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The food was absolutely suburb!!! We could not help ourselves to do anything but eat every incredible morsel laid before us!!
Captain Travis and Captain Missy,

Thank you for sharing paradise with all of us!! This had been hands down the best family vacation we have ever had... The food was absolutely suburb!!! We could not help ourselves to do anything but eat every incredible morsel laid before us!!

The snorkeling and driving was fantastic!! We truly appreciate your teaching the kids how to scuba dive...something they will hopefully so many more time in the future.

If every in Cincinnati, please allow us the show you out appreciation for your wonderful hospitality!!

The S. Family
The week went way too fast, but we will cherish every moment. Thanks for all the fun, food, drinks, dives, snorkel and laughs.
So much fun with you guys! The week went way too fast, but we will cherish every moment. Thanks for all the fun, food, drinks, dives, snorkel and laughs.
Cant wait to see you both this fall!

D. Family

Thanks for having us again! Loved everything it was all wonderful! Hope to see you in CO, if not then I hope to come back again! Thanks!

We loved that you take such good care of Pisces - wishing you many more happy sailings in the future.
Travis and Missy -

Thank you guys for a wonderful week of great food, wonderful sailing and arranging that dolphin sighting! But....mostly thank you for taking such good care of PISCES. I'm so thankful to have you as our crew and hope you make PISCES your home for years to come. You both are amazing at what you do. Thanks for a FABULOUS time!
Travis - give it the onion and Missy - Get back on the hooch!
Thanks again!!!

Tammi and Larry

Travis and Missy ~
Thanks again for taking such good care os us senior citizens on Pisces this week! We loved being pampered with incredible dining breakfast, lunch and dinner. You two truly provide outstanding meals - we loved everything - hard to pick a favorite. On our last day will remain with us forever - that snorkel at Christmas Cove with hornbill turtle, cowfish, trunkfish...topped off by an escort by spotted dolphins!! Such beautiful creatures! Very memorable. We loved that you take such good care of Pisces - wishing you many more happy sailings in the future.
Come visit us in Wyoming!

Our Best,
Karen and Dennis
What an amazing week we've had and truly one o the most awesome vacations!
What an amazing week we've had and truly one o the most awesome vacations! Here are some of the things Ive written down each day about what we were grateful for:
Travis and Missy- great hosts and chefs and captains.
New experiences - history lessons learned at Annaberg. Lemon shark, dolphins, nurse shark, brittle star fish; jumping off the boat, dinner barefoot at Wonky Dog, beach to ourselves at Bamboo Hut, playing games with my kids, beautiful blue water with guppy as my bathroom porthole every morning, thankful children, SUCBA WITH MASTER DIVE INSTRUCTOR MISSY!!! Grant won conch shell contest, Michael Bean Pirate Show, our captains are the best pirates! Peaceful nights, quiet mornings, excellent adventures at the Baths, power snorkel, snorkel at Norman Caves, snorkel at the Indians, God's creation, naps in the hammock, trust the buoyancy, swimming with hungry snappers and a barracuda or two, playing hearts, yellow headed jawfish, painkillers during the day are the best! Jet ski the ocean. We hope to repeat the amazing trip soon!

-Heather and Chris

Diving was an extraordinary new adventure. We love every minute on and off the boat.


5 star yelp review. Thanks for an incredible trip - there was so much good food, excellent new experience that I'm going to have to write it all down. It wouldn't have been the same without y'all.


We have great memories of our time spent with new family on Pisces!
Travis and Missy,

Thank you for the great memories. You introduce us to sailing, the BVI's and many other nuances. I will always remember my first dives, they were AWESOME! The food and hospitality were the first rate.

Thank you so much! There aren't works to describe how this trip has been!
Dan and Diana

From the amazing food to the amazing things we did and saw, you gave us a trip of a lifetime! We have great memories of our time spent with new family on Pisces! Thank you SO much!

