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June 2019 - Professionalism and Graciousness
I couldn´t thank you all enough for the amazing vacation! Every detail, drink, preparation and service was outstanding. It will be a memory forever in my heart. We will love to sail with you again. Thank you for everything Cristiana
It is rare for events in lifetime to live up to expectations, and all of you far surpassed my expectations for this trip. You gave me an experience I will never forest and I cannot thank you enough for. Your blend of friendliness and professionalism is something I had never experienced but appreciated so much. Thank you so much for making my family and I feel so special and taken care of. I wish you nothing but the best, David
Hard to articulate how wonderful this experience has been for our family. Certain exceeded all expectations. Thank you for having us in your home and sharing the beauty that is the Caribbean. Truly appreciate your professionalism and graciousness – you made us feel a part of your family during this cruise, Thank you so much Scott &Cindy
Thank you for the best vacation I have ever been on, and thank you for all the extra vegan accommodations. All the food was way beyond what I could have imagined, you had to come up with 2 menus for every meal and I really appreciate the time and effort. Much Love, Ashley
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June 2019 Repeating guests are like family
Thank you again for another fabulous week on your boat. We had so many fun family adventures this week – most importantly intentional family time and great memories. Once again, your boat and staff exceed expectations that o one else can live up too. The sailing was excellent, the food was phenomenal, the drinks were fantastic, the boat is undoubtedly the most well kept boat in the area/Caribbean. Bob, Misty, Dru, Gavin and Avery
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June 2019
Name: Lisa
Yacht: SHANGRI LA with Bernd Fostner & Daniela Drescher
Charter Dates: 2019-06-02 12:00 to 2019-06-09 12:00
Area Cruised: Virgin Islands
Overall Rating: 5/5

1. Was the crew friendly and accommodating?

2. Was the yacht comfortable and clean?

3. Was the yacht well ventilated?

4. Was the food good and well presented?

5. Did you like the area you sailed?

6. Additional comments on your charter?
Our Shangri La sailing exceeded our expectations!! Bernd, Daniela and Ursella pampered us all week. The food, cocktails and activities were five-star. It was truly an amazing family vacation from start to finish. We were so sad it had to end but are looking forward to sailing with them again in the future.
The amazing Shangri La - June 2019
Thank you so much for an unforgettable experience! This past week has been amazing and we will all cherish these memories forever! I can´t believe how fast this week has went by, seems just like yesterday we were snorkeling or doing yoga for the 1st time. Everything we did the entire week was spectacular and I will certainly miss you all. I hope to sail again with you all very soon. We appreciate everything you did for us from activities, service, cocktails, meals and friendship! It´s not goodby but see you again soon.. Andrew
Our family can´t thank you enough for this adventure! We loved every minute we spent on your beautiful boat! Most importantly, we are grateful for this special time that we had together as a family as we celebrated Andrew´s graduation from university. As he enters now the “real world” we will always cherish this time – starting our days with yoga, breakfast together, hiking, scooters, snorkeling, tubing, golden goose and raftingtime! Each day and night was special. We will miss sweet Ursula taking care of our every need, Daniela´s amazing meals and Bernd´s fantastic cocktails! Hope to sail again with you in the future, Allen, Lisa, Andrew, Olivia and Dylan
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May 2019 - Best vacation ever
Such incredible attention to detail and the best hosts around. The perfect mixture of adventure and relaxation, and I can't say enough about the food! We loved getting to visit so many beautiful places around the BVI and getting a different look than most tourists get. This trip far exceeded our expectations and has given us memories that will last a lifetime! Thank you for listening to our needs/wants and for going over and above all week long. We miss our new friends and hope to be back on the Shangri La!
May 2019 - Our Dream Vacation
On behalf of our entire family, I cannot thank you enough for creating such wonderful experiences for us this week. Your combination of talent, skill, service and attention to detail are unmatched! I am thankful our paths crossed and I hope they intersect again in the future! - Keith
Thank you for the amazingly kind service and care. We could not have asked for a better team.! Thank you for welcoming us into your home and for teaching us about your culture. We felt like royalty! We are sad to leave our new friends – Mary Blonde
This was our last time together as a family (and our first with our favorite new addition Mary) before lots of changes, and we are so grateful that we spent this time with such kind, gracious people on such a beautiful boat. We hope forever keep the air of vacation and family time in our lungs! – Mary Brown
So many special moments! You made us feel so special and catered to our every need. We knew this would be a special vacation but had no idea how amazing it would be! We hope to return to the Shangri La – Kristy
This was an incredible trip that we will always remember. The service was excellent, and we loved getting to know the 3 of you all. I particularly enjoyed the food, as it was fantastic. Thanks for a trip of a lifetime! – Reid
I was a little bit unsure before the trip about how fun this would be, but within the first hour I was loving it! So many amazing memories, and new friends that feel like family. We can´t thank yáll enough for this amazing week. - Benjamin
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May 2019 - Broker provided feedback
We had smooth sailing during our trip on Shangri La! Captain and master DJ Bern and Chef Daniela ran a great boat. Music, food, drinks, boat amenities and water sports were above par. Ursula was all smiles and eager to assist in our daily experiences around the USVI and BVI islands.

