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June 2018
Cari-Mari & Martin

Thank you for being responsible for the best week of 2018 our family has had. From the sailing to the food to the company it was way more than we could have imagined!
Highlights include - every meal! Lobster night with the two of you in Anegada, midnight swim in the circle of trust, jumping of the platform at a Willy-T's, beer tasting and cocktail contest- champagne test too! We loved every minute and can not wait to come back! We hope you keep in touch and that you recover from the "royal family" haha
* Winner of the charter with the most "stuff" all over the boat

-BXXXXX Family
June 2018
Could not have asked for anything better!!! Thank you for your hospitality and friendship. This was a side of the Caribbean that I would never have seen unless spending the week in your hands. God bless and may you ALWAYS have the wind in your favor.

Julie and Steve
June 2018
Could not have asked for a better way to celebrate 25 years of marriage and a birthday. Thank you so much for making this trip so special. The extra touches on everything were incredible. We are in love with the BVI and will be back!

Jim and Lisa
June 2018
What an AWESOME WEEK! This needs to be on everyone's bucket list! Can't wait to come back! Good times, great friends... Thank you to Jimmy and Lisa for making this happen.

Todd and Kim
June 2018
Martin and Carie Marie,
What a wonderful time we had. Thanks for being the best Captain, Chef, and crew a group could ask for. Your attention to detail is way more than we expected and we were blessed to spend time with you on these gorgeous islands! Can't wait to come back and if you need me to send you Yeti's just email me! Take care and see ya again soon!

Mike and Jill
June 2018
What an amazing week celebrating our 5 graduates! Great send off into the real world:) Martin and Cari Mari spoiled us absolutely rotten. The trip was so beautiful - the weather perfect the entire week! Thanks for taking such good care of us. We laughed until we cried, danced under the full beautiful moon, saw more stars than we have ever seen! Thanks for sharing your stories, your lives, and all the Virgin Islands with us - we love you -

Laurie and Kenzie
June 2018
Thanks for making me try new food that I wouldn't at home. Loved all of it!

June 2018
Thanks for an incredible week! Wouldn't trade a minute with this crew!
June 2018
Simply perfect week! Everything was just as ordered and better than expected. Thanks for the A/C, Bloody Mary's, wonderful food and true hospitality.

Best wishes,
P.S. Break rules!!!
June 2018
What a wonderful week!! Could not have asked for more. This trip would not have been the same without our wonderful crew!

Thanks Cari Mari and Martin!
June 2018
What a joy to spend this week celebrating life, creation, - God's Genesis -
You will forever be in our life's memory and will bring up tender thanks and love each time. Our hope is to return again and share more lifetime memories in your capable hands and delicious food.

In his love,
Greg and Lisa
May 2018
Dear Cari Mari and Martin,
I can't think of any other way two people I would have liked to spend with my family on our 50th anniversary, my 70th birthday and Taylor's high school graduation with than you two. You were great company and great hosts! The yacht was roomy and well appointed. The variety of activities were endless and, well, you already know what we think of the cuisine!!! It was a magical vacation, thank you so much.

May 2018
Dear Cari Mari & Martin -
Although we must go be awesome somewhere else...I will never forget this vacation aka trip to Paradise. What a treat to get to know you both. Fabulous - everything was fabulous. I hope all of your dreams come true because you sure helped me to achieve some of mine. Your wonderful way of making all of your guests feel like your favorites was icing on the anniversary cake!

May 2018
Martin and Cari Mari,
What a perfect was to celebrate our parents love. Great sites, food and conversation. Thank you!
Nate and Megan
May 2018
I can't thank you both enough for an amazing week in paradise. We enjoyed the swimming, snorkeling, paddleboarding, exploring, eating, and more. You both were such a pleasure to get to know and I hope you fulfill your dream of moving to Panama. We can come visit;) And please let me know if Yes Dear ever comes out with a cookbook, I'll be the first one to buy it! Thank your for sharing a part of your world with us, we are eternally grateful.

May 2018
Thank you for being so gracious and accommodating!

