. And the prized t-shirts and baseball hats!!! We can never thank you enough for your unequaled generosity and kindness.

Milk and Honey will forever be one of our fondest family memories.
B.B., December 2014
December 2014
"Our cruise was off the charts. My family and guests had a fabulous time. Milk and Honey is one great boat and Captain Kenny, Chandra, and the crew made for a perfect cruise. Kenny made a terrific plan tied to the weather and our interests and executed it perfectly."
July 2014
The crew exceeded our expectations. The entire crew was first class the captain was very open to visitors on the bridge and easy to work with changes to the plan because of weather, etc. were openly discussed and executed. The crew was fairly young which meshed nicely with our families. The food was great and in fact in the future we would eat more on board. The yacht was beautiful and beautifully maintained. We had a great time!
July 2014
April 2014
Dear Captain Kenny and the wonderful crew of MILK & HONEY!
What an utterly magical week we have all had with you all - lazy days of sunshine, snorkeling, diving, and nights spent under the stars - we couldn't have imagined a better holiday!
You and your crew have all worked tirelessly to ensure that our family and, more importantly, our guests have had a fantastic time, no request denied, cheerful, and a delight all the time.
We will always have the special memories of a wonderful week with you.
April 2014
April 2014
"It was a wonderful trip on Milk and Honey and it was made perfect by the kindness, attention to detail and big, friendly smiles from everyone as well as delicious food, which we all overindulged in. You all made our stay relaxed, fun comfortable and wanting for nothing from the morning cups of tea that just appeared, company when I snorkeled to noticing that our toothpaste had nearly run out! And the sun shone every day. Perfect!!"
April 2014
"Thanks again for all great co-operation your side, it has been a pleasure to book M&H, please do be sure to thank the owner for providing us with such a great yacht and crew (and choosing such a great CA of course)!"
R.P. (Charter Broker) April 2014
January 2014
The crew was extremely professional and we enjoyed the trip very much. They all were very knowledgeable in their respective areas and all their suggestions were good ideas. We couldn't have asked for a better boat or crew. Looking forward to doing it again.
January 2014
December 2013
To the wonderful crew of MILK & HONEY,
Thank you for a wonderful week. We loved every minute on boardyou kept us very happy, safe, well fed and taken care of! You are truly the kindest and most professional crew we have ever met. We hope to be back sometime soon. Thanks again for the best week and best charter ever!
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year
December 2013
APRIL 2013
"This trip changed our lives!!! Great boat, fantastic crew, wonderful skipper......fun does not approach the term for our experience....... Thank you Crew of MILK & HONEY!!!"
APRIL 2013
March 2013
Dear Pila and Captain Kenny,

I wanted to say thank you to you both and please pass along my thanks and appreciation to the owner as well. You both were of course a pleasure to work with on the charter on board MILK & HONEY from February 23- March 2, 2013. I spoke with my client late last week and he was very happy! He thanked me for pushing MILK & HONEY and the crew to them and made several comments below:

They genuinely liked the crew, they were all very friendly, easy going and enjoyed by all of the guests
The client and his wife both liked Kenny and Chandra very much
They thought the yacht was very comfortable, a great boat and they were very happy with the selection
The weather was perfect
They genuinely appreciated the zero speed stabilizer upgrade
The chef was fantastic, great food and sense of humor
The client realized as he stood in the pilothouse looking out that he was more relaxed that he could even imagine
They would request more beach parties when they do it again.

Thank you again for all of your hard work, efforts and to the owner for providing a quality yacht, crew and charter program. I appreciate the ability to book MILK & HONEY and I will do so in the future! I have sent her out to clients for the New England summer already.
MARCH 2013
June 2018
"It was a perfect trip. Everyone had a wonderful time. The boat was better than I expected. It is a large volume boat. Felt like a 150 footer. Immaculate condition. The crew was excellent. Easy going but spot on all day, every day. Perfect meals. If we go again, we will probably look for this boat and this crew. Thank you for your professional handling of the entire trip.”
Charterer, June 2018
April 2018
We had a wonderful trip, definitely went by way too quick. The captain and his crew were truly first rate. Kenny and his wife are a great team. The food was fantastic. Also, the boat was very well cared for.
Charter Broker 2018

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