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July 2017: 1st and 26th Anniversary Celebrations on Starfish!

Date of comment: July 6, 2017
Dear Sam and Jen:
We cannot thank you enough for allowing us to create lifelong memories as a family. Not having to worry about anything, encouraging us to be active snorkelers on a daily basis seeing so many different sites, playing with water toys – aka Randi first paddleboarded at Jost, preparing the finest foods we have ever experienced, giving us game time to laugh and grow, and so many more things that we will forever be grateful for!
Your friendliness and welcoming nature allowed us to relax upon arrival. Always keeping us updated on our daily adventures was greatly appreciated. Your jokes with us and teaching us about the islands was great!
In life, you come across extremely special people – both of you fit this category. The memories and experiences you gave us exceeded our expectations and we are so very thankful. Starfish is number 1!
Joel, Randi, Brit, Shelbi Grace and Drew
Buford, GA
MAY 2017
Charter Dates: 5/20/2017 to 05/27/2017
Area Cruised: Virgin Islands
Overall Rating: 5
5 being the highest 0 being the lowest

1. Was the crew friendly and accommodating?
Jen & Sam were incredibly warm and welcoming with our group from the first minute we met Sam to pick up our luggage to the last moment when we sadly got off of the Starfish and warmly hugged them goodbye. They could not have been more friendly, accommodating, professional and FUN! We wanted to fully include them in our experience. The more they got to know us, the more they happily obliged and understood who we were as both individuals and couples. We were happy that they were also able to enjoy some down time during our trip. They are truly a wonderful and extremely hard-working couple!
2. Was the yacht comfortable and clean?
YES! The entire party was very impressed at the cleanliness of the boat as soon as we stepped foot on it. The beds, pillows, and bed linens were fantastic, and we all slept like babies each night. Both bath towels and beach towels were also great and plushy. Jen worked tirelessly making sure our bathrooms were always clean, beds were made every day, and things were hung up properly to dry.
3. Was the yacht well ventilated?
The yacht was very well ventilated. The nights were quite comfortable with the A/C running and even a couple of nights that we were heading onto an island for dinner, they turned the A/C on while us ladies were getting ready which was also quite comfortable.
4. Was the food good and well presented?
The food . . . OH MY! I don't know how they manage to prep and cook in such a small area but between Jen's cooking/baking/prepping skills and Sam's grilling skills, the food was 5-star all the way! We all had different likes and dislikes and there wasn't a meal where we weren't accommodated. The Mediterranean flare that Jen included in her meals was stupendous. She even baked mini chocolate souffles for dessert one evening - who does that?!?! As soon as we boarded, a delicious shrimp orzo salad was prepared for our lunch. We devoured it and knew we were in for a real culinary treat the rest of the charter. Their lobster tails were BETTER than the ones we dined on in Anegada. Even happy hour finger foods were delicious, and we NEVER went hungry thanks to their "snack" stash! Presentation was something else that we all were super impressed with. For dinners they set the table with fresh linens and a different set of plate ware and stylish centerpieces. Jen is a master at plating - the portions were always perfect and looked beautiful! Even her fruit platters for breakfast were gorgeous. They even prepared some fresh catch for us that our fishermen on board caught during our trip.
5. Did you like the area you sailed?
Having done a lot of research and spoken to numerous people that have sailed the US & BVIs before, we had an idea on where we wanted to go. We took Jen & Sam's advice on the how and they also gave us several choices on the best way to see the important points on different islands. We appreciated all of their extensive knowledge and suggestions on where to go, what to see, things to do, etc. It seemed like every day the views got more beautiful, the water got clearer/bluer, the beaches got whiter, the sand got finer, etc. We loved our snorkeling experiences and were glad to have Sam guide us through the areas. It was such an amazing learning experience for all of us and now that we are familiar with the areas, we will know for next time what we want to see again and what doesn't need to be revisited.
7. May we post this review on our website? Yes
8. Additional comments on your charter?
The Starfish was an amazing, comfortable, and super clean catamaran. We really enjoyed the bean bag chairs on the hammock. It was a treat to be able to sit up there while we were sailing and really take in the gorgeous views, work on our tans, read a book, enjoy adult beverages, take naps, snap countless pictures of the views, and even get cool splashes now and again. I cannot comment enough on the food . . . all of the meals, from the simplest egg scramble to the more complicated Mediterranean eggs benedict for breakfast, were DELISH. Jen even put together both white and red sangrias for happy hour for the ladies which was great and her painkillers were the absolute best! As our week was drawing to a close, we were running out of a few adult beverages and they were able to quietly accommodate us through their connections with the other crews that were sailing in the same area. We are ALL early risers (pretty much after the sun started rising) and they were so accommodating with having coffee and tea started for us each morning. Everything we could have wanted, they were prepared to offer us. Even water - staying hydrated was SUPER important and we never went without fresh and cold drinking water. They even provided insulated drinking vessels for us which we were not expecting. We all came on board with your YETIs and did not need them. I do not think there was anything they didn't think of to make our stay amazing! Sam took us off the boat on some sight-seeing/touristy adventures on several islands. He was a great tour guide and was always ready to snap a picture of the 6 of us no matter how many times we asked for that. He is also very knowledgeable on the snorkeling areas and guiding you through the coral. It made navigating the areas stress-free. Jen was always ready to accommodate anything we needed morning, noon, and night. She really worked her butt off making sure everything was 5-star and it showed. We all really enjoyed hearing about their background and sharing our backgrounds with them. We cannot say enough on how wonderful they are - truly a class act! For all of us, this was a trip of a lifetime. We were super excited and, to be 100% honest, our expectations were very very high. Jen & Sam EXCEEDED our expectations!
April 30-May 6, 2017
We hope your charter was everything that you expected. We would love to know some of your impressions about your yachting holiday. It would aid us in future bookings if you could answer the following questions and provide any additional comments you might have.

• Generally, how did you enjoy your vacation?
My wife and I were thrilled to death. We sailed with another couple and had planned and researched for months leading up to this trip. We are very fortunate to have cruised all over Europe on some beautiful liners, and this trip was absolutely 110% first class all the way. A vacation is good because of the company you keep, the ship itself, and the extras along the way and Sam and Jen hit all the boxes!
• Was the the crew friendly and accommodating?
Our group is 55ish. We found Sam and Jen to be flexible, accommodating, and totally prepared to meet our needs during the 6 night trip. I think that the amount of prep time that Jen puts in pre-cruise makes all the difference. She had our preferences in terms of food all laid out and then was able to be flexible if we through her a curve ball on a particular day. Equally, Sam knew of the islands that we had hoped to hit, and was very open if we wanted to stray from the plan.
• Was the yacht clean, well ventilated, and in good working condition?
The Yacht was immaculate. The A/C unit was strong at nite, the fans in the room and the position of the portals/hatches that opened all made for a comfortable nite’s sleep. You could tell that Sam and Jen invest in the Boat every year, and look after it. From the grout lines, to the bathrooms, to the bedding, and the outside spaces all aspects of the boat were looked after. Plus, the Bean Bags on the front tramp were awesome for sailing!!
We think it is worth mentioning that the Wi-fi on this ship was exceptional. We had a signal throughout the whole trip. We have been on luxury cruise liners that couldn’t compare to this access. Also, the sound system was first class throughout the boat.
• Did the crew do a good job of familiarizing you with the yacht and her workings?
We were greeted by Sam on the dock at Virgin Gorda who took us onboard to an immediate lunch. At the Lunch both Sam and Jen addressed mandated nautical items, as well as rules of the boat so to speak, and our itinerary. Best advice they gave: Drink a lot of water every day!! And then Jen provided color coded thermos’ that we filled every day. A concern we had going in with any crew would be how we interact with strangers in a relatively small space. Sam and Jen were awesome in this regard. They kept in the background so to speak yet were totally accessible for any questions, concerns, and needs we had. As the first day or two passed, they read us extremely well and by the end of the trip, the four of us can all say that we made two wonderful friends.
• Could you describe the quality of the cuisine? Did the menu meet your needs and expectations?
This was one of the primary reasons we chose Starfish. All of us are Foodies. The sample menu that Jen puts online is the real deal!!. Each dinner was eating at a five star restaurant. The portions were generous; the wine selection wonderful and the food was hot and personally prepared. Our advice is to take advantage of the prep call that Jen and Sam make with you before the trip as they really listen and customize the cruise to your preferences. From Filet mignon in a mushroom demiglace; to scallops in a to die for Truffle sauce we were served fine dining each and every night. This was a reason we chose Starfish, and this is a reason we would sail with Jen and Sam again. We would also comment that during all meals Jen and Sam worked like a true team to make the meal seamless from pouring wines, to taking dishes, offering seconds, grilling on the bbq; and especially Sam’s creative centerpieces!.....
• How did you like the area in which you cruised?
This was somewhat setup in advance through the call that Jen and Sam made to us a few weeks before the trip. We chose to start from Virgin Gorda so that we would be sailing with the winds and all four us agree that each day that we sailed from 45min to 2 hours (depending on the island) was far and away the best part of each day ( and believe me we had a lot of fun). Some Highlights:
Bitter End/Saba Rock- Awesome
The Baths-Awesome
Cooper Island- would go back in a heartbeat. Great IPA
Norman Island- The BEST!!! The Caves, Willy T’s and the beach- Awesome.
Soggy Dollar- All that it’s cracked up to be!!. Great Sand and beach
Corsairs on Jost: great food.
• How did you like the pace and itinerary of your charter?
Our day was relaxed. Always included a sail after breakfast. We chose to see a different port each day because we wanted to see as much as we could for the next time we do this to decide where we would focus. Sam and Jen understood, and also mixed in snorkeling spots along the way to include that activity. Once anchored, the water toys could come out, we swam, went to the beach, bars, etc. Depending on what we had in mind in terms of bars, Jen planned her dinner. Very user friendly. She presented us with options and let us decide. Sam was always available to bring us in to the beaches/bars on the skiff.
• Any additional comments?
I think that besides the catamaran being top notch in terms of lay out, engineering, etc; it was the crew that made the trip. The level of engagement, flexibility, professionalism, and sincerity was everything we could have hoped for and then some. We were very glad we chose the food package option. It was awesome. When you add up the costs of eating in the BVI, we all felt our 5 star experience was a great value. Look forward to rebooking, and all felt a real connection to Jen and Sam.
Feb. 2017: Family Fun on Starfish / kids ages 9 and 10
Thank you sam and jen for all the fun we had together and for making me brefist lunch and dinner. You made Delishes mels. I had so much fun!!
From Tristan (age 9)
Alberta, Canada