Hold on to your desk if you are selected to view Daniela teaching us how to waltz and dance the polka!
Please pass on our gratitude and compliments to the crew.
May 2019 - 11 days of fun
We enjoyed every day with you! Beautiful boat and a crew with perfection and efficiency but also with surprises of activities, food and cocktails! Thank you for a memorable charter! Renee and Fritz
Thank you for the best vacation ever! So much fun while relaxing too! I loved every second of my time with yall!!! Wonderful food drinks and activities! Kelly
Thank you so much for a wonderful interlude between office and clients and my ordinary stress. The boat is great, the food better and the attentive service is the best. Looking forward to the next time, Marshall
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April 2019 - What a vacation!
What a vacation! It was absolutely an amazing adventure! You invited us into your home so graciously; made us feel right at home! Everything was first class!
Mr. Captain Doctor Director Bernd – the kids enjoyed the football on the beach, beachparty, swimming, paddleboard races, etc. Every one of them was a highlight!
Miss Daniella – Wow! You amazed all of us with your culinary skills! Every meal got better, we didn´1 think that was possible! You have changed food for the kids forever! Thank you. Loved your quick wit with the teens!
Miss Ursula – thank you for all the details in your service and taking care of us!
We want to say a special thank you for the fantastic night you put on for our seniors celebration! That was awesome and so special.
Thank you for your hospitality and all the little things. We look forward to doing this again!
Rod, megan, Alexa, Reece, Joel, Steele, Macey, Emmelie
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April 2019 - Springbreak family charter
We loved the Shangri la. Several standout features:
1. Professional crew catering to every need/desire
2. The food off the chart. And a lot of it.
3. The boat is spotless.
4. Bernd and Daniella very passionate about the boat and experience of guest.
5. Kids loved the water sports. Especially the new sport of subwinging.
6. WiFi works great.
7. Bernd did awesome job of using his camera and also drone to shoot photos and videos. And he loaded on USB drive.
8. The layout of the boat is perfect. Very comfortable.

Thanks for recommending. Will recommend Shangri la to friends/family.
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March 2019
Name: Peggy
Yacht: SHANGRI LA Shangri La with Bernd Forstner & Daniela Dresher
Charter Dates: 2019-03-24 12:00 to 2019-03-31 12:00
Area Cruised: Virgin Islands
Overall Rating: 5
5 being the highest 0 being the lowest
We hope your charter lived up to your expectations. We would love to know some of your impressions about your yachting vacation. Please answer the following questions and add any comments you may have.