We enjoyed getting to know you both even better on this trip - you feel like old friends. The dinner conversations we great and got us to talk about all sorts of different topics!
Thank you so much Missy and Travis for another fabulous week. Griffin and Charlie were so excited to become certified divers this week. We think your style of teaching can't be beat! We loved the dive to the Wreck of the Rhone despite the intense current! Every meal was superb as usual, we all listed our favorites but you must keep serving the Pisces bars and chocolate caramel dessert. WOW! We enjoyed getting to know you both even better on this trip - you feel like old friends. The dinner conversations we great and got us to talk about all sorts of different topics!
This week has been perfect! Perfect weather, perfect food, perfect company, perfect fun!
Perfect Pisces!
Love, David, Terri Griffin & Charlie
Every once in a while in life travels we meet hindered spirits, as Missy said on our last night, you are family.
We had anticipated that the islands and the water would be wonderful, but the actual experience exceeded all expectation. There were marvels to be seen above, on and under the water that were beyond our imagination. Travis an dMiss treated us as family, expect that their meals were far better than anything we have had at home. We are especially grateful for their patient and expert dive instruction and for gently getting Pam through her attack of nerves.
Evan and Pam

What a great trip@! What can we say...The scenery, the food, the sea life, the food!
Thank you for making this trip better than we could have imagined. Your knowledge of sailing, the islands, the water, cooking, made the trip so special. Thank you so much! We will be back.

Bob and Kathy

Travis and Missy - every once in a while in life travels we meet hindered spirits, as Missy said on our last night, you are family. Thank you for a wonderful 25th anniversary trip. You are both elegant and grace working in tandem! As the say in the movie, Man From Snowy River, " You are welcome at our fire anytime". Wishing you both much success and love.

Sally and Mike
I can't think of any two people I would rather experience it with!
Thank you so much for a memorable New Years! The trip was amazing. All the food and experiences. The best trip ever. Learning to dive was so great. Thanks for your patience Travis. Missy the food was so good. Truly a trip of a lifetime. I can't think of any two people I would rather experience it with!

This trip was one of a lifetime! The seven days went by and we relaxed and enjoyed every minute. We can't thank you enough for the hospitality this was so much more than we expected. The food was amazing! Most importantly the friendship! Best to you both in 2018!

Sally and David
Easily the best vacation we can remember
Thank you for making Christmas 2017 so special. WE had so much fun learning to dive, snorkel, paddle board and blow a conch like a trumpet. We are so fortunate to be able to join you this year with all mother nature threw at the VI's this fall. We will be sure to tell everyone back home that it is still beautiful as it ever has been. The VI"s are clearly in good hands with two ambassadors like Missy and Travis sailing the waters. Thank you for sharing the place you love with us on what is easily the best vacation we can remember.
Best Christmas ever!

We will never forget this week
What an amazing week! We thoroughly enjoyed the delicious and creative meals, the guided snorkeling, the beautiful places we visited and most of all, your warm and gracious hospitality.
Debby & Bill, Hinsdale, IL
Thank you, also, for the fishing adventures - I really owe you some tackle!! This was a week we will never forget. We hope you will give us a call if you are ever in the Chicago area. Maybe we'll see you in Napa :) Thank you again!

We have done this trip with and without a crew. No doubt, this is the way to go! Travis and Missy are terrific! Snorkeling with Missy as our guide was a great experience. They are both so wonderful at sharing their vast knowledge with us. The food was terrific too! All said and done, we will never forget this week. Thank you! Thank you!
Tom and Arlene, Burr Ridge, IL
A true experience of a lifetime!
Thank you for an amazing week at sea in the BVI! You are both gracious hosts and fabulous chefs/bartenders. Thank you for creating an atmosphere where we could feel at home as a family. If you ever make it to Saratoga, please come see us. (Alysa)