Thank you Sam and Jen for a great trip. This was so much fun. Jen your a great chef. And Sam your the best captain ever! Thank you for a great trip.
Farewell, Averi (age 10)
Alberta, Canada
Feb. 2017 - 3 couples in 40s/50s -- all from northern Indiana
To Jen, the Gem of the Sea, and Sammy Sweetheart:
This vacation superceded our expectations on every level! The cuisine was fabulous and Sam & Jen are so professional. They knew every secret, private cove to pull into. We truly saw more of the Caribbean than we possibly could have if we stayed on land. The snorkeling and bar stops were perfectly timed and outstanding. We saw all sorts of "creatures" -- below and above the sea! Thanks for everything. You're the best Captain and First Mate in the world!
Super Kimmy K, Sassy Shelly!, Freddy K Dog, Party Boy Troy, and Lisa and Steve!
Northern Indiana
Jan. 2017 - Another pleasurable trip!
Thank you for the hospitality and great food! I'll miss Sam's jokes and all that Jen did to make us comfortable. Hope to come back soon!
-Erica (Des Moines, IA)

It was a pleasure meeting you both. Thank you for making another memorable trip for me. I always enjoy this trip and I did again this time. You both are special. Thanks again.
-Ronda (Des Moines, IA)
Post-Charter Review to broker / New Years Eve week charter 2016-17
Subject: post charter comments CREWED

Charterer's name: Susan (Last name deleted for privacy)

Boat's name: Starfish

Charter start date: 12/26/17

Upon arrival the boat was clean: Yes

The boat was tastefully presented and decorated: Yes

The boat was ready to board at the agreed time: Yes

Upon arrival the boat was immaculate: Yes

Was the boat kept clean during the charter? Yes

Was all advertised equipment on board? Yes

Was the equipment in good condition? Yes

Any toys particularly enjoyed: Kayaks

Comments-was the boat comfortable: perfect

The captain was outgoing: Yes

The captain was professional: Yes

The captain was friendly: Yes

The captain was pleasant but reserved: Yes

Did you feel free to choose each day's activities? Yes

Please describe the meals: Presentation, quality, quantity, flavor, all PERFECT!!!!!!!!!

Were specifically requested drinks on board? Yes

Did the meals reflect your requested preferences? Yes

Comments-provisioning requests: Absolutely-Much planning and organization was taken to ensure everyone's tastes were addressed!!

The cook was outgoing: Yes

The cook was professional: Yes

The cook was friendly: Yes

The cook was eager to please: Yes

Did you have any problems with your flights? No

Comments-were our descriptions accurate? perfectly met expectations

Comments on our services - ways to improve: Honestly cant think of any improvements needed

May we use you as a reference for this yacht? Yes
Nov 2016: Multi-generational family returns for second Thanksgiving charter in a row
Thank you again for another perfect trip. Everything was 1st class -- all the way! Hopefully we will see you next Thanksgiving!
-April (SC)

Thank you for the awesome time. My favorit place was Savannah bay because of the clear water and sandy beaches. I love snorkling with my parents. It was the best vacation ever. I hope we go next year.
-Madeline (age 9)

I liked going to Savannah bay. Thank you for an awesome experience. Hope to come back.
-Gavin (age 14)
Nov. 2016: 3 couples / in early 50s / all first time charterers / from the South
Jen and Sam,
Thank you for a wonderful trip! The two of you made our trip extra special. We will always remember this week with good times, friends, weather and lots of laughter.
Bless you!
Natalyn & Victor
Knoxville, TN

P.S. - Looking forward to hearing some of those famous "Sam-isms" coming to me on email. We felt spoiled from day one. Cannot explain it, but it felt like being home. Nat and myself are counting the days til our next sail on STARFISH!
P.P.S. - More Bourbon!!! Ha ha.

Jen and Sam,
Thank you for the amazing sunsets and sunrises. Thank you for the nights of stars. The snorkeling at each location got better and better. We were blown away with your hospitality. The food was always made with love. Thank you for making us feel each day like we were coming home. No stress, no worries, no problems. We have been blessed to have been able to sail with you. Thank you for the memories of a lifetime. We wish you all the best.
David and Holly
Charlotte, NC

Jen and Sam,
Thank you so much for everything! You both made us feel so at home on Starfish. Everything was amazing! From the food, sailing, the snorkeling. We will definitely come sail again!
Cumming, GA

Thanks for the advice on flash lights, friends and alternative income streams. Sail well till we meet again.
Cumming, GA
We have been traveling the BVI for 20 years and this was the best week we have ever had! It exceeded our expectations. Jen and Sam were so much more than a Captain and first mate/chef, They truly were like family friends who invited us on a trip. I would highly recommend them to anyone. The yacht was clean, comfortable and stocked with every comfort of home we needed. The meals were incredible. Jen went out of her way to ensure we every meal was prepared to perfection. Sam was a great captain who is extremely knowledgeable on the BVI and knew every great "hidden" snorkel spot.
August 2016
Broker after charter review:

RATING CODE: 5 Very Satisfactory, 4 Satisfactory, 3 Avereage, 2 Somewhat Satisfactory, 1 Unsatisfactory

1. Overall how was your sailing getaway? 5
2. How would you rate the yacht in the following areas?
Comfort 5
Condition 5
Cleanliness 5
Luxury 4
Overall Comments about the Yacht: Nicely decorated and appointed.

3. How would you rate your crew in the following areas?
Congeniality/Fun 5
Service 5
Expertise 5
Flexibility 5
Overall Comments about the Crew: Best cook of my 3 charters. They were both very interesting and fun.

4. How would you rate the meals in the following areas? 5
Quality 5
Presentation 5
Variety 5
Overall comments about the itinerary:
This was the best of my 3 charters. I would highly recommend them.

June 2016: Review provided to Broker / VEGAN-ONLY CHARTER -

Name: Michael (Name withheld for privacy)
Yacht: STARFISH with Sam and Jen Augspurger
Charter Dates: June 4-11,2016

Area Cruised: Virgin Islands
Overall Rating: 5
5 being the highest 0 being the lowest

We hope your charter lived up to your expectations. We would love to know some of your impressions about your yachting vacation. Please answer the following questions and add any comments you may have.
1. Was the crew friendly and accommodating?
They were awesome

2. Was the yacht comfortable and clean?
Very much so

3. Was the yacht well ventilated?

4. Was the food good and well presented?
it was delicious. Never ate so well. We are all plant based dieters and and Jen did a magnificent job for us.

5. Did you like the area you sailed?
Yes, everything was well planned and we loved all of our stops.

6. Additional comments on your charter?
Sam and Jen were awesome. We couldn't have asked for a better crew. They not only did their jobs incredibly well as far as the trip was concerned, but we enjoyed their company as well and had a great time with them.

Excitement blends with nervousness at the start of any trip into the unknown, however planned, explained, and organized it may be. Inevitably, there are variables. Its not just a matter of where youre going, and perhaps dealing with a language barrier, different customs, and even weather and transportation. Its how you do the most basic of things: finding healthy food, getting rest, staying hydrating, and perhaps most underrated of all, dealing with people that youre stuck with. It was inevitably far more giddiness than anxiety ahead of our familys trip to the U.S. and British Virgin Islands, where Starfish Charters were waiting to whisk us away, providing the all important aforementioned food, drink, and company. They were tour guide and navigator, chef and bartender, ambassadors to a place none of us have ever traveled and ultimately facilitators of a much-anticipated potentially extraordinary vacation. And also those with whom we would have to share a space with for a week as people weve never met. So no pressure.

