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Maria Francesca BATTAGLIA cooking

All meals and appetizers served with a selection of fine wines or beverages according to guest preferences
Meal options are customized to meet individual, vegetarian, diabetic or other dietary preferences.



Freshly squeezed juices, hot drinks (tea/Coffee/Hot Chocolate)
Toasts, croissants & pain aux chocolate, French baguette, butter, jams and marmalades
Cereals, pancakes, muffins, mueslis and yaourts,
Bacon / scrambled eggs, Eggs Benedict, poached eggs



Red salad with hot goat cheese
Fennel and beet salad
Salad Nicoise with tuna fillets
St Jacques shells pudding
Marinated chicken salad
Fried squids with tomatoes
Salmon tartare with avocado
Mushrooms soup with sesame
Vegetable pie
Rice pancake with goat cheese
Mimosa eggs with salad
Shrimps salad
Tomatoe Mozzarella salad with basil
Mixt raw vegetable with seeds


Main courses

Grilled sole with vegetable
Linguine al pomodoro with king prawns
Lamb shops with baked potatoes
Tajine with vegetable and cod fish
Day fish Tian
Duck breast fillets with grilled mixt vegetable
Grilled fillet of French Beef, mushrooms and red wine sauce
Filet Mignon with ratatouille
Coco and curry chicken with Basmati rice
Tenderloin and carrots or mush potatoes & Mushrooms
Tuna carpaccio with coriander
Ravioli with nut sauce
Fish mixt and polenta



Apricot and rosemary carpaccio
Fresh fruit salads
Sorbet and ice cream
Strawberry cake
Chocolate fondant
Apricot & pistaccio nuts
Lemon pie
French apple pie with vanilla ice cream
Crème brûlée
Roasted pineapple and ice cream
Water melon soup with fresh mint and rosemary
Apricot crumble
Gnocchi aux Truffes
Côte d'Agneau & ses Petits Légumes
Fraises au Sorbet Citron

Salade mixte Parmesan & Avocat
Filet de Perche & sa Petite Sauce, Riz Basmati
Tarte aux Pommes
Salade de Crevettes 
Daurade Grillée & ses Petits Légumes de Saison
Crumble aux Abricots
Carpaccio de Saumon
Escalope de Veau à la Milanaise& Pommes Vapeur Persillées
Salade de Fruits de Saison
Risotto de Courgettes
Filet de Boeuf & ses Petits Légumes
Cake au Chocolat & sa Crème Pâtissière
Carpaccio de Thon à la Coriandre
Mixte de Poissons& Polenta
Petit Mille-Feuilles
Carpaccio de Tomate & Buffala
Couscous d'Agneau et Boeuf
Fruits de Saison

Ravioli Pomodoro
Loup Grillé,Pommes de Terre au Beurre & Sauce Curry
Linguini aux Moules et Tomates Cerise
Côte de Veau& Ratatouille
Pomme au Four Caramélisée

Poulet Grillé 
Salades Assorties
Légumes Assortis
Mixte de Poissons
Mixte de Toasts


(844) 522-3913 / (340) 774-5687