1. Was the crew friendly and accommodating?
Yes, extremely

2. Was the yacht comfortable and clean?
absolutely perfect

3. Was the yacht well ventilated?
yes and ac when requested

4. Was the food good and well presented?
all was excellent

5. Did you like the area you sailed?
yes, and we planned the itinerary with the crew

6. Additional comments on your charter?
This was our 8th charter, and by far the best we have ever had. We can't say enough about the crew, the boat, the food, and everything else. The boat was immaculate, the food was superb, the hospitality was phenomenal. We loved everything about it and hope to do another trip on Shangri La in the future.
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March 2019
Shangri-la: noun Shan·gri-la | ˌshaŋ-gri-ˈlä
1: a remote beautiful imaginary place where life approaches perfection: UTOPIA
2: a remote usually idyllic hideaway
Dead. On. Accurate….
The excitement of the trip was defined by my previous experiences with sailing trips like on the Shangri-la so I thought I knew what to expect, boy was that a mistake….
Upon arrival you realize you are in a special place, someone’s beautiful home meticulously maintained and perfectly appointed; no detail is forgotten, and no luxury spared. You are greeted warmly by your Captain Bernd, your chef Daniela and your “stew” Ursula; immediately you know you are in for an exciting week.
After the safety briefing and rules of the house, it is time to get settled in your beautiful room with en-suite bath equipped with a separate shower, individual air conditioning controls and a very comfortable bed (be sure to look under the towels for your own sleep cover because there IS one for each of you). Pack away your duffle (don’t bring an actual suitcase because you are on a boat, there isn’t a ton of storage) and settle in for your first meal because everyone is ready to get into the sun and jump into the crystal blue waters; you feel at home immediately. Grab a snorkel, sit out the floating island, tackle a stand-up paddle board or hang on a noodle off the back; there is no shortage of water accessories for you to enjoy. When Bernd suggests the “subwing”, don’t ask just trust him; grab a snorkel mask and jump in the dinghy quick!!!
By the time you have exhausted yourself in the sun, it is time for cocktail hour! While enjoying the sunset and relaxing after a day in the sun, there will be light hors d'oeuvres and drinks provided to stave off your hunger before dinner. Daniela prepares everything from a mixture of canapes consisting of truffle, exquisite cheeses, salmon, avocado, etc. to chips and quac/salsa while Bernd makes sure you have a specialty cocktail to accompany your snack perfectly, what a perfect team these two make!
When I say Daniela is a chef, I mean she really is a chef. Her meals are created with love and precision, presented with thought and flavored with perfection; if you believe as I do that you eat first with your eyes, you won’t be disappointed. Every meal is followed by a dessert that cannot be turned away, hand made by Daniela with passion and imagination. From Oma’s red wine cake to authentic apple strudel, the memories leave my mouth watering.
So many things to say about Bernd. Drinks, Karaoke master, captain, workout coach, joke teller, grill master, mixologist, drone pilot, videographer, safety expert extraordinaire. Always ensuring you are safe, comfortable, happy and sailing to the most perfect place for whatever activity you are in the mood for (or not in the mood for); he is so knowledgeable about sailing, weather, the islands and cocktails. Bernd makes you feel safe, happy and content every second of every day of your trip. He goes the extra mile all day. Every day.
Let me wrap with Ursula because she, too, will absolutely be someone you don’t forget. She is always hanging in the background ready to give you whatever you need even though you may not know what you need at the time; always with an energetic smile but never in an intrusive manner. Waitstaff in fine dining restaurants or members of a hospitality team can take a page from the book of Ursula….