About two or three hours in, and those few concerns - and the very real fear that our vegan cuisine would be questionable - instantly disappeared. Its not that having decent food or a few forced conversations would have been some serious detriment to the vacation; we were after all away for a week in the beautiful Caribbean, many of us having eagerly awaiting a rare escape from work and family (and me on the other hand as of a younger general one who takes frequent vacations in general). It was how incredible the food was, how relaxing the atmosphere, how quickly and easily everyone involved was on the same page, how much good energy was created from everyone involved. Indeed, our party was in agreement that we were treated to some of the most delicious and creative meals weve ever had, made all the more remarkable by the presentation, the service, and the view - its not hard to see a gorgeous sunset from the back of the boat. We all pride ourselves on our enjoyment of cooking and experimenting, though were certainly not hard to please- we all love to eat. But the extravagance, the creativity, the freshness was all beyond what we expected.

Beyond the food (and the drinks - more painkillers, please), our hosts through planning ahead and finally meeting and chatting with us, immediately understood what kind of trip we desired. That is to say, we wanted to explore the Islands, but more so from the boat, taking in the sites, having a chance to spend time in the water and on the beach. It seems like something easy to cater to as hosts, but they still offered something that is particularly important and maybe glossed over on most trips or simply hard to obtain, and thats local knowledge. However much you read up before a trip, having someone or someones who can lead the way, offer you suggestions knowing exactly where you are and what you want to do, is invaluable. Its not just that Starfish offered the opportunity to snorkel, kayak, water ski, kneeboard, and paddle board, but boundless information and tips enhanced those experiences. We have a tentative itinerary, but everyone was flexible for change to allow for maximum enjoyment. When we wanted to snorkel somewhere with the most opportunity to spot sea turtles or stingrays, we were pointed in the right direction. We when knew we wanted a quiet day to relax and explore just around the boat, we were taken to a secluded bay. When we wanted to embrace happy hour with other tourists, we were escorted to a lively bar. It goes beyond that too: it was about being pointed in the right direction to bear witness or enjoying whatever speciality, whatever local piece of note was available to enjoy. Like a frenzied 5 p.m. tarpon feeding at a local restaurant.

So with the guidance of our captains, we planned a diverse and fairly easy (and flexible) schedule that saw us sail for one to two hours a day to discover new spots. Early to rise - hard to think anyone would want to sleep in when the sun shines so brightly so early - a breakfast gave way to sailing on to our next destination; with an occasional dip in the water to cool off.- We docked for the day, ready to hit the beach, explore the ocean life, or wander around the island. Have dinner, watch the sunset, lay out under the stars with a drink, go to bed, and repeat. Perfect. While we explored island living a couple days, and while it was intriguing, everyone in our party for the last half of the trip preferred the utmost relaxation in our plans. Which is to say, no plans save for eating, drinking, swimming, or sprawling out in the sun. Our captains happily acquiesced. We didnt waste a single moment of sunlight.

The last few days saw our entire group embrace snorkeling - seemingly in the water for hours and hours by the end, bearing witness to some exciting and maybe even unnerving sea life. That is to say, we were told Nurse Sharks are pretty tame, but those among us who grew up on Jaws know that it must have the word shark in its name for a reason. Snorkeling over a sandy bottom only to realize a stingray lies covered in wait, diving down to close in on friendly sea turtles, and glimpsing a trio of alien-like squid were among the indelible memories of exploring off the boat. There too was a kayak for those who preferred their water exploration to take place above and not below.

The worst part was the end; its hard to snap back to real life. Time stood still on the trip, work was put away, and the food - oh wow the food - was exquisite. Its also a trip where while so much was captured on camera - a GoPro was provided to underwater exploration as well - the Caribbean offers sights and scenery are best enjoyed in person, in the moment. There are stars, and serenity. Perhaps no better testament to how enjoyable the experience was is the fact that at some point during the vacation, maybe three days in, we already starting plotting our next tropical getaway. And I was so taken, that without the means to purchase a boat nor the understanding to operate it, and maybe not yet the stomach for rougher waters (though that could have been the painkillers), was read to uproot and live a life on the sea. Its looks pretty wonderful.
2 Families / Daughters in early 20\'s / A BIG Texas Thank You!
Jen and Sam -
Thank you so much for everything -- the amazing food and drinks, all of the great snorkeling spots, perfect music, personalized tour guiding on and off the islands -- we couldn't have asked for more -- a truly AMAZING trip!

A BIG Texas thank you to Sam and Jen! Such a wonderful adventure. I'm sure we will be back! We're the Happy Snorkelers, if only we'd seen the Sharktopus! We will be thinking of you for the next month as we work off those Starfish pounds. :)

Judy 1!, Danielle, "King", Judy 2, Larry and Kristin
May 2016: 3 couples / Thank you for setting the bar high
Dear Jen and Sam!
Thank you so much for the most comfortable sailing trip in our combined history of about 10 such experiences. Your attention to all requests & every detail is incredible. We love STARFISH & all the luxuries it offers. The food was delicious, we were impressed every day with your creations & centerpieces! The level of service was above and beyond our expectations. Thank you for setting the bar high!

Hope to be be back on board soon! Hope you don't restrict our group from coming back due to the most terrible Bohemian Rhapsody karaoke! :)

Anna, Ed, Angela, Vitaly, Faina and Steve
April 2016: Post-charter Review to Broker / Multi-generational Family Trip with Teens
The word hospitality is often overstated by today's marketers, but clearly our experience on the Starfish Catamaran was a fulfillment of the word's true meaning. We were looking for a family friendly one week charter to take our son, daughter in law and two teenage grandchildren on, to sail around the British Virgin Islands and experience a sense of adventure. Captain Sam and Chef (first mate) Jen far exceeded our expectations. First, the Starfish was in immaculate condition, (bristol for you sailors), and stocked with the right "water toys" to engage in the local water opportunities. Second and most important, Captain Sam and Chef Jen were most accommodating to our family's every need. We had requested American style breakfasts and preferably local seafood for dinners. The meals were spectacular. Jen is a first class chef and everyone totally enjoyed her on-board creations. Sam and Jen were both first order mixologists when it came to our late afternoon cocktail "happy hour" and Jen always had a surprise hors d'oeuvre prepared. Sam knew all of the right spots to anchor for us to seek our adventure, whether it was hiking on a remote island or snorkeling in a protected lagoon. Each day we ventured to a new location, exploring nine BVI islands. Sam functioned as our tour guide whether we were snorkeling in the shore line caves of "Treasure Island" or hiking through the Virgin Gorda Baths and trails around Cooper Island. We enjoyed every minute aboard the Starfish and would highly recommend a Starfish charter with Captain Sam and Chef Jen Augspurger.
April 2016: Post-Charter Review provided to Broker / Simply the Best

Name: Harold (last name redacted for privacy)
Yacht: STARFISH with Sam & Jen Augspurger
Charter Dates: April 10 - 17, 2016
Area Cruised: Virgin Islands
Overall Rating: 5
5 being the highest 0 being the lowest

1. Was the crew friendly and accommodating?
2. Was the yacht comfortable and clean?
3. Was the yacht well ventilated?
4. Was the food good and well presented?
Better than I could have imagined.
5. Did you like the area you sailed?
6. Additional comments on your charter?
Sam and Jen were exceptional. This has been a bucket list item of mine for years. It exceeded every expectation. If you ever thought about taking this trip, do it. AND, make sure you ask for Sam and Jen, they were simply the best.

April 2016: Post-Charter Review Provided to Broker -- Blew Us Away!
Just wanted to pass along a review of our week aboard the Starfish (Leopard 46) with Jen and Sam Augspurger.

The Starfish is beautifully maintained and is appointed with all the top of the line features that make life aboard a sailboat quite comfortable. The air conditioned cabins are roomy with high quality linens and towels. The bathrooms have full showers and electric heads and the boat does have a water maker which produces pristine drinking water. The great sound system and comfortable beanbag chairs made for great cocktail hours and evening stargazing during our trip.

Our group, comprised of 3 50-something couples, had an absolute top notch experience aboard the Starfish. Jen passed along some really useful information to us a few weeks before the trip, so we were well informed on what to bring (and not bring). We met the boat in St. Thomas and were underway less than two hours after we landed! What a change from the usual bareboating grind of sleeping aboard the first night in the marina, provisioning, chart/boat brief etc.

We headed over to Christmas Cove on Great St. James Island for a fabulous lunch which set the tone for the week. Then we cruised along the beautiful north coast of St John, and stopped for the night at Waterlemon Bay. There we saw numerous turtles during our pre-dinner snorkel.

The next morning, Sam took care of clearing us into the BVI at Soper's and our week really got going. Jen amazed us with the quality and presentation of her meals while Sam was our Captain/ tour guide and snorkel guru. They helped us decide on our itinerary based on our wishes, the weather and crowds, and we packed in more fun in a week than I've had in 10 years of bareboating in the BVI.

Sam did a great job of putting us in fabulous spots for snorkeling, relaxing amidst beautiful scenery and partaking of the pleasures of the BVI's best party spots! Jen spoiled us rotten with Painkillers, Margaritas and hors d'oeuvres for "Happy Hour". Her meals were amazing, prepared with fresh ingredients and beautifully presented. Jen is truly a gourmet cook! We decided that next trip, we would opt to take all our dinners on the boat, since the fare ashore just can't compare with what Jen serves aboard the Starfish. (Well maybe we'll give Jen and Sam one night off!)