Martin & Cari-Mari,

Thank you for an amazing week of fun, laughter, adventure, impeccably cuisine, outstanding libations, and Anegada!
For our entire group, we thank you for a memorable week and for being part of our lives these past eight days. All the best to both of you! Be safe, sail fast and have fun!
April 15-21, 2018
Cari-Mari & Martin (MAH-TIN)
We have collectively learned many new things from you both on this trip. For example......snacking nuts will now be called "good times" and we learned a new and clever way to explain "it's not how I'm talking but how you're listening" that is the problem. We will also call over-indulging in alcohol remnants as "fragile." We created the "HUSHIE" Empire on this boat with you both and the "CARI-MARI" cookbook or possibly even a YouTube show.
Would like to extend our many thank yous and gratitudes for your hard work to make our trip fun; leisurely. You have both been tremendously kind and sweet servants to us. You are talented in your trades, but even more so special and winsome people. The memories we have made, relationships built and friendships cemented were very much enhanced by your dedication to make our trip special. We were very pleased to have you as OUR leaders/captains and I am quite certain ordained to be so. Please visit us in "The Lou". We will serve you as King:Queen.

With much love from the "OH DEAR" crew + Hushie
April 1-7, 2018
Dear Martin & Cari-Mari
Life is a series of adventures or sometimes a group of special and real moments that are surrounded by a lot of noise and fillers. Thank you for always being a part of a lifetime memory, adventure, special, and real moment. Your hard work provided us the opportunity to enjoy the beauty and God's canvas all around. The parts which made it even more special is how you put yourselves in everything you did: From Cari-Mari's recipes, food presentation, the table decorations (It was incredible); to Martin's sense of humor, to his indirect answers, to his views on the world, to is interaction with the children. His discipline and advice to the children were especially wonderful (getting Sullivan to not waste food or get down and clean his food or giving Thomas advice about life or how power without self control means nothing.) To the very last night when Cari-Mari shared her Fire Dancing! You both will forever be in our hearts and our memories but even more importantly you send us back changed and are a part of shaping who we will become and our future. Thank you. One conversation I had with Martin was the discussion about making a difference and how he sometimes felt removed and how he wondered how he would address the inequity with its root of money. My answer is that he is addressing it now by allowing people to connect with God's creation and be healed by the blue water while being able to listen to their hearts and what purpose God has for them. It reminds me of the Starfish story: a girl walks up on a beach after a storm and sees thousands of starfish drying up on the beach as far as she can see. Suddenly she reaches down and starts throwing them back in the water as fast as she can. Soon a man walks up and says, "Little Girl there are thousands of starfish, you will never be able to throw them all back in. You will never make a difference!" The little girl stops, looks dejected and then leans down, picks up a starfish, stares at it and then hurls it into the water. She then looks at the man and says, "I made a difference to that one!" You and Cari-Mari should know you made a difference to these ten Epps and Garsides. I literally watched Sullivan, Annie and Eloise play out the Starfish story with all the Hermit Crabs they were determined to save. Thank you again and we hope ya'll will come visit us in South Carolina so we can return the hospitality!
With love, The E's and The G's
March 2018
Dear Martin & Cari-Mari

For a man to say thank you for the love and care you showed to his family can never be enough. The both of you went above and beyond to make this a most memorable trip. I shall never forget the whole experience.

March 4-11, 2018
Dear Martin & Cari-Mari,
Thank you so, so much for your energy, light sense of humor, sense of adventure, sailing skills and for some of the best food we have ever encountered! As Ian aptly stated "I've run out of superlatives!"
Thank you for making our sweet kids feel cherished and valued. You've made our time here delightful.
Also, an extra special thank you for Christy's B-day celebration. She shed tears of joy! Well done!