Thank you so much for a super fun week. So many wonderful memories; for our girls it was a true experience of a lifetime! I can't believe how much we did in just seven days! Best of luck, (Jay)
Alysa, Jay, Ellie & Virginia - Saratoga, NY
An experience we will never forget
This trip was planned to celebrate Jorge's 40th birthday. It has been an amazing experience. Missy and Travis made everything wonderful. The birthday decorations, the food, the service throughout the whole trip, the anchorages, shore trips, all was spectacular. The accommodations at the Pisces are great, but they made my son's birthday trip an experience we will never forget. Thanks for everything and hope to see you soon!
OMG! I cannot say enough about what an amazing family trip we experienced!!
OMG! I can't say enough about what an amazing family trip we experienced! Missy & Travis, you did such a great time of showing us why you both love the islands. The diving was amazing, so happy that you introduced our girls to the sport. Food was fantastic, thank you for accommodating our different likes! Water sports and history lessons... I could go on! Come ski with us in Vail! Or come out to explore in last summer/fall! Much appreciation!
Pam & Craig

This trip was amazing. It was a great experience to go explore, and my personal favorite was the Baths. Throughout the activities, swimming, diving, snorkeling, water surfing and other fun activities, kept us busy! Thank you

I had so much fun with you guys this week. I really enjoyed diving for the first time. The food was so good. Everything we did was fantastic. I loved all the activities. Thank you so much for everything!
The most amazing experience ever!
The most amazing experience ever! We had a wonderful time diving, snorkeling, sailing and EATING! There were so many "roses" on this vacation that it is hard to even list them all- Diving the Wreck of the Rhone, seeing turtles, squid, octopus, and SHARK! The islands were beautiful and the itinerary was well planned. Everything was seamless and we loved getting to know Missy and Travis. The best part of the week was all the family bonding. I am so glad we planned this trip and we can't wait to come back next year. We will miss you friends!
<3 Terry, Charlie, Griffen + David

Thank you guys so much! i Had and incredible week! Travis, you are simply mastering life and Missy, you are one of the coolest humans to ever roam this earth. I'll miss you guys!
Had a simply phenomenal adventure
What an amazing adventure. I tell my children every night before they go to bed that tomorrow there's a whole new adventure awaiting them. This trip was filled with so many "Tomorrows". Thank you so much for the fulfillment you gave to our lives. So many laughs and exciting moments. Well maybe some of that was Randy's choice of swimwear! Take care and see you again.

A great introduction to diving! Can't believe we went 5 times! Had a simply phenomenal adventure. Couldn't have been planned better! I was taught to be an octopus finder - at the end of the trip used my new skills taught by Missy and found an octopus den with the octopus in it! So cool! I enjoyed discovering new creatures in the underwater wonderland every day... flamingo tongue, slipper lobster, arrowhead crab, octopus, rock beauty, many species of angelfish and butterfly fish, spotted moray eel, and finally, under our boat on the last day, a school of smooth trunkfish! Sweet! Hats off to the wonderful chefs on board. Thank you so much for sharing all of your knowledge with us, and answering every question we had! We will be back!
Anna and Randy

The most amazing vacation ever! Sun, sails, dives and fantastic new friends made with Travis & Missy. The food, service and boat were top notch. These memories will never be forgotten. Will we be back... SHELL YA!
A wealth of knowledge
We had such a great time on the Pisces with Travis and Missy! Such nice people with a wealth of knowledge on the islands, snorkeling, scuba diving, restaurants, etc. We were sad to have the time pas so quickly!

Phippi & Tom
Such an amazing trip
Thank you for such an amazing trip. The variety of places was great! And, you spoiled us rotten!

Jeff & Michele
Amazing experience
Thanks so much for that amazing experience! We had a blast being a part of your family for the week. Can't wait to return to explore more with you both. Cheers!

McB, H, & B families
A perfectly orchestrated and executed charter
Dear Captains Travis and Missy, and to all those who care to experience adventure, fine food, and happiness.

Thank you for a perfectly orchestrated and executed charter. Having sailed the BVI several times before, this was my most comfortable and enjoyable trip. I saw and experienced new and different things all while being extremely well fed and cared for. I will always remember emerging from the Rhone...captain pizza and the double rainbow.