Jen and Sam allowed us to set our own pace of activities while moving us along our path through the most scenic spots on the planet. We caught the Michael Beans Show at Leverick Bay, winning the conch blowing contest! The next day we headed up to Anegada (our favorite island!) where Sam had arranged for a rental car. He then played tour guide, providing us with a fabulous day on that island. Jen packed a delicious lunch which we enjoyed while taking in the beauty at Loblolly, followed by incredible snorkeling there.

Next day we headed down to Great Dog for a lunchtime snorkel, then on to beautiful Marina Cay for the night. The next morning Sam moved us to Monkey Point (which we had to ourselves!) for more unforgettable snorkeling. On Jost Van Dyke, Jen took over as tour guide for a trip to the Bubbly Pool, complete with our own "bubbly", which she had brought from the boat.

That afternoon Sam and Jen joined us for lunch at Hendo's Hideaway and a great afternoon under the palm trees gazing at the beauty (and craziness) of White Bay. By then, they were like old friends just enjoying an incredible experience and bemoaning the fact that our week was rapidly coming to a close.

Every member of our group was amazed with our week aboard the Starfish. Although our expectations were high having read their reviews, Jen and Sam absolutely blew us away! They are truly a unique and interesting couple with years of sailing experience, (including raising their girls aboard their boat!). We can't wait to take our own grown children with us on our next charter aboard the Starfish. Sam says he knows some great places to explore in the Spanish Virgins!

April 2016: Post-charter Review provided to Broker -

Name: Andrea (Name redacted for privacy)
Yacht: STARFISH with Sam & Jen Augspurger
Charter Dates: April 10 - 17, 2016
Area Cruised: Virgin Islands
Overall Rating: 5
5 being the highest 0 being the lowest

1. Was the crew friendly and accommodating?
2. Was the yacht comfortable and clean?
3. Was the yacht well ventilated?
4. Was the food good and well presented?
5. Did you like the area you sailed?
6. May we post this review on our website?
7. Additional comments on your charter?
Our trip could not have been any better! The yacht was immaculate - very nice sheets and towels - something I am picky about! I'm not really a foodie, but I can not tell you how much I loved the meals - delicious, fresh, and presented beautifully. I appreciated how knowledgeable Sam and Jen were of the area - they took us to the best snorkeling spots. We have vacationed quite a bit in the VI and BVI so discovering new and spectacular snorkeling areas was a great surprise. We have sailed before, and although we had a great time, I would not have recommended it to some folks. I would highly recommend sailing with Sam and Jen - they see to every detail and had so many nice touches that make the trip so very special. We came home feeling relaxed and pampered. We can't wait to sail with them again!
April 2016 - Multi-generational family trip / with 2 teens / Best Spring Break Ever!
Dear Jen and Sam,
Thank you for a week of wonderful adventures, hikes, swimming and all the great activities. You are the perfect host and hostess! Our every need was anticipated. We felt like we were dining in a 5 star restaurant every night! This was the first sailing trip for our family together and we so appreciated all you did to make it perfect. We love the STARFISH and will tell our friends and families so then can experience wonderful sailing with you both.
Many thanks and Happy Sailing,
Paula and David
Southport, NC

Jen and Sam,
Our family is so grateful for our week on the STARFISH with you. Amazing memories made. Thank you for the delicious meals, the guided tours, the encouragement to experience all that the BVI have to offer. Your warmth made us feel at home and enabled us to truly relax. We have enjoyed learning about your life and family as well. We appreciate your hard work and commitment to our family experience!
Laura and Jon
Macon, GA

Dear Jen and Sam,
Thank you for a great experience. The meals were amazing. Thank you for filling our every needs. Thank you Mr. Sam for taking us kneeboarding, tubing, snorkeling and being our guide. Thank you also for teaching me how to blow the conch horn. I had a wonderful time. Being on my first sailboat you made me feel right at home. This has been the best spring break ever! Thank you for making me feel very relaxed and enjoy my time with family.
Natalie (age 12)
March 2016 / Family of 4 from South America / Week could not have been better! Surreal!
Dear Jen and Sam,
This week could not have been better. We are so lucky to not only have been in the beautiful places that you have shown us in the BVI but also to have been with such great company! I never imagined that the week would fly by so quickly! Between the amazing scenery, the delicious meals and the great conversations this trip has been surreal. Thank you so much for making us feel so at home. Hopefully we will see you the same time next year! Muchisimas gracias por todo!
Francisco, Ana Maria, Mariana y Laura
(Ecuador, Columbia and Argentina)
Feb 2016 charter / Post-Charter Review Provided to Broker

Name: Terry [Name Redacted for Privacy]
Yacht: STARFISH with Sam & Jen Augspurger
Charter Dates: February 21-28, 2016
Area Cruised: Virgin Islands
Overall Rating: 5
5 being the highest 0 being the lowest

We hope your charter lived up to your expectations. We would love to know some of your impressions about your yachting vacation. Please answer the following questions and add any comments you may have.

1. Was the crew friendly and accommodating?
Exceptionally. Words cannot describe the effort, thought, feelings that Jen and Sam put into making our trip perfect.

2. Was the yacht comfortable and clean?
Very. The crew daily cleaned as needed.

3. Was the yacht well ventilated?

4. Was the food good and well presented?
Exceptional. Each meal (breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, desert) was prepared to the utmost detail. Gourmet does injustice to how delicious Jens meals. Taste, texture, presentation were all better than perfect.

5. Did you like the area you sailed?
Duh!. it is the Virgin Islands.

6. Additional comments on your charter?
It's possible that another crew could top the Starfish for a crewed vacation, but it's highly unlikely.

7. It is our pleasure to keep you informed of relevant specials / updates for your next charter. When do you plan to charter next?
Unknown, but if it was up to me, it would be next week.

March 2016 - Family of 5 / Special Week!
Dear Jen and Sam -
Words cannot express how much we enjoyed our week in the BVIs aboard STARFISH. You both made our week fun, relaxing and memorable. You made every member of our family feel welcome and comfortable. We especially enjoyed Sam's personalized tours and Jen's delicious meals. Thanks for accommodating all of our particular needs! Remember our motto: "Scramble and be flexible."
We feel really lucky that we had you as our hosts for this special week.
Best wishes and thanks again for everthing,
Jim, Vicky, James, Catherine and Charles
Norman, OK
Feb 2016 - 2 couples / Definition of EXCELLENCE! / Masters of PERFECTION
Jen and Sam -
WOW! What a week. You are the definition of EXCELLENCE. Your attention to detail (really, a different napking ring for every meal!), and your pride in doing everything above and beyond what was expected is a testament to your character. We feel very fortunate to have been your guests for this past week, in paradise, aboard the STARFISH.
Thank you again,
Terry and Chris

Jen and Sam -
We were the lucky ones in sailing with you two. What a quality, relaxing week of seeing the best of the BVI with both old and new (you) friends. The entire week was so perfect with lots of wonderful little touches. And thanks for the perfect weather all week. You are masters of perfection! The STARFISH will always be our preferred and recommended charter. Safe travels until next time.
Thank you!
Scott and Sharon
Feb 2016 charter: 2 couples / FANTASTIC!
Dear Sam and Jen -
What a wonderful week of great food, beautiful scenery, wonderful sailing, good conversation, interesting people-watching and the occasional cocktail! You were such gracious hosts and took terrific care of us. Thanks for making it such a memorable vacation!
-Jane and Jerry

Sam and Jen -
What can we say ... Fantastic! Howard and I appreciated all that you did for us during our stay on your beautiful STARFISH. Thank you again -- many safe voyages for you in the future.
-Howard and Jean
Early Jan. charter - Guest comments to broker / Perfect balance of professionalism and warmth!
Charterer's name: Talia (last name withheld for privacy)

Boat's name: Starfish

Charter start date: Jan 3, 2016

Upon arrival the boat was clean: Yes

The boat was tastefully presented and decorated: Yes

The boat was ready to board at the agreed time: Yes

Upon arrival the boat was immaculate: Yes

Comments-Overall condition: We were warmly welcomed by Sam and Jen, and they were ready with our lunch and to set sail the moment we boarded.

Was the boat kept clean during the charter? Yes

Was all advertised equipment on board? Yes

Comments-advertised equipment: We had a blast with knee boarding and paddle boarding. A lot more toys were there that we didn't even get to.

Was the equipment in good condition? Yes

Comments-was the boat comfortable: Yes, we had everything we could have possibly wanted! Lots of space to move around and get comfortable. My girls loved tanning on the front trampoline and in the bean bag chairs.

The captain was professional: Yes

The captain was friendly: Yes

Comments-captain: Sam and Jen struck the perfect balance of professionalism and warmth.

Comments regarding any sailing instruction: Sam let us do some steering and was open to more. I thought we'd try our hand at sailing, but honestly we were too busy having fun or relaxing in the sun.

Did you feel free to choose each day's activities? Yes

Comments regarding choosing each days activities: Jen would run us through some suggestions each day, providing valuable insight and local knowledge. They always considered our input as we were planning.

Please describe the meals: Jen was a creative and talented chef. Each meal, breakfast through dinner, was delicious. She's a master of herbs and spices, and happy to share recipe secrets.