Sue, Rick, Christy, Jeff, Kira, Ian, Anna and Lu......collectively "The J Gang"
February 24-March 3, 2018
Mr. & Mrs. Captain
What an amazing bar you have set for my first Caribbean sail!!! I appreciate your attention to safety!!! The meals were 5 star plus. I am sure I will have to go on a 7 day fast to recover. They were so good I couldn't resist leaving any on my plate!
Again, thank you for the amazing week, I couldn't have dreamed it would be this good!
We wish you the very best and hope to see you next year!!!
February 24-March 3, 2018
Martin & Cari
It was an amazing experience with both of you this week in our Caribbean paradise! Cari, your innovations in cooking were remarkable and the results were 5 star restaurant quality! Your efforts to make our trip extra special were only exceeded by your effortless smile that clearly comes straight from your enormous heart! Martin, your confidence and safety first approach are perfect. Bad things can happen when alcohol and open-water come together, but your vigilant watch assures the safety of your guests. To you two, the couple traveling through this beautiful world together, may the days meet you more often with blue skies, may the sun more often shine warmly on your faces, and when the inevitable storm clouds of life present themselves, know that love will be the shortest and safest path through. It has been an distinct pleasure and one I will reflect on many times in the years ahead!
Love you both!
February 24-March 3, 2018
M & C
What can we say but THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! It is not our first sail but a fabulous one I must say..... you made every detail quite the experience. We didn't have to lift a finger as you thought of it for us. The love that went into your service was quite apparent! And that you don't get everywhere. The gourmet meals (and we mean every meal was a 5 star) were light when needed and filling when alcohol came in play. Every detail was well executed and yet when needed a complete renewal happened. We will be letting EVERYONE know about YES DEAR and how they roll because of the incredible crew of Captain Martin and Chef, First Mate, Hostess Cari-Mari.
Again thank you for making our week in our favorite place one to remember for a life time!
Yuki & Tammy
February 24-March 3, 2018
Dear "Yes, Dear"
It has been an absolute pleasure to sail with you both! You're an amazing couple and we are enriched by getting to know you. The care you took in planning & timing our excursions, sights to see, meals & drinks was excellent! Regarding the meals, Cari-Mari - you are an artist!! Each new meal exceeded the last. It is simply magical what you do in your galley. I also want to thank Captain Martin for your patience in answering our endless questions about sailing and the B.V.I. Being from Texas we often use the phrase "this ain't our first rodeo" and this wasn't our first charter in these waters. However, it has now climbed to the top of our favorites!! We would not hesitate to endorse you both to anyone that is considering a trip of a lifetime. This certainly has been one of ours. We will now look forward to the next one with you. We do sincerely appreciate you and all you did for us!
Jim & Jeannette
February 2018
Captain and Captain! The omnipotent beings that breathed new life into me, the ones that reverted me back to my child like sense of wonder, made me realize what is truly important, and what we should not waste our energy on, thank you! To you I owe my life! My new life! A life of positivity and wonder! A life of renewed purpose and profound direction. You have helped make me in tune with the great mother and gifted me with experiences I simply will never forget! Thank you again! I cannot in words express my immense gratitude but please know it is there. The Devine nectar and ambrosia from Cari, and the awe-inspiring sites and experiences from Martin you have truly given me the time of my life! So here is to progression, here is to our new life! Let us get the hell out there and live it!
Love, the eternally grateful,

Captain Martin and Cari-Mari, I've met a lot of awesome people, but no one has even come close to you two. This trip was everything I needed and more. I'll never forget you fun loving people. South Africa and Moab next, right??
Welcome to our family, everything is awesome when your part of the ........!
Thanks for impacting my life and making this my favorite vacation yet. Love, Scraba D.

Captain Martin and Cari-Mari
I knew going in that this trip would be awesome. What I didn't know, was how awesome. You both worked extremely hard to help make this a memorable experience for me and my family. I will never forget you guys and will cherish the memories made with you.
For real. When you are ready for a holiday in the States, come see Moab. You'll have a place to stay and personal guides! Thanks again for being awesome. Hope your experience with us was as good as ours with you.
Cheers "Old Fart" Kelly and Sam

Martin & Cari,
Words feel inadequate, but here goes. Thank you for making this trip truly amazing! The food, the music, the conversation, the drinks, the dance parties, the fire spinning, the snorkeling, the water, the lovely Yes Dear, the laughter, the smiles, the adventures. It's all been priceless. Really. Thanks so much for bringing back life perspective & what's important. It would be incredible to see you again. It'd be the same, but different, seriously. Thanks for making this a trip of a lifetime. So let's go be awesome somewhere else! Renerah + Dustin
February 2018 guest comments provided from Broker

Name: Samantha
Yacht: YES DEAR with Martin and Cari-Mari Cameron
Charter Dates: 02/12/2018 12:00pm to 02/19/2018 12:00pm
Area Cruised: Virgin Islands
Overall Rating: 5
5 being the highest 0 being the lowest
We hope your charter lived up to your expectations. We would love to know some of your impressions about your yachting vacation. Please answer the following questions and add any comments you may have.