Patricia & Eric
Derek and Nico

Also, please take our invitation to visit us in the Hamptons seriously. It would be fun to e share how Missy & I grew up in the Springs. We'd like the opportunity to cook for you for a change. - Eric

And many thanks for the recipes and conversations! - Nico
Awesome, fun-filled getaway
Thanks so much, Travis and Missy, for an awesome, fun-filled getaway. Snorkeling, scuba, hiking, surfing and kite surfing, all while being nourished with fabulous meals and beverages. Y'all are the best!

A thoroughly enjoyable week
A fun, relaxing, and thoroughly enjoyable week to celebrate our 50th birthday! The food and drinks were perfect. Great tours of the BVI. T-Rav and Missy made a special trip extra special - thank you!

Christine & Dave
An amazing lifetime experience
T-Rav and Missy (Low Key) are the best darn chartering crew! You both made it an amazing lifetime experience. Thank you for the help, patience, guidance and laughs. That's what she said.

Sean & Morgan
You both rock!
Just wanted to add a personal note to thank you both for such a wonderful experience. I couldn't have felt more at ease, and Sean and I are glad to now call you both friends. Special thanks to Missy for helping me overcome snorkel/scuba anxiety. You both rock!

<3 - the girl with the biggest lungs, Morgan
Wow what a great trip!
Wow what a great trip! Best Thanksgiving ever! Thanks so much for special treatment and all the experiences. Great knowing we have made great friends in the USVI! Hope to see you again soon!

Daren J.
Can\'t count the number of special touches
Can't count the number of special touches, yummy meals, great dives, and overall fun that Captain T & Missy bring to the table. Thank you guys for making this an incredible first visit to the BVIs. We can't wait to see you on the next visit!

Lee J.
\"Best Ever! Non stop fun\"
Best ever non stop fun. Definitely my favorite vacation yet. Learning to scuba dive was so much fun! Fishing was fun even though I didn't catch much.

Tucker J.
Best trip ever
Best trip ever, the food was great, can't wait to see them again. Spoons was a blast. Thank you.

Luv, Ally J.
Keep doing what you\'re doing...
Nothing but good times, good food, good company! Keep doing what you're doing; it's been an outstanding trip!
Many thanks and hope to be back soon!
We loved every minute of it!
Thank you for an amazing trip, we loved every minute of it! Diving was incredible and we can't wait to go again!

Anthony & Jo
One of our most relaxing vacations...
Brendon and Anastasia-

What an extraordinary trip! You guys totally exceeded any expectations we had about sailing. You two were the perfect crew for us- fun, easy to be around and so very accommodating. We loved all the meals! Anastasia, you are a wonderful chef and the food from your tiny hot kitchen is amazing! Grayson, especially loved hanging with you and helping you cook. You are very sweet and special. Brendon, thank you for trying to find the calmest waters for us.

This was one of our most relaxing vacations we have ever been had and I can't wait to do it again! Thank you for a wonderful week! We hope to see you soon!

Our best,
The C family
We will NEVER forget this romantic week
Brendon and Anastasia, thank you for sailing us through paradise! what a delightful week of culinary adventure as well as pulling us in and out of the dinghy. Wonderful captain and first mate/chef. Will NEVER forget this romantic week. Anastasia is a five star chef!
Suzy and Sandy
You make a great team. Great food and great service - Bruce
It takes two to tango, very well done. Great job!- Rosita
NYE: 2015-2016

Anastasia and Brendan were fantastic! Just returned from a great week of exploring islands, lounging in the sun on a boat hammock, and eating delicious food. The crew was very knowledgeable and took my family and I to great snorkeling spots and tiny beach bars. The food was amazing- something for everyone and catered to our tastes. Would sail again in a minute!
-Stradinger Family
Christmas Week - 2015