• Emerge from the water, she is standing there with a towel.
• Changing your swimsuit and need somewhere to put it? Ursula will take your suit from you and it is magically cleaned of saltwater, dried and ready for you the next morning.
• Laying in the sun taking your last sip of your drink, she approaches from seemingly nowhere with another.
• Having dinner? She is ready to clear your plate or pour your drink, she is there like magic. Do you need more food? Something in addition to what you have been provided? Ursula is there to get it for you.
I could go on and on about the soothing tone of Daniela while leading a yoga session (I didn’t even participate but I felt super relaxed just listening to her), the continual drive for perfection of Bernd (always making sure you have what you need or want), and the desire to meet every need by Ursula but I think I will leave something to the imagination.
Close your eyes and imagine the most perfect place with the most perfect group of people and know that will pale in comparison to a trip on Shangri La. On the day we left, I truly felt like I was saying goodbye to friends and people I wanted to have in my life in some way. And now, here I am, I am back to reality feeling inspired, relaxed and blessed beyond measure. Until next time Shangri La, I miss you already…
March 2019 - Endless Fun
Bernd, Daniela, Ursula
We cannot thank you enough for an amazing week. Your boat is beautiful, your cooking and sailing skills are first rate. We truly loved every day and are blessed that we were able to spend it with you. So many great memories..karaoke, games, relaxing, and the wedding!! Just awesome! Great hospitality, knowledge and the islands.. so many laughs.. By far the best boat trip we´ve ever had. We hope to see you again in future…
Thank you, thank you, thank you..
Our heartfelt gratitude
Gary, Peggy, Jenifer, Trayce and Chris
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Family trip - March 2019
Dear Daniela, Bernd and Ursula,
Thank you so much for a wonderful trip. Having grown up gang on charters, this was by far the best ever. The food was amazing, thanks to chef Dani and the drinks were terrific too, and very plentiful. From the Baths to Caneel Bay, to Norman Island, to Cruiz Bay, to all over the BVI. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Joe learned to snorkel, Mia was freediving and loved the tube, Colby and Andy loved swimming, snorkeling and the raft, Robin loved it all including the food and drinks. The lobster was amazing and deserts were sublime!
Can´t wait to come back to the Shangri La XoXo Robin, Mia, Andy, Colby, Joe
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February 2019
Thank you so much for the wonderful time aboard Shangri La and the amazing cruise through the USVI and BVI. You did a fantastic job! We will never forget this great vacation, thank you
Jenna, Torsten, Stefan, Vera, Stefan, Nicole, Uli, Heinz
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Great BVI vacation
Daniela, Bernd! You have a beautiful sail boat and provide the best service imaginable. We are still amazed with the boat itself, wonderful meals, the yoga sessions, the drinks and the overall warmth of you both and willingness to make our trip a total success. Thanks again and we will definitely be returning for another great BVI vacation.
January 2019
Without a doubt the best sailing vacation in my life. Daniela, Bernard and Kim makes all perfect in all the details. Drinks, meals. The incredible atmosphere they create: music, light. Always smiling with good manners. European style in all. Surely in the future I´ll be there again!
Argentina sails BVI
We have spent an incredible and amazing week, Daniela and Bernd have been one of the best hosts we ever met. The excellent cuisine and the exceptional attention will be unforgettable for us!!!
Manuel, Dolores, Isabel, Hernan, Manuel, Sophia
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January 2019
Our family of 8 just spent a wonderful week in the Virgin Islands on the Shangri La with Daniela, Bernd and Kim. And we’re already talking about sailing with them again! The crew is Austrian, and their English is excellent.

