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Guest Comments Below are for the prior Crew, Don & Petra
Prior Crew Guest Comments:
15 - 20 May, 2017 ~ A Beautiful and Memorable Sailing Trip!
1. Was the crew friendly and accommodating?
Absolutely, loved them all!! we became great friends by the end of our trip and many traded email/facebook/contact information with the crew!

2. Was the yacht comfortable and clean?
Yes. Lots of space for 8 people to relax and not feel crowded, very comfortable beds, pillows could be a little softer, but the whole boat was always clean thanks to Sherita picking up after us 24/7!

3. Was the yacht well ventilated?
Yes. Air conditioning in some bedrooms froze up periodically but we all knew how to handle it when/if it happened.... no big deal.

4. Was the food good and well presented?
Petra did an amazing job with such a small galley to work with for 8 guests! We were all in disbelief at the courses that came out every time. It was all delicious! Everyone was totally delighted with Petra's menus and presentation of the food and the table settings.

5. Did you like the area you sailed?
Yes, perfect. LOTS of snorkeling areas which is what we wanted! Don provided us a great mixture of sailing/snorkeling/swimming/beach hopping, etc.. Nobody was disappointed with the scheduled route he took.

Don, Petra and Sherita were an amazing and fun crew to sail with. They all worked together to make us feel welcome, and ensured each of us were having a great time and had our safety as a top priority. Good Vibrations was everything we had hoped for, and we all loved that it was the only boat on the water with the underwater lighting! It was awesome to see and swim with the large tarpons that played around our boat in the evening....I will never forget that! FYI,The girls would recommend if going to the Baths, make sure you have a good walking shoe to navigate the trails (versus flip flops), otherwise the trek from the top down to the beach can be quite challenging. We were proud that we all made it though, and the beautiful pools in the caves at the end made made for some lovely pictures! Thanks for helping us arrange a beautiful and memorable sailing trip that we will cherish for years to come!
23-30 April 2017 ~ 50th Birthday
When we received a phone call to join our family on “Good Vibrations” we did not know what to expect…. WOW! Don, Sherita and Petra made this experience unbelievable! They made us feel like family the second w stepped on the boat. The memories we made are the best yet. We can’t wait to come back. Thank you again for all the love and kindness you have shared.
Love always,
Lisa & Jeffrey

Petra, Sherita & Don,
Wow – Amazing – Thank you! You have made my “50th” birthday the best trip! A trip of a lifetime. Fifty couldn’t have been more fun! Jeff and I have felt like family from the moment we met you. Your food is fabulous, every meal! We love you and will cherish these memories forever. We will be back!!
Ronni & Jeff
8-15 April, 2017 ~ BVI's ~ Unbelievable!!
Good Vibrations, Great times & awesome crew. Trip of a lifetime!!
Thanks Good Vibrations for an unbelievable week. You are all THE BEST. Hope to do it again someday.

There once was a girl name Flower, who won our hearts within the hour…And along came Don, who taught us a great yawn, with Petra as our Tower of Power!
The W. Family

Because of Petra, Captain Don & Florence we had an amazing time! Thank you for making our trip an experience we’ll never forget! XXOO

Good Vibrations crew,
Thanks for the amazing hospitality & service. You all certainly helped in making this an awesome adventure.

Thanks for the trip of a lifetime!

Perfection! Food, service, attentive, 1st class top to bottom!

Petra’s laugh makes me smile and is such an inspiration. Don is my man!
January 16-22, 2017 ~ Memorable!!
Hello to the wonderful crew of Good Vibrations Yacht!!!

These are some of my favorite photos from our trip! We all had an amazing time and couldn't have imagined a better crew to sail with. Thank you all for making our trip so memorable. You were all amazing to work with and sail with.

2017 New Years Tandem Charter ~ BVI ~ Incredible!!
This has, by far been the most incredible trip for our family that I could have imagined. Josee, Petra & Don � We have grown to love you! Thank you for taking such wonderful care of our family. Spending our evenings sharing dinners together and just relaxing watching the fish or looking at the stars was exactly what we had hoped for.
Much love to you all for the love you have shown us!
Heidi Mark, Mollie & Jack

Thank you for a wonderful trip. We had a great time. We will all go home with memories. Wishing you all good health, love & happiness for the new Year.

Thank you for all that you did to make our vacation a vacation to remember always. Good Vibrations were had by all of us.

Thank you so much for the amazing memories! Love you all.