Awesome week with Brenden and Anastasia! Fabulous everything! Food out of this world delicious. Loved every minute! Merry Christmas everyone!
-Murphy Family
We will be recommending this boat and team to everyone we know
My 26 year old daughter and I just returned from a fabulous week onboard Pisces with Steve and Louise. I cannot say enough about the quality of the trip, from start to finish. We met Steve, our Captain, and Louise, the first mate and Best Chef ever! Both of them made a great trip even better. We were blessed with great weather the whole week, and the boat was in excellent condition. It had plenty of room inside and out, and Steve and Louise kept the boat clean and orderly. Steve has a great sense of humor, and is easy to be around and great fun. Louise was an absolute gem (I offered to adopt her), bringing us drinks even before we asked for them, and her cooking beat anything we had on shore. The meals were so amazing, I took pictures of them! Both of them knew the places to go if you wanted to be around people, and the places to go if you didn't. We had the additional treat of going into both the BVI and up to Anegada, where the beaches are beautiful and the lobster was awesome. Each time we anchored, Steve and Louise jumped to get the paddle boards out, grab the snorkels and fins, and set up the hammock. They did everything humanly possible to see that we were well fed and having fun. And it all worked great! If you are looking at chartering a boat and crew, I urge you to charter Pisces. (We did this kind of trip once before with a different captain and crew, and I could really see how a crew with great personalities can add so much more to the trip.) You will have a fun, relaxing time, eat well, go to great locations and have awesome food. We will be recommending this boat and team to everyone we know who likes to sail, and we intend to repeat the trip again -- onboard Pisces with our new friends, Steve and Louise.
We can\'t say enough good things about them!
I just want to get back to you on our amazing week we had with Steve and Louise on Pisces in March. This trip has been...by far...the best our group has ever did...and it was mostly because of the crew. We can't imagine a better captain to take us around the Virgin Islands, especially with his great knowledge of the sea and all it's different creatures. The meals Louise prepared were amazing!! Steve and Louise were very flexible with the itinerary and adapted to our group. A nice friendship developed between us and we couldn't imagine doing this trip with another crew. We can't say enough good things about them! I would highly recommend them to guests inquiring about a crewed catamaran vacation.
Overall we would say, “Perfect!”
Captain Steve and Louise,
We had such an incredible time! We all loved sailing, scuba diving and the cool fish and coral! The food was amazing! No one will eat for a week when we get back.
You guys were both such a pleasure. Both of you took great care of our girls and family and we really appreciate that.
The venues you selected were perfect for the experiences we wanted. Some down time mixed with lots of activity! Overall we would say, Perfect! on rating our experience and will sail away again with you someday!
Lori, Bruce, Ashton, Kenzie and Sami
Much love and great appreciation for a terrific vacation!
Dear Capt Steve and Weezie :D,
We had an amazing week sailing with you! It was a week filled with sun, snorkeling and of course, great food and lots of laughs! We are so happy to call you both friends. Thank you for taking such good care of us and not losing the girls.
Please visit! We wholeheartedly mean that anytime. If you find time before April, come to Vermont instead! Much love and great appreciation for a terrific vacation!
Michelle, Tim, Tierney and Maeve
You guys are SIMPLY THE BEST!!!!!
Captain Steve and Louise,
Oh my GOD! What an incredible week, totally surpassing all of our expectations. The trip started with a spectacular rainbow, exciting snorkeling trips (Kyla will talk about the turtle for years to come), ski shots at the Willy-T (Donna still has tequila in her eyes), those massive fish caught on the way back from Anegada (the night time fishing was the best), and dancing the night away at Foxxys.
You two were such fantastic hosts! Louiseas you could tell, your cooking was amaze-balls. Thanks so much for the desserts, Jenna and Donna will be forever grateful. The nighttime games were full of laughCheers Governor and Guggenheim! We cant thank you enough for the trip of a lifetime. As Jenna would say, you two are Totes Adorbs!
Scott, Donna, Kyla, Jocelyn and Jenna
P.S. You guys are SIMPLY THE BEST!!!!!
Every day was an adventure, and every meal was a culinary event
Dear Steve and Louise,
Although we've savored every moment of this trip, my heart is a little heavy as we depart St. John for our final snorkel trip and then on to St. Thomas and the plane to the cold, cold north. Its not just the balmy weather and turquoise seas well be missing; its the great new friends weve made in you both. We fully expect a visit.loads of room and well show you what sailing in Nanagansett Bay feels like. And well have that grudge match of Hearts.
Every day was an adventure, and every meal was a culinary event. I admire how effortlessly you took care of our whole family. We could not have asked for a more perfect vacation!

