1st Class Yacht Charters
P.O. Box 306417, 5D-2 Estate Misgunst, St. Thomas, VI, 00803, USVI
(844) 522-3913 / (340) 774-5687

Sample menu
by Cyril CUNY


All meals and appetizers served with a selection of Fine Wines 
or beverages according to guest preferences

   Meal options are customized to meet individual,
   vegetarian, diabetic or other dietary preferences.



   Freshly squeezed juices,hot drinks (tea/Coffee/Hot Chocolate)

Toasts, croissants & pain aux chocolate, French baguette, butter, jams 
and marmalades
Cereals, pancakes, muffins, mueslis and yaourts,

Bacon / scrambled eggs, Eggs Benedict, poached eggs


Spice vegetable terrine Madeira salmon
Crayfish mousse and champagne butter sauce
Marinated Var with lemon
Lorsnish Mackerel tartar
Buffala Mozzarella with oil basil and tomato
Fine fish rice
Chilled bisque whipped
French Niçoise salad
Panned lobster sails and vegetable crisps
Apple pie with green salad
Provencal tomato pie and garden dressing cuttle fish



Grilled scallops with a clam pudding, minestrone, eggs
Grilled fillet of French Beef, mushrooms and red wine sauce
Caribbean black with crumbed crackling
Lamb chop Tandoori sauce bone and vegetable
Hand dived scallop with truffle, chicken wing and sorrel
Roast turbo and radish chive
Fine fillet of fish back with fresh garlic and herbs encrusted
Grilled fillet of mullet, saffron, olive and pie tomato mozzarella
Lamb and spicy bread, haricots bean flan
Roasted fillet of lamb with confit of peas and tomatoes
Grilled fish of the day encrusted in white wined in potatoes
Grilled seabass and wine sauce of orange


D e s s e r t 

French apple pie with vanilla, praline, chocolate ice cream
Whole roasted pineapple and natural ice cream
Crispy layers raspberries and flavored
Opera chocolate French, Italian cake
Water melon soup with fresh mint and rosemary
Lemon pie and meringue
Amandine raspberry and Violette taste
Coconut surprise with ice cream
Peach basil crisp with milk ice
Raspberry, white-black chocolate and salted caramel crisp
Fine strawberry mousse cake
Opera French cake

(844) 522-3913 / (340) 774-5687