Thank you so much for a fantastic vacation. The weather was perfect and the food was excellent. Don, Petra & Josee, you guys were amazing. We all had a fabulous time. Love the boat! All the best for 2017!
R Family
~2016 Christmas in the BVIs~
Captain Don, Jossee and guest enjoying Christmas in the BVI's!
November 5, 2016 ~ BVI ~ We will never forget!
What an experience Good Vibrations has been for our group! The Crew were the most gracious hosts. We never had to think about a thing because the crew took care of everything. We never had an empty glass, empty stomach or un-made bed. Petra�s cooking was unbelievable! We are amazed she can create the most amazing meals in her tiny kitchen. The Crew gave us the best information about where to go, what to do, and all the inside tips.
Good Vibrations is a gem of a boat! Wherever we went we heard people commenting on how beautiful our boat is. The Tiffany Blue is the perfect color for this beautiful paradise.
Thank you all for this trip of a lifetime! We will never forget this trip.
Stacy & Brian

It�s the last night of our charter, sailing around the BVI�s on Good Vibrations. We had such an amazing week I don�t know where to start!
Since the moment we stepped on the boat, my husband and I, along with 3 other couples that are all good friends, have had an awesome time. Everything to do with the boat was expertly handled by the Captain and we felt so safe with him at the helm. Petra was such an amazing chef; the food was just to die for. Josee as our hostess was always available and kept things neat and tidy and was the perfect bartender. The three of them work so well together and kept us entertained all week. They took us to the best places in the island. We could not ask for a better vacation. We can�t wait to come again! Thank you!
November 5, 2016 ~ BVI ~ The Trip of a Lifetime!
Thank you for the most wonderful trip ever!

This has been the �trip of a lifetime� � from the beautiful scenery to the amazing cooking. The snorkeling was awesome and we were able to see all the places we wanted. We so appreciated all the hospitality & fun. Hope to come back again soon!

W Family

November 5, 2016 ~ BVI ~ Best Experience Ever!
All I can say is �OMG�!!!! This has been the best experience EVER. I could have never imagined what an amazing trip this could be. We have had friends do similar charters, but this is beyond anything we were told. The �Tiffany Blue� is awesome! I cannot wait to go back and tell everyone what I know about this trip. The crew was very experienced and the food was more amazing than imagined. Petra is an amazing cook! You guys have made this charter more than I could have thought. The expertise is beyond imaginable. This was a trip of a lifetime that will never be forgotten. I look forward to our next charter with this same crew. It was above and beyond anything�..I already miss the crew and I have not even left the boat.
Kris & Mark
Above & Beyond Expectations!
Our week on Good Vibrations was the trip of a lifetime, you made my 50th Birthday, the trip I will never forget! From the moment we got on board, to the last night of decorating for my special birthday, you pampered us with first class service.

Food and drink better than any 5 star resort and never ending. Petra's cooking was delicious, every meal was memorable and better then the last. And you make it looks so easy. Sherita, with her uplifting happy spirit, was always keeping our drinks full and making sure we were happy. Your dinner table decorating was so much fun each night! Lastly, Captain Don - you know these islands like you have sailed them forever, always accommodating and answering all my questions about what I was looking at as we sailed. You had great ideas for things to do and places to visit. And lets not forget always a great smile on your face!

This entire crew is above and beyond any expectations I could have imagined, we love you and can't wait to do it again!!

Ronni and Jeff, Jeff and Lisa, Tony and Terri ( April 2017 )
August 10-17, 2016, St. Maarten ~ Fantastic!
Our week on Good Vibrations was FANTASTIC! We were treated like kings and queens by Don & Petra while exploring the incredible beauty of these islands. It was a rare chance for us to spend uninterrupted time together as a family. We ate delicious food at all meals and were tugged along on the tube all day by Don. It was one of the most incredible family vacations we�ve had! Don was an expert captain, making us feel safe and taken care of at all times, and Petra tended to all our needs. We can�t wait to come back. In the meantime, we have incredible memories to take home.
Jon, Heather, Meredith, Max & Ellie
May 14-21 2016, Best trip ever!
Captain Don, Petra & Josie, the best crew!
Thank you so much for taking great care of us, we had the best time and will miss you all.
Petra, we will mostly miss your energy and contagious laugh!
Donovan and Marie

Thank you so much, best trip ever!
Jim and Kelly
Virgin Islands - April 2016 - Last minute replacement charter
I'm not sure we have ever been on such a fun and relaxing trip. Claire and I felt 'no worries'. The yacht was everything and more than we could have expected. It was great. The room, the finishes, everything about the yacht was first class. It stood out and folks always commented on the color. Dinghies would come around at night to view all the tarpon swimming under and around the vessel due to the spectacular underwater lights.

The crew was first class. They knew exactly where to go, when to go and what to do when we got there. It was amazing to us how many folks knew Petra and how many folks she knew. On shore, or passing another yacht in the water, many folks seemed to know here and wished everyone well. Here cooking skills are incredible. We NEVER had a meal that was not over the top. She was great.

Jose' was amazing. She was always there to get us whatever we needed and would never let our glass run dry, no matter what it was filled with. She truly cared and was concerned about our happiness and well-being. Wonderful mate.