Steve and Louise,
Thank you so much for giving us the best week we could ask for!!! I loved every part of it (especially winning Hearts!) I really hope we do this again and feel free to come visit us in Rhode Island!! Good luck with everything!

Steve and Weezy,
This was the best vacation EVER! Thank you so much, I had so so soooo much fun! Everyday was different and exciting and I cant wait to come back and get even fatter from the delicious food!
Thanks so much for a wonderful week!
Dear Steve and Louise,
What a privilege it has been to finally meet you and to spend this week getting to know you. You both are doing an incredible job of keeping the boat in great shape and you have no idea how much we appreciate that.
Steve, you are a great captain and I sincerely appreciate all the work you went through to keep us entertainedhammock, SUP, kayak, drinks, snorkeling, etc. Your knowledge of the ocean and sea life is impressive!
Louise, it was so nice to have a break from cooking and you did an outstanding job! I was very pleased and impressed. Im glad we got to do some great seafood together and trade some recipes. Keep it upyoure doing a great job in that little galley!
Thanks for being so kind to Elvis and Gracie and I hope when we come back that they will get to meet Buggs. Can never have too many dogs on a boat!
As you know, this was a trip that meant so much to usa celebration of (new) life to Larry and you both made it perfect. To return to the boat with our closest friends and sail these waters that we love was just what the doctor ordered! We couldnt be more proud of you two and the job you are doing than if you were our own kids! If I can make one suggestion, its that you NEVER LEAVE PISCES!
Thanks so much for a wonderful week! Much Love!
Tammi and Larry

What a time we have had with Stephen and Louise aboard Pisces. I was impressed the day we boarded at the shape Pisces was in and continued to be impressed throughout the week. Stephen and his knowledge and respect for the sea and handling of Pisces. Louise, with her culinary skills and bubbly charm. You are great and it feels like we have added two more members to our family. You both knew how much this trip meant to me and you made it happen.
Love you both,

Wonderful week aboard Pisces with our good friends, Tammi and Larry! Captain Stephen and Chef Louise made us feel so pampered and did a masterful job of crewing Pisces around this gorgeous corner of the world. Loved the snorkeling spots and Stephens extensive marine knowledge.
Thank you Steve and Louise for taking such good care of usLouiseyou did a great job feeding us delicious meals although Im somewhat disappointed you never served Lebanon bologna (just kidding!). And thank you, Steve, for your attentiveness all weeknever lacked for a Bushwhacker in hand! You two are adorable! Loved our weekso great to be back in the BVIs.
Hats off to Stephen and Louise for an outstanding vacation
Hats off to Stephen and Louise for an outstanding vacation week on Pisces. Louises gourmet cooking was sumptuous and marvelously presented with Pennsylvania flair. Move over Rachel Ray! Captain Stephen proved to be both an excellent sailor and informative marine biologist. Thank you both.
Thank you so very much for a fantastic time!
Thank you so very much for a fantastic time! We enjoyed the sites, snorkeling, conversation and laughs! You did a great job on your first captain only charter! Next time well request the full treatment and bring Louise along as well, so we can experience all that wonderful food it sounds like we missed.
Thank you again so very much!
Deb and Steve

Thank you for everything. You are such an awesome captain to have. My parents were deciding between two boats and I am so glad they chose you! You totally bring another element to our vacation. Youre so outgoing and Ive learned so much about sailing. The stops we made were awesome and so was the snorkeling. Im going to miss this boat, especially jumping off the top! Cant wait to come back and see you soon!