1. Was the crew friendly and accommodating?
Yes, they were awesome! Jumped to do or help with anything we needed or wanted to do.

2. Was the yacht comfortable and clean?
Yes we were very comfortable

3. Was the yacht well ventilated?

4. Was the food good and well presented?
Yes, all of the food was beautiful as well as delicious! Cari made us feel so special!

5. Did you like the area you sailed?

8. Additional comments on your charter?
Martian and Cari were simply the best! The made our trip the best ever! Lots of extra fun touches like Valentines Party with lights and disco ball, and a beach party learning to spin fire! They have changed our family forever!

9. It is our pleasure to keep you informed of relevant specials / updates for your next charter. When do you plan to charter next?
I would love it to be next month, haha, but we'll have to see.

January 14-21, 2018
Dear Martin & Cari-Mari,
From Sunday to Sunday, we were totally immersed in the beauty and fun of the BVI.
Your ability to appear and disappear at just the right times was seamless.
Both of you are delightful individuals but as a couple- WOW! Martin, your skills, sense of humor, and work ethic make you a Captain in the perfect way for the benefit of your guests.
Cari, all of us enjoyed the creativity, presentation and excellence of every meal. But, as you said, the love you add to your cooking enhance all of these elements.
Thank you so much for working 24/7 with smiling faces. You attended to each of us as if we were special. It is you all who are special.
We wish you, your career and your marriage the best for the rest of your lives.
Your new friends
Therese D.
Mary & Jim B. "Yes Dear"
Kerri & John B.
Dave & Kathie H.
Don D.
New Years 2018
Dear Martin & Cari-Mari

Thank you both so much for such a delightful week. We were honored to be your first charter post the hurricanes this fall and we appreciate how much extra effort you had to have put in to make this week happen. It was delightful getting to know you both and thank you for taking such good care of all of us. Your ability to handle 5 kids, 4 adults, and the boat was awesome.
Cari-Mari, your cooking is sensational! How you manage to prepare so many unique, beautiful and delicious meals every day will always amaze me. Your warm heart, beautiful smile and fabulous smelling infusers I will never forget.
Martin, your happy and relaxed energy really helped all of us chill out from our north east crazy brains. Your yummy cocktails and sense of adventure will stay with us always.
Our families wanted a trip of a lifetime for our kids and you delivered it every day!
Hopefully we make it back to you someday! Thanks for the amazing memories!

All the best,
Scrip & Peter

Martin thank you for letting me drive the tender. Cari-Mari thank you for the yummy food.

My favorite thing is the trampoline hammock!
July 2017
Cari & Martin
The last week has been the most wonderful experience at sea and when I look back to one key important reason of why is because of you two guys.
Your dedication, attention and kindness meant the world to me and my wife, which happen to be her 50th birthday present (this trip). So, I want to thank you both for giving us the best experience at sea, lots of good memories to talk when we grow old and in the process gaining two good friends.
South African people rock!
Jose & Annette
July 2017
Thanks to Cari-Mari & Martin, I have had an awesome time here, it couldn't be better. The captain and his skipper-chef made a great combination that surpassed my expectations. You guys took care of our group in every possible way. The week was so much fun, great food + most important great company. Cari-Mari you are a great chef, and Martin you are always pleasing everybody, great couple. Thank you for making my vacation on board a memorable one.
With love,
July 2017
Hey Guys!
Thanks for enhancing such an amazing experience!
It's been wonderful to share with such enchanting people as you.
Would also like to thank you for not only "Party Time", but for so many insights on your way of life.
Keep it going and fight for what you want.
El Toro
July 2017
Martin + Cari-Mari
I would like to thank you for your attention and kindness. It was a priceless time to spend with all my friends including you two. Thanks for the birthday surprise party. Would like to be here for a month!
July 2017
Martin and Cari-Mari
Thank you! For amazing vacation on BVI and for all your attentions!
July 2017