First, the boat. It is modern, comfortable and immaculate, with multiple outdoor lounging spots, some shaded, and an assortment of water toys. The Shangri La is owner operated, it is not treated like a rental. Daniela and Bernd keep everything in top shape. Guests are expected to follow some rules to keep the boat nice, no wet suits, sand or salt in the boat, there’s a towel system. Nothing too onerous, as long as you have multiple swim suits it’s fine. Next food and drinks, they are plentiful! Our group did not have any dietary restrictions, though I’m sure we would have been accommodated if we did. Daniela is an accomplished chef, and her kitchen was well stocked. We enjoyed varied, creative and plentiful meals that were beautifully presented. Don’t expect to lose weight on this trip, she doesn’t like left overs! Bernd is generous bartender, and definitely likes to get the party going!

As a fairly active group, we were looking for some good snorkeling and hiking spots, but we were not at all familiar with the area. Bernd and Daniela are very knowledgeable hosts, and after talking to us and understanding what activities we would enjoy, they planned out a perfect itinerary for us. They knew how to avoid the crowds, even though it was the height of the season, we sometimes felt we had the islands to our selves. Our trip included new years eve. We were not interested in the bar scene, so Bernd and Daniela created an Austrian new years ball for us on board, complete with masks, fans, and of course the Austrian waltz. We couldn’t have asked for a more attentive crew, more beautiful boat, or a better Virgin Islands vacation. We hope to be back!
New Years Eve Cruise 2018/19
Dear Daniela, Bernd and Kim
Thank you so much for a wonderful week in paradise! We will never forget it! Here are a few things we will think about back at home in Cleveland and Bosten:
Countless Laughs, Thousands of Fish, Hundreds of Drinks, Dozens of Water Toys and Activities, 21 fabulous Meals, 8 Guests, 3 dedicated Crew and 1 Shangri La!!
Thank you for a great week Tom, Kathy, Frank, Henry, Paul, Laura, Meg, Jeanette
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New Years Eve on Shangri La
Our family of 8 just spent a wonderful week in the Virgin Islands on the Shangri La with Daniela, Bernd and Kim. And we’re already talking about sailing with them again! The crew is Austrian, and their English is excellent.

First, the boat. It is modern, comfortable and immaculate, with multiple outdoor lounging spots, some shaded, and an assortment of water toys. The Shangri La is owner operated, it is not treated like a rental. Daniela and Bernd keep everything in top shape. Guests are expected to follow some rules to keep the boat nice, no wet suits, sand or salt in the boat, there’s a towel system. Nothing too onerous, as long as you have multiple swim suits it’s fine. Next food and drinks, they are plentiful! Our group did not have any dietary restrictions, though I’m sure we would have been accommodated if we did. Daniela is an accomplished chef, and her kitchen was well stocked. We enjoyed varied, creative and plentiful meals that were beautifully presented. Don’t expect to lose weight on this trip, she doesn’t like left overs! Bernd is generous bartender, and definitely likes to get the party going!

As a fairly active group, we were looking for some good snorkeling and hiking spots, but we were not at all familiar with the area. Bernd and Daniela are very knowledgeable hosts, and after talking to us and understanding what activities we would enjoy, they planned out a perfect itinerary for us. They knew how to avoid the crowds, even though it was the height of the season, we sometimes felt we had the islands to our selves. Our trip included new years eve. We were not interested in the bar scene, so Bernd and Daniela created an Austrian new years ball for us on board, complete with masks, fans, and of course the Austrian waltz. We couldn’t have asked for a more attentive crew, more beautiful boat, or a better Virgin Islands vacation. We hope to be back!
Christmas Charter 2018
Dear wonderful Bernd, sweet Daniela and kind Kim,
we have LOVED our Shangri La Christmas 2018 trip! This boat is beyond wonderful and incredibly designed to accommodate our family of eight but is even more wonderful due to you all! Thanks for accommodating our daughters late arrival with ease, the 5 star meals with more food and drinks than we ever thought we could stomach.. Wow! As Jonathan said, “This trip seems to be a lot about gorgeous views and “The drinks””
All of us have been so happy this week! Daniela´s food is so delicious and beautifully presented too.. Though not too beautiful for us to eat too much… all day!!! Thanks for accommodating the two celiacs on board with ease as well, we are very grateful!
Bernd – we are genuinely appreciative for your strength and help for Jonathan. Your help getting him in and off the boat made it possible for him to love this trip. You helped to make it wonderful for the whole family and we will cherish this sailing trip forever! We will also never forget Bernd as Santa on Christmas morning. We can´t wait to tell our friends to book with you for the best week possible! We could not have a better boat or crew!! With love, Mindy, Sean, Lauren, Mary Kathrine, Clayton, Jonathan, Barry and Kaki
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November 2018
Daniela, Bernd and Antonia,
Thank you for the incredible delicious food and your incomparable hospitality. You showed us the best spots in the BVI – thank you to the best crew ever!!!
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October 2018 - Caribbean Feeling at its best!
Dear Dani, Bernd and Antonia,
Thank you for 12 days Caribbean Feeling at its best!
Dani: 5 star cuisine is not enough – so 6 star cuisine,
6 stars too for Bernd: thank you for your safe navigation and your perfect local knowledge
And 1000 stars for all of you, the best crew ever! You made the trip awesome and unforgettable. You love to sail… and we do too.
Rita, Thorsten, Micha, Nicole, Guido, Heike, Rainer
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Perfect vacation...
We just returned to Arkansas from our Shangri La charter in the BVI last week, and we wanted to thank you for steering us to that boat and crew.