Were specifically requested drinks on board? Yes

Comments-regarding any requested drinks: Jen was very interested in making sure she had the right wines on board for us, especially once she found out that we are wine lovers.

Did the meals reflect your requested preferences? Yes

The cook was outgoing: Yes

The cook was professional: Yes

The cook was friendly: Yes

The cook was eager to please: Yes

Did you have any problems with your flights? No

Comments-were our descriptions accurate? My expectations were high, and the Starfish and crew met them all! One thing I was worried about was trying to sleep in the heat, but Jen was great to ask if we preferred to run the A/C at night whenever we wanted it.

Comments on our services - ways to improve: We loved every minute of our week aboard the Starfish. Can't wait to return. And the team at (the brokerage) helped guide us before hand, and was extremely professional and informative.

May we use you as a reference for this yacht? Yes
Our Family Loves the STARFISH!
Dear Jen and Sam,
Thank you both for an amazing week! John, the girls and I will long remember your kindness and hospitality. You are a very special couple and have given us a very special memory. Hope to see you again soon!
All the best,

Jen and Sam,
A truly wonderful week that exceeded all our (very high) expectations. Thank you for everthing. We are blessed to have had you as our hosts and to leave you as new friends. Looking forward to a return visit.

Thank you so much Jen and Sam for such a great week. Jen's food and Painkillers were amazing and we loved the water sports with Sam. I'll always remember dancing on the trampoline on our last night -- so fun!
Bella (age 18)

This has been maybe the best week ever. Thank you so much for everything, from the amazing food and teaching us how to kneeboard. Tweety Bird doesn't want to leave the nest! We will be back soon!
-Lily (age 12)

Thank you for the most incredible week! Jen, your food was absolutely delicious and Sam, thank you for being the best captain. From kneeboarding / tubing, to snorkeling, to dancing on the trampoline, it's safe to say you made us extremely happy. Thanks for everything, we'll see you soon!
-Grace (age 21)

Christmas Charter 2015 - Comments provided directly to broker
CREWED CHARTER BOAT REVIEW (provided directly to broker)

Name: Suzanne (last name withheld for privacy reasons)
Yacht: STARFISH with Sam and Jen Augspurger
Charter Dates: December 18 - 25, 2015
Area Cruised: Virgin Islands
Overall Rating: 5
5 being the highest 0 being the lowest

We hope your charter lived up to your expectations. We would love to know some of your impressions about your yachting vacation. Please answer the following questions and add any comments you may have.

1. Was the crew friendly and accommodating?
Sam and Jen are incredibly friendly, fun, and the best company we could have hoped for. They struck the perfect balance of being available if we needed someone to join in a card game and also respectful of our family time together. We all enjoyed their upbeat company. They also went out of their way to accommodate any request -- even taking the kids out, again, for more tubing even though it wasn't planned. We all love them -- and actually missed them when we left! Whether it was food choices, travel changes or making sure we could meet up with friends, they made it happen. Sam was the greatest tour guide, going snorkeling with us and even joining us on the dance floor at a disco. Jen made cooking gourmet meals look easy and was always happy to chat and share funny stories. We could not have asked for a better crew -- truly ideal.

2. Was the yacht comfortable and clean?
The yacht exceeded our expectations! We think it makes a difference that Sam and Jen own the yacht; they keep it in perfect condition. It was spacious, spotless, beautiful and incredibly comfortable. Our rooms felt airy. The "trampoline" spot in the front of the boat was an ideal place for cocktails. The six of us felt like we had several places to hang out if we wanted a little alone time, as well as communal spots where we enjoyed meals, happy hour, and games. They offered us a luxurious experience that rivaled a four-star hotel.

3. Was the yacht well ventilated?
There was terrific air conditioning that really pumped the cold air in. We all slept in cool, comfortable cabins. There were also plenty of windows / hatches that opened for those of us that preferred the sea air. We never felt claustrophobic. I felt more comfortable on their yacht than on a luxury Disney cruise I took my son on.

4. Was the food good and well presented?
We all looked forward to the delicious meals Jen prepared--they were an experience. The table was always beautifully set, with inviting centerpieces and attention to detail. The food looked and tasted extraordinary. We felt so well taken care of. It was really hard to leave! We all think Jen should go on one of those Master Chef TV shows -- her cooking is fantastic.

5. Did you like the area you sailed?
We loved the stops and the itinerary. They took all of our suggestions and preferences for an active vacation and truly delivered beyond our expectations. Our days were varied and extraordinary. They talked through ideas with us and welcomed all input. They knew the best places to go, and we felt so lucky to have the benefit of their deep knowledge of the islands and many years of sailing experience. We knew we were in excellent hands and relaxed completely.

6. Additional comments on your charter?
We had a vacation of a lifetime on Sam and Jen's yacht. We saw amazing sights above and below the water. Easy going and fun, they're also highly skilled and knowledgeable. We're so grateful to them for sharing their love of the BVI and vast experience. They were also extraordinarily kind to us all, especially my 11-year-old son. When he was having trouble getting the hang of snorkeling and started feeling frustrated, Sam took him aside and helped him out. Their experience raising kids made them great with ours. They're lovely people and we were truly sorry to see our vacation end. When we return to the BVI with more family members, we will want to sail with them again! Truly the BEST!!!
New Year's Eve week charter 2015-2016
2016!! First entry of 2016!! Happy New Year!
What an amazing trip we have had on the Starfish. Jen and Sam, thank you so much for all that you did to make our vacation special. Your attention to detail in all that you did made this trip flawless.
You gave us great direction and guidance on our itinerary, provided us with a great variety of activities to do while in each location, and above all, made sure that that everyone was always safe.
We are so glad that we had the great fortune to wind up on the Starfish. You are both kind people who make a great team. We hope to visit the Starfish again. Thank you for all that you did for us. Thank you! Thank you!
-The Mc___ family

Dear Mr. Sam and Ms. Jen,
Thank you so much for spending so much time making my trip amazing and relaxing. The best thing about the trip was that I got to help work the boat and that Mr. Sam taught me how to drive the catamaran, put up the sails, tie a cleat, and how to drive the dinghy. Ms Jen, I loved your amazing food, making everything from scratch, and altering recipes or meals to my family's liking. Thank you both for the enjoyable and fun trip that you made for me and my family.
Future Water Sports Director
(age 13)

Dear Jen and Sam,
Thank you so much for making my trip so awesome! Mrs. Jen, thank you so much for having the refreshing stress relief spray and lotion in our rooms. It smelled so good. I loved helping you in the kitchen, you inspired me to cook more and try making new desserts. The movie about Laura Dekker was so interesting and the movie Captain Ron was super funny. Mr Sam, I love spending time on the water, but you made it so much more fun. I enjoyed kneeboarding and tubing, and snorkeling with you at the caves and hiking through the Baths. Thank you so much for everything!
(age 11)
Christmas Charter 2015 - Family Charter - comments in our guest book
Dear Jen and Sam -
We had high hopes for our first exotic family vacation -- and you managed to exceed them all!! From the start, when you greeted us all (exhausted, somewhat stressed) by name, we've felt your caring attention and sense of FUN! Loved all the water sports and magnificent sights you shared with us. The cooking was delicious and we'll keep trying to get Jen on Master Chef for Catamarans. Thanks also for the unexpected kindnesses -- like taking Jack aside to teach him to snorkel & squeezing in an unplanned tubing session. We're all transformed and relaxed! Thanks so much!!
-Suzanne (and Jack)

Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas Day 2015 -
Best vacation ever. We appreciate how much you both went out of your way to make sure we relaxed and just had fun. Snorkeling and Bubbly Pool spa treatment were great. Had more fun at Foxy's than thought I could. Food was, of course, great. Games at night were great. Sam seemed to have endless energy and Jen paid attention to every detail. Still don't believe Sam did dinner designs (centerpieces). Thanks so much for everything. Can't express how much fun I had. Merry Christmas.

Thank you for your incredible hospitality. What a fantastic vacation.

SO SO SO FUN! Thank you! (heart)
-Natasha (age 18)

It was so much fun and the food was really good. Follow me on the gram @(deleted for privacy).
-Kolya (age 13)

Thanksgiving 2015 - Multi-Generational Family Fun on Starfish!
Thank you for giving my family an adventure they will never forget. You provided hospitality and pampering while showing us an unspoiled wilderness.
-Mary Carol

I loved spending time on boat. We all loved the beaches. My favorite beach was Norman. It had a lot of tinny fish to see when you snorkeled. I also slept REAL good.
-Madeline (age 8)

I loved going to Cooper Island. It was very cool. I liked all the cool stuff that was there. My favorite was Virgin Gorda, it had amazing caves. I hope to come back again.
Gavin (age 13)

Dear Captain Sam and First Mate (and superb chef) Jen,

I wanted to thank you one more time for our unforgettable experience aboard the Starfish. You were able to provide activities that pleased everyone, and meals that we all enjoyed. You will probably see us again next year.