Captain Don was a breath of fresh air. He kidded around and was always working on something aboard to make it better. He was more than accommodating in taking us ashore or wherever we wanted to go. He was a history book of the homes on the islands and the vessels in the water.

Again, I cannot stress enough how great our trip was. We will definitely plan another. Maybe this time with our children. Thank YOU for doing everything in your power to make this trip possible.

Steve & Claire
Virgin Islands
Thank you so much for such a wonderful week. You have been an amazing crew. Petra the food has been out of the world. Don I hope my two boys, who are pilots get to meet you some day. They would be so envious of your travels. Josee you are one of the sweetest and most beautiful Canadians I have ever met. I wish the very best for all of you and will pray that we get to see each other again. Steve and I have never been on a trip like this.

You guys rock. You always knew where to go and what to do and how to do it when we got there! You're a great team. We love you
Steve and Claire

This has been a fabulous trip. The islands, the food, the company has been wonderful. Each stop became our next favourite so each time and stop was better than the previous. Our trip that was equal was white water rafting the Grand Canyon twice. You took such great care of us each day.
Thank you for a wonderful trip. Debbie and Chuck.
Virgin Islands - April 2016 - Last minute replacement charter
We had a fabulous time! Lynne, you and Joe went out of your way to please us given all of the issues that occurred with boats and crews. Good Vibrations was beyond my expectations. The boat was beautiful and so comfortable and one of the prettiest catamarans in the BVI's. Petra was so helpful in many ways, helping plan our days, our routes and our meals. She was in close contact with me by phone and texting from the time I knew Good Vibrations was to be our charter until we stepped bare footed on the boat. Petra and Josee even called me after we returned home to make sure we were all safe. Her menus and cooking were perfect from the presentation of the meals to enjoying the wonderful tastes! Josee treated us like Kings and Queens always offering us drinks (which we usually gladly accepted), setting beautiful tables and keeping our rooms as if we were in a 5 star Hotel. Good thing Don is young. He was busy doing the usual captain work of maintaining little issues that always need attention on beautiful boats and of course pulling out all the toys that we would decide we wanted for that day as well as toting all 8 of us around to the local beach bars in the tender. The charter was a trip to remember. So much beauty and peacefulness was seen in the BVI and many memories made amongst all of us including the crew. I hope to be able to do it again - it's an experience of a lifetime!

Thank you again for taking such good care of us.
Mary Beth
Jan 2016 BVI
This past week on Good Vibrations with you was by far our most memorable and fabulous trip to the BVI!! Not only was the scenery breathtaking, but your warmth, great sense of humor, and of course the exquisite cuisine made this a true week of heaven for families. We will never forget Captain Fung Fook with all his buddies, nor will we forget the super cool Petra whose personality and unforgettable laugh will stay with us forever. Best wishes to both of you for 2016. We would love to stay in touch. We promise to send you new customers and if you are in Miami or Minneapolis, you have a home to stay at, although we cant promise meals as good as Petras. Many Thanks!!
Dave, Michelle, Sophie, Ron Sonia, Sarah and Jacob.
January 4, 2016
Just wanted to tell you we had a fantastic cruise - easily our best ever - with Petra and Don on Good Vibrations. The boat is wonderful - clean, spacious, comfortable and beautifully maintained. But what really made the trip for us was Petra and Don. Petra is, as you said, an amazing chef; every meal was special, lovingly prepared and beautifully presented. As a cruise director, Petra took us expertly under her wing, using her enthusiasm and knowledge of the islands to create an itinerary that maximized the amount of enjoyment we got from our time.

Don was also a joy - calm and competent, thoroughly knowledgeable, always in good humor, terrific company
and great with the younger folks. By the second day, we felt as though both of these fine people were old friends.
Dave B.
Guests Enjoying Good Vibrations
Good times abound on Good Vibrations!
Good Vibrations
What fun feels like.
Guests aboard Good Vibrations/ Evaluation Questionnaire
Were you able to locate and board your yacht easily and at the agreed time? Were you cordially greeted by your crew?
Yes the yacht was ready and waiting and the crew welcomed us like family.

How would you describe the state of your Charter Yacht?
It was beautiful. Of all the yachts we saw all week, it was always the prettiest.

Was all the advertised equipment onboard and in good condition?
Yes, and we used most all of them.

How would you describe your Captain and Crew?
They were knowledgeable and warm. They treated us like family and the food was awesome.

Were you able to partake in the activities and itinerary you desired?
Yes, they accommodated all our wishes and even made some awesome suggestions.

What were your favorite activities and highlights during your Charter?
We loved the snorkeling. Visiting Yost is always great and my first time on the Willy T was memorable.

How would you describe the quality of the meals and beverages served onboard? If you had any specific needs or requests, were they accommodated for?
The food was gourmet. Really top notch!! Everything we asked for was there. We wanted for nothing.

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