Our experience exceeded our greatest expectations! Shangri La is an impressive sailing vessel. With 10 people aboard (7 in our family and 3 crew), were very comfortable and never felt crowded. Daniela and Bernd were the quenticential hosts whose charm and hospitality were unparalleled.

From the initial email communication, to the personal calls a week before the charter, our initial meeting, the sailing experiences, the delectable dining experiences, the options for daily sailing and adventures, to the sad farewell, we all had a exceptional experience. We feel as though Daniela and Bernd are now part of our family!

The dining experiences——how does one say superb 5 Star cuisine three times daily for seven days? We ate at several nice restaurants on pre trip St John and post trip St Thomas, but found Daniela’s meals exceeding all of those! Bernd made sure no cup was empty with wonderful new Caribbean concoctions, as well as an good wine selection. The music theme pairings with themes of the meal only added to the cuisine excellence.

We additionally were treated with an another host in Morgan, a very smart and personable young lady from Maryland. Morgan was a substitute for their regular assistant who had gone back to Germany. Morgan complemented Daniela and Bernd seamlessly. They all bent over backwards for our 4 and 5 year old grandchildren (of course, as well as us)!

If you were to ask Cecile and me to recommend a perfect vacation/holiday, we would answer “spend a week with Bernd and Daniela aboard Shangri La.” We hate to be too effusive in our praise, for fear you will publicize our comments, which will make it more difficult to rebook Shangri La in the future.