Mary Carol
November 2015: Honeymoon Trip! Luxurious Experience!
Dear Sam and Jen,
Thank you for a wonderful start to our honeymoon. We can't thank you enough for the amazing food and all the sea exploring! You made boating such a luxurious experience. This was truly a unique trip!
-Libby and Pat
Comments to Broker from Charter of 5 Women (ages 56 to 73)
Boat's name: starfish

Charter start date: 7/16/15

Upon arrival the boat was clean: Yes

The boat was tastefully presented and decorated: Yes

The boat was ready to board at the agreed time: Yes

Upon arrival the boat was immaculate: Yes

The boat was not new, but in great shape: Yes

Comments-Overall condition: A beauty! So clean and organized.

Was the boat kept clean during the charter? Yes

Was all advertised equipment on board? Yes

Was the equipment in good condition? Yes

Any toys particularly enjoyed: All of them - especially paddleboards and kayak

Comments-was the boat comfortable: Especially comfy - and the beds were great.

The captain was professional: Yes

The captain was friendly: Yes

The captain was pleasant but reserved: Yes

Comments-captain: Sam was soooo cute! Great to be with, easy going, exceptionally knowledgeable about sailing and boating in general

Comments regarding any sailing instruction: Didn't ask for one, but got the best one. He literally taught me how to sail a small Hobie by myself - which I did.

Did you feel free to choose each day's activities? Yes

Comments regarding choosing each days activities: But Jenny always had good ideas and told us where we were going and what the highlights were in the area.

Please describe the meals: Gourmet!

Were specifically requested drinks on board? Yes

Did the meals reflect your requested preferences? Yes

Comments-provisioning requests: Better than what we asked for. Incredibly delicious meal after meal.

The cook was outgoing: Yes

The cook was professional: Yes

The cook was friendly: Yes

The cook was a bit casual: Yes

The cook was eager to please: Yes

Did you have any problems with your flights? Yes

Comments-flights: Connecting flight to St. Thomas delayed 4 hours and we lost that time on our cruise. Thank you American Airlines.

Comments-were our descriptions accurate? Wouldn't change a thing. Pictures provided were true to form. Starfish was the very best we could have.

May we use you as a reference for this yacht? Yes
Guests' comments to Broker following Charter on Starfish

July, 2015

How did you enjoy your cruising vacation?

Outstanding. Best vacation ever.

How would you describe your Captain and crew? Were they Courteous? Helpful? Friendly? Attentive? Knowledgeable?

All of the above and they were fun people. They paid attention to the small things. After we were on the yacht, my father mentioned that he liked to have a roll with his coffee in the morning. Jen went into town on the next stop and found some rolls for him to eat each morning when he got up. Sam knew the best snorkeling spots and took us out to them, helped us navigate in the water and fed the fish to draw them in closer.

Tell me about your meals? Did the menus meet your expectations? Did your crew pay close attention to your Preference Sheets?

The meals all exceeded our expectations. We swore every meal that we finished was the best of the trip. They had everything we asked for on our preference sheet including the liquor. We had a member of our charter who has an allergy to wheat. Jen made sure to have everything she needed to serve all of the meals gluten free. They also picked up fresh ingredients along the way to make ultra fresh dishes including fresh conch.

How is the yacht? Is she clean and well-maintained? Were your cabins comfortable? Was the cockpit comfortable? Was there enough shade?

The yacht was very clean and well-maintained. The cabins were comfortable. Jen had very comfortable linens for the bed and towels for the bathrooms. She made our beds up daily and made sure our cabins were clean. There was always plenty of shade, and we enjoyed spending most of our time outside on the boat sitting under the shade at the table when eating our meals.

All of the onboard equipment was new and in excellent condition. We took advantage of paddleboards, water skis, floating mats, fishing rods and snorkeling equipment. There was always something to do. Sam took us out and pulled us on the paddle board behind the dingy and one member of our charter even tried to water ski behind the dingy. We enjoyed fishing also. Sam and Jen altered the route of our sailing to put us out in deeper fishing water and we caught several fish. We also enjoyed laying on the trampoline and relaxing on the beanbags.

What did you like most about the yacht? What did you like the least?

Things we liked the most: Private bathrooms and bedrooms. Running the A/C at night. Plenty of space. The food. Jen's Pain Killers. The snorkeling.

Things we liked the least: We honestly can't think of anything.

How did you find the pace and the itinerary of your vacation?

Jen and Sam allowed us to dictate the pace of our itinerary. They had plenty of ideas for things to do at each island and they helped advise us on which islands to go to and what activities to enjoy on each island. They knew the best places to get drinks, eat, snorkel, and go to the beach on each island. Jen even knew the best car to rent on Anegada and she called ahead to reserve it for us. They also knew the best places to anchor at each beach and the best mooring balls. They were the ultimate guides for our trip.

Would you charter this yacht again? If not, please explain:

Yes, we plan to spend another week with Sam and Jen on the Starfish.

May we use you as a reference?


Additional Comments:

We had a medical emergency while on the boat. Jen and Sam handled this perfectly. They had all the equipment needed while on board to handle this type of thing including oxygen and a first aid kit. Jen and Sam also knew how to get in touch with paramedics in the BVI and they dispatched a boat to help us. They also had an AED on board. We never had to use it, but it was nice knowing that it was there.

July 2015: Group of 5 Florida women (ages 56 to 73)
Jen and Sam,
Thank you for my first cat ride. I loved it. Everything was wonderful.

Thank you for a fantastic time. All your meals were fabulous. Thank you for the cooking tips.

Jen and Sam,
Thanks for the wonderful trip. I enjoyed everything about the catamaran. You both took such good care of our group, great attention to detail, super delicious food and a great tour guide. The "toys" you have enabled me to check some things off my bucket-list -- paddle boarding.

Jenny and Sam -
You're both just the very best -- guides, cooks, teachers, and everything else you've done for us. Sam, thank you for my "Hobie" lessons and insight into sailing your catamaran. Jenny - thank you for teaching me how to get up and stay up on my paddleboard! It's been a great trip!

Jen and Sam,
You have been wonderful hosts. Another trip now checked off my bucket list. Good luck moving forward.

July 2015: Family of 5 (Parents with grown sons and daughter-in-law)
From our first step on the boat to our last moments at sea, Sam and Jen made our week special. Every meal was our favorite. The drinks were delicious and potent. Sam was the ultimate tour guide making us 10 years younger in his "island spa." We can never thank you enough for providing top-notch emergency medical care! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
-Steve, Annette and Brady

Thank you for making our family vacation one we will be talking about for years to come. We loved the snorkeling, Jen's delicious meals, and of course, the Painkiller cocktails! You both took great care of us . . . especially after "The Great Jellyfish Attack of 2015." Starfish will forever hold a special place in our heart.
-Nicole and Spencer
July 2015: California Family of 5 (with teenagers) enjoys warm Caribbean waters
Thank you for making our family trip a success. Your boat was a pleasure to live in. My favorite part of the vacation was the snorkeling. I was so scared to do it again after my honeymoon. We saw things that will be in our memories forever. Also, the food was A+++++ every meal! You are a fantastic cook. Best of luck to you and your hubby.
-Paula and Steve

Thank you for such an amazing trip! The snorkeling and the Bubbly Pool were my favorite parts. The food was always fantastic and both of you were always a pleasure to be around.
- Claire (age 19)
June 2015: Family Reunion of 14 (tandem charter with another yacht)
You made our dreams come true! Our Family Reunion aboard Starfish exceeded our expectations and created memories to last a lifetime. Thank you for your professionalism, AMAZING meals, comfy bean bag chairs on the bow, and your good company.
Ann, Frank, Shana, John, Isabel and Haley
June 2015: Couple / celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary!
Jen and Sam,
Thank you for an amazing 30th anniversary trip! We couldn't wait to get on the Starfish, and our experience was exactly what we were hoping for: from all of my snorkeling, especially finding me the turtle to the unbelievable food Jen prepared. Your attention to detail did not go unnoticed! I wanted to be on the water and in it (not sure about David!). It was beautiful! It's hard to find the words to describe what a great time we had! Thanks to you we will have pictures to show our kids and remember our 30th for a long time! I really appreciate the patience you showed me knowing my swimming ability! You filled all of our needs and wants, our trip could not have been any better!! Hope to be on the Starfish again soon with our family!
-Madeline & David
June 2015: 6 men (30s to 40s with uncle and father in 60s-70s)
Jen and Captain Sam:
You definitely delivered. We expected a great trip, but you were top notch on all levels. The food was some of the best I've ever had. Thanks for all of your hard work and helping us create memories that will last a lifetime. I respect you for all you have done, like living on the boat, as most only dream instead of taking action. I wish you the best and maybe we will cross paths again.

Dear Sam and Jen,
I knew this was another world and indeed it is -- one in which superlatives rule . . . or at least on the Starfish. I have been trying to keep track of the different fish I've seen and I can't. But last night -- just in the rocks sought of Foxy's, Steve and I swam with and through thousands of fry from 1" to 3" and witnessed a trio of a type of pompano with long 4"-5" black fins repeatedly go through the school in formation (stacked) with mouths open feeding . . . spectacular.

The food was phenomenal, like chocolate souffle . . . swordfish . . . and . . . wonderful. Jen, you are a wonderful cook and hostess. Sam's grilling was to perfection.