Thank you so much for an amazing week on Pisces! It was so cool to see all the sites and all the great laughs we had. I am so happy you were our captain because I definitely wouldnt want an uptight grandpa as a captain. You did a great job! See you soon over spring break with my buddies and we can go to the Willy-T every night!
AWESOME is the word.
Steve and Louise,
AWESOME is the word. Enjoyed the tour and the knowledge you shared. You guys do a great job and we had TONS of FUN. Thanks for diving with Dave. Great food too, hats off to the chef and first mate Louise!
Annie and Dave

Steve and Louise,
Thanks for being such energetic and gracious hosts. You are a great team. We felt welcomed and there was no hesitation to bring us wherever, show us whatever and make us feel secure.
--Susan and Donny
We don’t have the words to express our gratitude…
Dear Steve and Louise,
We dont have the words to express our gratitude The islands are one of the nicest places weve ever been but discovering them with you guys made it even more special!! You are two wonderful people and we are now lucky to call you friends!! We really appreciated your knowledge for the sea and sailing. The food was awesome and being in your company was great. We are going to miss you guys!! Hopefully we will be back soon!
Merci pour tout! Ou vois aime beaucoup!!
--Nick and Ro
Wow! Wow! WOW!
Captain Steve and Chef Louise,

Wow! Wow! WOW! Words can simply not explain the magical experience we spent with you guys. It has been our best vacation ever and we will cherish it forever.
The food was out of this world! No wonder Louise wins awards for her food! We enjoyed everything. An explosion of taste in our mouth, as we like to say.
Steve, your knowledge of the sea and so many other things was so appreciated. We really enjoyed all of your stories.
We met a great couple and we really hope to welcome you guys in Canada. Not so much paradise but still we can make it worth it.
To good friends,
Manon and Cami
Can’t wait to come back one day
What a week! Words and pictures will never do justice to the memories we will keep in our minds. Steve and Lou, we could not have picked a better crew. The food was amazing and your knowledge of the sea was unbelievable. Cant wait to come back one day.
Sophie and David

Steve and Weezyd,
This was definitely the best vacation ever! I loved everything from the delicious food to snorkeling to playing hearts and spicy meatball! Yall are great and I cant wait to come and do it again.
We’ve never experienced a trip like it and it’s definitely been my favorite!
Dear Captain Steve (aka. HAM) and Chef Louise,
Where do I even begin? Our family had the pleasure of sailing with you for 4 days and it was an incredible vacation. Weve never experienced a trip like it and its definitely been my favorite! We all loved the delicious meals prepared by Louise, and all the hospitality! It was so relaxing and fun spending time and getting to know you. Preston and Natalie always travel with us and you made them feel at home and comfortable. The loved jumping off the boat, snorkeling the caves, and the fun beach volleyball game! Oh, and just sitting around sharing stories, playing songs and talking/learning about life on a charter yacht. We feel like we were a perfect match on this trip and are so thankful for all you both did to make it so wonderful! Please come visit us in St. Augustine! Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart!
--Kimberly and Breck
You could not have made us feel more welcome
Dear Steve and Louise,
It has been a fantastic trip with both of you. You could not have made us feel more welcome. And, great weather to boot! Steve, your captain skills are excellent, as was your knowledge of each island and what to do (nor not to do!). And your sense of humor and even-keeled (pun not intended), laid back style ensured that no stress crept onto the boat the whole week.
Louise, I plan to kidnap and adopt you. You have been an outstanding hostess and your meals have been a huge highlight of the trip. I am so glad you got to have a girls day out with Beth and me at Peter Island.
Be assured, we will tell everyone we know about Pisces, and especially the two of you. Thank you so much for helping us have a wonderful, relaxing, memorable week!
Come see us!
--Beth and Leigh

(844) 522-3913 / (340) 774-5687