Cecile and Jim
Family Charter - June 2018
Your hospitality, generosity and sincerity have been a blessing this week. We´ve appreciated you more than you know. Our DREAM vacation is complete! Everything was a great adventure, which we enjoyed thoroughly. Thank you for the sailing, snorkeling, watersports, gourmet meals, and most importantly YOU! Godspeed and many blessings and well wishes for all your adventures.
Best wishes Jim, Cecile, Jimbo, Stephanie, Whit, Ella, James
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May 2018 - a great family charter
We cannot thank you enough for the amazing time we had have on your cat, Shangri La. What good care you have all taken care of us. Great sailing, food for a King and sights to behold. I can´t believe how beautiful it is in the BVI. White sand and turquoise water. You made our time so relaxing! We didn´t have to raise a finger to do anything. You did it all! How blessed we are to have found you. We had a fantastic time and can’t wait to come back. Thank you so much and god bless you…Joey, Andrea, Katelyn, Dayton and Nicholas
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Wedding on Shangri La - May 2018
Thanks for the sailing experience of a lifetime. You didn´t miss a beat when we informed you that we would also through a wedding into our charter plans. (Only 2 weeks notice) Within 24 hours of boarding the Shangri La, Brad and Victoria were married on Trunk Bay. You even managed to successfully tender the wedding cake aboard in the rain and waves.
The remainder of our week included so many wonderful memories: sailing, swimming, yoga, snorkeling, sub-winging, paddle-boarding, food – lots of delicious gourmet meals, nightly tarpon shows under the blue lights, star and planet gazing, Norman Islands Caves, The Bath, Oil Nut Bay, Karaoke, Bananagrams, drinks, and more drinks from our extraordinary bartenders…
The Shangri La is an exquisite Sailboat. The attention to cleanliness and detail is much appreciated.
Thanks for making this a special trip.. we will be back!!!
Brad, Victoria, Eric, Tara, Zach, David and Edie
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April 2018 - 60th birthday celabrations
What an amazing 60th birthday celebration! The food was delicious, the service was first rate and the accommodation was the best. Everything was planned to perfection and you made it seem effortless. And, oh how can you throw a party! Thank you so much for showing us your piece of paradise that is the BVI and we can´t wait to come back again! We loved the yoga, the snorkeling, the meals (THE MEALS!), the chill time and the entertainment (best music ever!)
Was like summer camp for adults :-) Elise and Tim
Thank you for a totally awesome week in the Caribbean Sea! Sweet friends- fantastic new friends – incredible snorkeling and sailing, excellent music – and the most exceptional experience was Daniela´s delicious food. Whom! 3 meals a day, beautifully presented and effortlessly served with a sweet smile. We totally enjoyed our 60th birthday celebration. Thank you all for a job well done. You have only our best wishes, thoughts and prayers…xoxo William and Donna
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April 2018 - A bucket list trip
Huge thanks for the past week that we spent sailing around the beautiful islands of the BVI. This was a bucket list trip for me and my family. We made some amazing memories we will have forever. And if we can´t remember we will always have our video. Tony- we appreciated your skills and abilities in sailing and getting us everywhere. And for answering all my questions as we sailed. We loved the sailing portion of the trip – it is magical when the sails are out and the boat flies. Kate – you are an amazing and wonderful chef. Great food! Can´t believe how you just worked and worked and made such tasty and beautifully prepared food. Everyone had their favorites: steak, quesadillas, crepe, the deserts and on and on. The food was a highlight. Lena- you welcomed us back to the boat with a greeting and smile each time. You were very kind and helped extremely to make this a trip of a lifetime. Loved how you recognized the bucket list family music.
Highlights: Anegada, Baths, Sandy Spit, scuba diving, Rhone, Salt Island, Peter Island, subwing, tubing, Indians, Caves, Water Melon Bay, Roadtown
Thanks Chris and Missy
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March 2019 - . Celebrating a 50th anniversary and a 10th birthday for a whole week
Thank you for such a wonderful week. The snorkeling was fun, beautiful clear waters. We loved the relaxing sails and the swim-up beach bars. Great to see everything rebuilt so quickly. A wonderful time with our family. Thank you to our fantastic crew: Lena, for keeping us organized, everything running and fantastic yoga to get us started each day. Kate, for preparing so many wonderful meals, we could not pick a favorites. Capt. Tony for always knowing the perfect place to be on the perfect day, with great stories and DJ knowledge. You have deepest thanks for a perfect trip with our family that we will remember always.
Thank you for leaving us in the warm hands of Tony, Kate and Lena. We cannot imagine a better fit for our family of 8: “almost 10” to 72. Celebrating our 50th anniversary for a whole week was beyond wonderful. Thank you
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Spring Break - March 2018
Many thanks for all the memories you helped us create! We had such a terrific vacation aboard your beautiful Shangri La! The islands alone are magical, but when combined with such a fabulous crew…