But the two of you are exceptional in everything, i.e., attentiveness to our every need & many we did not even know about -- like the muffin delivery window!! It is you that makes the cruise something that will always be remembered with a smile and feelings of calm and relaxation. Thank you for sharing a small piece of this paradise with us. May God continue to bless you both and all of your guests as well.

Dear Sam and Jen,
Thank you, it was fabulous: times 20 isn't enough. From the first moment when "Kevin Costner" met us at the taxi van to the final day with homemade muffins and Jen taking the superfluous sun block off my face to keep me from irritating my eyes, your attention to detail is remarkable. You both have hearts of servants so your guests "feel the warmth." With prayers for your continued health and success,

(All from Michigan)
(Starfish note: Many guests comment that Captain Sam looks and sounds like Kevin Costner.)
May 2015: Family of 6 (Parents with adult children and their spouses)
Wanted to let you know that we had an unforgettable family experience and thank you for your help.

Sam and Jen went out of their way, in every way, and the boat was extremely comfortable and well appointed with kayaks and paddle boards, etc. The meals and service were first rate and there were great little touches like surprising us with champagne at the bubbly pool on Jost Van Dyke. It was also relaxing to see a husband/wife team working together so easily and professionally.

My personal favorite is snorkeling and Sam made sure that we visited some of the most remote and coolest spots. We got to see turtles, squid, rays, plus a rainbow of fish amidst colorful coral gardens.

Again, thanks so much for your help, we will be sure to recommend you and Starfish to all our friends.

Nashville, TN
May 2015: Family of 4 adults (parents along with 2 adult daughters)
How did you enjoy your cruising vacation?
It was spectacular, we all enjoyed it very much and were sad to leave.

How would you describe your Captain and crew? Were they Courteous? Helpful? Friendly? Attentive? Knowledgeable?
They were both complete professionals. Sam was very skilled in captaining the boat and we all felt completely safe and secure in his care. He also did a nice job taking us out snorkeling and was always more than willing to take out any of the toys (i.e. paddle boards) for us to use. Jen is an accomplished chef and kept the boat in immaculate condition, everything was very clean and tidy. They were both extremely courteous, knowledgeable and accommodating at every turn as well as friendly and fun to be around.

Tell me about your meals? Did the menus meet your expectations? Did your crew pay close attention to your Preference Sheets?
The food was fantastic. We were all impressed by how diligently Jen adhered to the requests that we made. The meals were fresh, presented beautiful and delicious. We have even requested that some of the recipes be sent to us so we can recreate our favorite dishes. Jen paid attention to every detail - including lovely place settings for each meal. We were also very impressed by the wine selection. We requested a few wines that are difficult to find and Jen went out of her way to do some research on comparable grapes and then purchased that wine.

How is the yacht? Is she clean and well-maintained? Were your cabins comfortable? Was the cockpit comfortable? Was there enough shade?
The yacht was perfect- we felt there was plenty of space for the four of us (plus Jen & Sam), it was spotless, completely clean and well-maintained. I was very comfortable every night, the sheets were soft and high-quality, the beds and pillows were extremely comfortable and I had a wonderful nights sleep every single night.

What did you like most about the yacht? What did you like the least?
I cannot answer this question because there was nothing that I didn't like. The boat was spacious and comfortable, there were plenty of fun toys, they supplied us with suits to snorkel in so we'd be comfortable, they supplied us with very nice snorkels that keep the water out, etc.

How did you find the pace and the itinerary of your vacation?
Perfect for us. One of the best parts of the trip was that we were neither rushed nor bored- they clearly took the time to evaluate what kind of trip we wanted and what we enjoyed and took that into consideration. They were always attentive to what we wanted.

Would you charter this yacht again? If not, please explain:

Absolutely fantastic from start to finish! Beautiful boat, surroundings, food and crew. Thanks so much for an unforgettable family vacation.

This was an amamzing vacation -- Jen's food was delicious, and she was always flexible with particular requests. Thank you Jen! We went to so many beautiful islands. Thank you grill-master and Captain Sam! You both truly care about your guests, and your boat, and it shows.
All the best,
April 2015: Family Charter / 17 year old daughter
Thank you so, so, so much for a truly awesome week. It was just the right balance of doing nothing and doing tons. I especially enjoyed going to the Baths and getting pulled around on the tube. The food was also really great and Starfish is a really cool boat. Thanks again for a great week.
Redding, Connecticut
April 2015: Family Charter / Parents - age early 50s / father of 2 teenage daughters
Jen and Sam,
An amazing week on the Starfish thanks to your incredible hard work --from planning the perfect spots to snorkel, swim, paddleboard, relax on the rafts or tube, to amazing meals morning noon and night, or great stories from your travels around the world -- we have had the most perfect time. You made us feel welcome, found the right balance for perfection and created. Family memories for a lifetime. Our two teen girls had a blast as did we! Thank you for everything you did for us.
-Craig and Family
Redding, Connecticut
April 2015: Family Charter / 15 year old daughter
Thank you so much for an incredible trip! The boat was very nice, and I had a blast riding on the raft/tube behind the dinghy. The food was absolutely fantastic, and you certainly assured me that my many fears were nothing to worry about.
Thank you!
Redding, Connecticut
April 2015: Family Charter / Comments of Father - age early 50s / father of twin 14 year old boys
Sam and Jen, Thanks for making our charter so special. The food, adventure, amenities and numerous unique fine touches made it a trip to remember. The International Man of Leisure and Kenny reveled in the activities and attention. Your way with the kids was awesome!! We wish you guys the best and hope our paths cross again in the future.
P.S. Thanks Sam for all the boating knowledge you passed on. Hearing about you and Jen's cruising experience was inspiring.
San Clemente, California
April 2015: Family Charter / Comments of 14 year old boy (twin brothers)
Thanks Sam and Jen for a wonderful trip. I had a lot of fun swimming, snorkeling and paddleboarding. The food was delicious and the boat felt like home. I hope I can join this boat again.
San Clemente, California
April 2015: Family charter / Comments of 14 year old boy (twin brothers)
Thanks for such a great trip and it is one that I will never forget. My brother has already written about everything. I hope I can come again soon!
-Grayson (aka International Man of Leisure)
San Clemente, California
April 2015: Family Charter / Comments of mother / mid-50s / mother of twin 14 yr old boys
Thanks for a fantastic trip! Jen, you are a great chef and Sam the best captain ever! Goodbye shipmates. Hope to see you on a future voyage!
San Clemente, California
March 2015: Family Charter / Comments of 12 year old son
Bye Starfish, I had an amazing time being aboard with you. This was a great experience. Arrr D arrrr mate.
Boulder, Colorado
March 2015: Family Charter / Comments of 17 year old daughter
Adios Starfish! It amazes me the infinite amount of memories we packed into 5 days, but nevertheless we will never forget this trip! Thanks so much!
Boulder, Colorado
March 2015: Family Charter / Mother of six / Surprise 50th birthday gift from husband
I found a new security blanket in the skin suit. Wherever I went, she went with me -- saved me from many a sunburn. I like to say that I paid a lot of $ for my "spa" treatment -- marl mud face mask -- natural sunscreen -- followed by a bubble bath in the Bubbly Pool! Luxury at its BEST. My final "Magic Hour" floating in the water off the stern of Starfish in Jost Van Dyke -- Priceless -- Wishing I turned 50 every year. Miss you already.
Boulder, Colorado
March 2015: Family Charter / Father of 6 / Planner and Executor of Surprise Family Get-Away
Starfish, Jen and Sam - thanks for helping me pull off the surprise vacation of a lifetime. Memories we will never forget and family moments that will be talked about for decades.
Boulder, Colorado
March 2015: Family charter / 10 year old son
The lopster (sic) lost the war. [Note: He had a whole lobster for himself for dinner at Potter's on the Beach in Anegada.]
Boulder, Colorado
March 2015: Family and friends charter / 22 year old friend
SOS, Starfish! Thank you for the best vacation! I will absolutely be going through boat/food withdrawals! Can't wait to come back and be the Dinghy Captain for life!
College student in Kentucky
March 2015: Family and friends charter / 22 year old daughter
Ahoy, Starfish! I can't believe the week is over! I'm starting to experience sea sadness (instead of sea madness). Ha ha. I'm going to miss you all and Jen's amazing cooking. I hope to be back again soon!
Illinois (College student in Kentucky)
March 2015: Family and friends charter / Father - age 50s - doctor
Jen and Sam:
Not enough superlatives or adjectives in the English language to describe how wonderful our cruise was. And made all the more enjoyable by your companionship. We will remember our adventure forever. Best regards and thank you again for a wonderful time.
Marion, Illinois
March 2015: Two couples -- all in their mid-50s: The Adventure of a Lifetime
To say our time aboard Starfish was wonderful and relaxing would be an understatement. Of course having the BVI as a backdrop didn't hurt either. Sam and Jen made us feel like family and even though the limitations of our aged 50+ bodies were hard to ignore, they made sure we had the adventure of a lifetime.