Martin & Cari-Mari
Words cannot express how much I have enjoyed having you as our crew for this wonderful vacation. It has truly been a pleasure meeting you and I will never forget you.
Capt. Thanks for letting me drive No Dear. I'm ready to get my own speed boat now ;) I hope our paths will cross again very soon. Continue to be blessed in all that you do and on your next adventure.
Ride the wave
July 2017
Martin & Cari-Mari
This trip has been most enjoyable. Thank you for your hospitality and friendliness.
Cari, I've delighted in our many conversations. Continue to let your heart shine.
Many thanks! What a joy to share with you all.
Love, Yvonne
July 2017
Martin & Cari-Mari
Thank you for facilitating a much needed vacation.
Cari: thank you for helping me during the first 2 days of sea-sickness.
Best of luck in your future endeavors.
Best, Bonnie
July 2017
Martin & Cari-Mari
Thanks for making this trip an awesome adventure for the BBC (DC Black Bottom Crew). You guys have been great hosts to us. We appreciate the hospitality and kindness to make sure we were comfortable and having fun! You two are a beautiful couple + blessing to all!
May God continue to bless you all richly.
Peace & love
Ava & Greg
July 2017
Martin & Cari-Mari
Thank you so much for a great holiday. Your service & friendship meant so much to me... Perfect combination with the weather & St. Maarten. Best time ever. Loving my extended family....
The food was great and the service awesome!!
Best wishes to the both of you!
MC2 Love Ya Ada
July 2017
Martin & Cari-Mari
Thank you for an awesome time!!
A special thanks for looking out for a sistah on the cuisine. The food was wonderful! Let me know when you open your restaurant, I'm there! Every day was an adventure. I'll be looking for you when I'm ready to do this again. You guys are the greatest!
Stay blessed!
June 2017
Captain Martin and Cari-Mari,
Thank you both so much for an amazing vacation. It was a week filled with firsts. First time sleeping on a boat, first time snorkeling with turtles, first time tubing and our first time in the BVI. The gluten-free food was delicious!! We appreciate all your effort and attention to detail. We loved how you both were so kind, fun and caring especially towards the girls. It was a vacation of a lifetime!
Michelle + Paul
Catelyn - my favorite part was the cheese!
June 2017
Martin & Cari,
How do you properly thank someone for a trip of a lifetime?
We cannot adequately put in words the number of superlatives for two incredible people- that we now consider friends.
CHASING SUMMER is not just a phrase - it's a way of life for Martin & Cari. THEY LIVE IT! They have a deep passion for it. And they demonstrate it - ALL DAY, EVERYDAY. We just were lucky enough to join them on a small piece of their journey.
CHEERS (look in the eyes)!!
We love you so much
Kris & Lesley T
Covington, Louisiana
Wonderful mix...
We have travelled to many beautiful destinations throughout our lives and have never experienced such a wonderful mix of locations and hospitality as we have with you. The pride and passion you have for your vessel, your guests and your environment is exceptional.
Sharon K.
Until we meet again....
Here's to meeting two of the most incredible people I've ever met. Full of light & love, you make the world a far better place.
Anna Lee H.
Gracious hospitality....
Your hospitality, warmth, graciousness, flexibility and good humour made this a week to always reflect on.... The food was fantastic, drinks never ending, snokeling trips outstanding and the boat was always ship-shape.
Randi & Stuart H.
Warm hospitality...
Your warm hospitality, lively energy, plus mouth-watering cuisine made our trip truly memorable. The snorkeling was the best and the sailing winds made for thrilling crossings.... Thanks for bringing the best out in each one of us. Kathreen & Mark T.
April 2015
People make good times into great experiences. While the BVI are beautiful islands and Yes Dear is a fine, comfortable, and well appointed vessel, it is the fact that we have had you two as our crew and guides that I'll most remember and cherish. You two truly understand and deliver enlightened hospitality.

(844) 522-3913 / (340) 774-5687