Our journey began with a flight into St. Thomas. The next morning we boarded the Starfish and headed for snorkeling in St. John followed by a wonderful champagne lunch. We then set sail for Sopers Hole, Tortola, that evening. From there we snorkeled the Indians (a highlight), visited the Caves on Norman Island and had massages on the beach at Peter Island. In less than 48 hours, a complete state of relaxation had settled in. We explored the Baths at Virgin Gorda and snorkeled the Dogs on our way to Leverick Bay to see Michael Beans Pirate show (another highlight). The next morning we braved the crossing to Anegada and explored the island on scooters, complete with a lovely al fresco lobster lunch. We ended our whirlwind tour of the warm and sunny BVIs on the quaint island of Jost Van Dye, sipping Foxy's rum drinks and swinging lazily from hammocks on the beach.

Jen, like the perfect concierge, navigated us through the details of arranging our itinerary and making the necessary reservations for our outings. Sam, besides being the consummate captain, negotiated our way quickly through customs, patiently and cheerfully guided us through the water sports, and got us safely on and off each island. We were told the most significant aspect of a boat charter is to choose your crew wisely, and we hit the jackpot with Jen and Sam!

The Starfish was beautiful and well appointed with plenty of room to move about. Many times we were moored next to other catamarans that weren't nearly as well-laid out as the Starfish. All of our home cooked meals were delicious and well-planned. We never had to think about a meal, a snack or a drink - they just showed up!

All-in-all, this was the trip of a lifetime for the four of us -- one we will never forget and one we thankfully spent aboard the Starfish!
February 2015: Family's Amazing Trip on Starfish!
We had an amazing trip on Starfish!

Since we had never chartered or visited the BVI, we weren't sure how to begin or what to expect. . . .The boat was great, very well equipped, clean and comfortable. There were a bunch of little extra touches, such as the Bath & Body Works toiletries, nice sheets and towels, and memory foam mattress toppers, which really made it seem like a luxury vacation. Jen and Sam were wonderful...well organized and very professional, yet warm and welcoming. We had an in-depth conference call with them a few weeks before our trip, which was very helpful and informative. Jen also helped us to reserve a taxi service for our transportation between the airport and the marina. Once aboard, we really enjoyed their company, and they were great with our kids, making us feel really comfortable. The food was excellent and abundant. When completing our preference form, we purposely did not include too much detail, as we thought it would be best to allow Jen to prepare her specialties, which worked out very well for us. Jen prepared gourmet meals, but was able to adapt little things to accommodate the kids' pickier eating habits. Overall, the food was excellent, and it was so nice to be catered to for the week. Since we had no prior chartering experience, we followed Jen & Sam's suggested itinerary, which was great. We felt that we really saw and did a lot in a week. Jen recommended the Michael Beans show at Leverick Bay,which was very enjoyable. Also, we did go to Anegada, which we loved. We did a lot of snorkeling, with Sam as our guide, which was really helpful as he was very familiar with the good snorkeling locations. Overall, Sam & Jen were a great crew and we had a wonderful trip aboard Starfish! We hope to be able to charter with them again in the future.
February 2015 - Charter with 2 couples in 50s: Pampered Like Guests, Treated Like Family
Dear Jen and Sam - Thank you so much for our much needed relaxing vacation aboard the spectacular Starfish! From the calm waters of Compass Point to the "high seas" of Anegada, we were pampered like guests and treated like family. We will miss you and hope to see you again soon!

Mike and Janie
Gaithersburg, MD
February 2015 - Charter with 2 couples in 50s -- Trip of a Lifetime
Thank you so much for an amazing trip! We appreciate you sharing all the fantastic stops of the BVI -- it wouldn't have been the same without you! You took such great care of us! The food, the snorkeling, the company -- the love of the water you have shines through. Thank you for the trip of a lifetime!
-Ray & Leslie
Purcellville, VA
February 2015 - Family Charter of 4: Paradise Time!
We had an amazing week aboard Starfish! It was the perfect balance of relaxation and adventure with great people, great food, great snorkeling and a great boat!

Jen - your meals were amazing and abundant! We were so impressed by the ease with which you created such great cuisine in such a small space. And we really appreciated all the extra touches around the boat which made us very comfortable.

Sam - you were a great tour guide for all our excursions, from snorkeling to beach bar! Your experience and knowledge of all the "good spots" really made our adventures enjoyable.

We've truly enjoyed our week here on "paradise time." We'll be heading back to reality today, but leaving with some unforgettable family memories!

Thank you both for everything! We hope we'll be able to join you again in the future!
-Debbie, Kevin, Kyle & Rachel
Melrose, MA
New Year\'s 2014-15 charter - Family Charter - Father of 4 children: Amazing!
My family had an amazing family vacation. One we will remember for the rest of our lives. Sam was a terrific "Pirate." Jen was an amazing chef. Each meal was outstanding. Together, they made us feel safe, fully fed and "hydrated." :) They are a Dynamic Duo! Amazing! Fun!
Long Island, NY
New Year\'s 2014-15 charter - Family Charter - Mother of 4 children: A trip to always remember
Dear Sassy Sam and Jammin' Jen: Thank you for your meticulous attention to our every need/whim. Thank you for the amazing cuisine experience every time we sat down to your gorgeous table. We had a trip we will always remember. With great affection to both of you -- till we meet again.
Long Island, NY
New Year\'s 2014-15 charter - Family Charter - 19 year old son: Good Vibes
Thank you soooo much for this past week. We had an amazing time -- better than I ever expected. We hope to see you guys soon! Good vibes and easy living!
New Year\'s 2014 - 15 charter - Family Charter - 17 year old daughter: Trip of a lifetime
Thank you for the trip of a lifetime and a vacation we'll never forget!
New Year\'s 2014-15 charter - Family Charter - 15 year old son: Amazing time
We had an amazing time. :) Sam and Jen are awesome. Hopefully we see you all again.
New Year's 2014-15 charter - Family Charter - 21 year old daughter: Incredible Trip!
Thank you both so much for an incredible trip! We all had an amazing time with amazing food and amazing activities. You are the best. Hopefully we can keep in touch.
December 2014 - Comment by 9 year old guest: Favorite trip
My favorite trip! The food, the movie, the games, and the water activities.
Thanks a lot,
Sam and Jen made us feel right at home on the Starfish / Family of 4 / Comments by father in his 40s
Being our first yacht charter experience, there were a lot of questions and a few concerns. Sam and Jen were very thorough in their pre-charter dialogue and quickly put our questions and concerns to rest (even my 9 year old daughter's concern of the boat tipping over) . Everything from pre-charter transportation, meal ideas and itinerary were discussed and arranged so all we had to do was show up.

From the very beginning of our trip, my wife and I knew we had made the right choice. Our son's luggage was left in Atlanta (luckily we had arrived the day prior to our cruise departure) and within an hour of meeting Sam and Jen on the Starfish, Jen was on the phone trying to locate his luggage (which she did and we were only delayed an hour from our original departure time).

Sam and Jen made us feel right at home on the Starfish and within a couple of hours of departing St. Thomas, the stress of everyday life was a distant memory. Jen does an amazing job with her daily menu so variety was never an issue. Every meal was well prepared and balanced, she even accommodated our lone picky eater with additional options at times.

You can tell that Sam and Jen were/are great parents because they took great care of making sure our kids had a great vacation. Our son (12), had recently earned his boaters license and the number one thing on his list was to drive the dinghy. Sam not only accommodated this request but also let him drive the 46ft. Cat a couple of times. Needless to say, driving the dinghy was a highlight or our son's trip.

The Starfish is a first-rate sailing vessel and Sam and Jen have done a wonderful job decorating and providing many comforts of home for our journey. The itinerary Sam and Jen pulled together for our family was perfect and our Christmas lobster dinner on Anegada (along with limbo contest) was a great family memory.

Sometimes its the small things that make a difference in a vacation and the one thing I didn't expect was to leave with new friends. I miss my sailing time and morning coffee chats with Sam. He's a great captain and a great conversationalist.

While this was our first sailing experience, it won't be our last. It was a great way to spend time together as a family and a trip we will never forget. We look forward to our next sailing journey on the Starfish.

Thanksgiving Charter 2014 - Family Charter - 11 year old son
The food was delicious. The snorkeling spots we were taken to were amazing. The food was amazing! Snorkeling was amazing because of all the colorful fish and coral. It was like a whole other world.
Thanksgiving Charter - Family Charter - 15 year old daughter: Fabulous!
This was truly an amazing trip that I will never forget. Thank you so much for the fabulous food, games, and high adventures! Thank you again! Please come visit or maybe we will come back!
Thanksgiving Charter 2014 - Family Charter - 16 year old daughter
Best week ever! You guys were the best and accommodated all of our needs. Thank you so much for everything. It was perfect!
Thanksgiving 2014: Family of 6 / Perfect!
Our trip on Starfish was absolutely wonderful. Jen and Sam are just amazing and so attentive to every detail and every need. Her food was absolutely delicious and all completely homemade. My kids now have some new favorite foods. Mahi Mahi Dinner and Fish taco lunch were favorites along with ROTI and of course loved a good old hamburger lunch and steak dinner. All the breakfasts were just delicious too! And Jen's presentation and table setting were always so nice! Fresh cloth napkins for every dinner and Thanksgiving dinner was a real act of love!! The yacht was just perfect for our family stocked well with games and water toys for all. Clean and comfortable. Can't say anything but great things about Starfish and Jen and Sam!
-The MaxXXXX

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