We were spoiled by Kate’s culinary skills and have some photos as proof. And Captain Tony managed to sail us here and there and everywhere – too many to name – Anegada, the Baths, the Indians among my favorites – and don’t forget the Caves, the jokes, the music playlists, Farkle games, sub-winging, snorkeling, paddle-boarding! Lena’s delightful and her attention to every detail made such a difference. She has such a precious personality – so pleasant! Our thanks to all of you!!! Blessings.
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March 2018
Refueled with sun and new impressions unfortunately this beautiful journey is coming to an end. Great food, the perfect crew/hosts, unbeatable sophistication- it is difficult for us to go back home. Thank you very much for this wonderful time and these great experience.
Johannes, Julia, Kira, Lyn, Ilona, Horst, Sylvia, Mike
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February 2018 We love to sail! Do you?
We love to sail! Do you? Sailing BVI aboard the LUXURY catamaran Shangri La. Our Captain, Cook and crew were AMAZING!! Such a stress free vacay aboard Shangri La as the crew catered to our every needs—they SPOILED us!! Thank you so much Bernd, Captain, Manager and Perfectionist and Daniela Chef, Master Yoga Instructor and an all arround “LOVELY” person inside and out! Thank you for such a wonderful and enjoyable experience! It surpassed all our expectations of a LUXURY sailing experience! I feel so blessed to have found your vessel. You are the perfect boat & crew. It’s very clear why Shangri La won 2nd best boat at the show—an award you should be very proud of! You and the Captain make a great team ❤
The Land Of Oz Crew (Kansas is often referred to this from the famous movie The Wizard Of Oz): Dave, Debbie, Tom, Cindy, Margie, Ron, Rich & Nancy ❤️
PS: We couldn’t wait to see what you were cooking for dinner. It was so fun looking forward to your lovely & delicious meals!
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February 2018
We had 12 wonderful days aboard Shangri La in the BVIs. Dani and Lena took care of wonderful culinary highlights each day that we had to "work off" in the morning with yoga. Bernd spoiled us with secluded beaches and coves. It was a fantastic island hopping - with snorkeling, bathing, fun in the water, on board or at the beach. Bernd made every day special. His local knowledge and his sailing skills are enormous. From the first moment on we felt so comfortable. Dani & Bernd are a perfect team that pampers their guests very personal and professional from morning to evening with Kaiserschmarren "all you can eat" accompanied with Viennese Waltz music, or barbecue night, great steaks by Bernd prepared on the Weber Grill with Caribbean sounds under the beautiful starry sky. Yes, here comes everybody the mood for a wild dance party with great music. It has been great fun with you, keep doing this and again a very warm thank you for the wonderful time with you.
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January 2018
Dear Shangri La,
our week on board was ethereal! You met all our expectations of a family vacation, and those we did not know were possible. Indeed Shangri La became our home and we will always remember it this way. We now depart refreshed, relaxed and renewed.. our memories will sustain us until we meet again. Auf Wiedersehen vielen Dank-thank you Chris, Renee, Erin, Robert and Keenan
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January 2018
Thank you for the wonderful time aboard Shangri La. It was so relaxing, we loved the sea, sailing and the sun! The food was amazing! We had the best parties: Piratparty, Karaoke Night, Beach Party and Soggy Dollar! Iris, Volker, Daniel, Nicole, Rainer, Meggy, Julia, Katja
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Happy New Year!
I wanted to thank you for your help with our BVI trip. We had an incredible time. The catamaran, Shangri La, was perfect. Well-appointed with great rooms and for such a small space, we never felt like we were on top of each other. The crew was fabulous. Bernd (the captain) was always ready with ideas of where to go—we visited the Baths on Virgin Gorda, snorkeled at a few famous and wonderful spots, including the Indians. He set up an impromptu sundowner on a beach one night, made cocktails and set up a limbo game with a tree branch. Super fun.He was always making fun cocktails and the boat had tons of fun activities using the dingy—there was tubing and wake boarding and something called a sub-wing which we’d never heard of. The kids tried it all (as did most of the adults.) Then, during the sails, we rested and read and napped. A perfect combination of down time and activities. The food was also incredible—fresh tuna steaks, rib eye, sashimi, a stuffed pork tenderloin and Daniela (the chef) was great about accommodating the kids’ more limited palates. If you have clients interested in the BVIs (or a catamaran in that region), I would strongly recommend Shangri La. I hope you’ll pass on our thanks to the boat company, too.

All in all, it was a perfect trip. Chris ranks it top 2 with Africa and I think I agree. We look forward to going back!
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January 2018
Bernd, Dani, Lena
We wanted to thank you for an absolute wonderful experience aboard Shangri
La! We had the best time!!! Your hospitality and service were impeccable.
The Meals were spectacular. Dani, you are a fantastic chef! Lena, you were
great in making sure we had everything we needed and we enjoyed your sweet
smile. Now, about that New Years Party... what happens on Shangri La stays
on Shangri La. It was so much fun!! We will never forget our New Years Eve
Celebration. Dani, you are a much better singer than Bernd!
Bernd and Dani, we thank you so much for taking care of us. You all are
fantastic captains and we very much appreciated your expertise. Shangri La
is a phenomenal boat, much to be proud of.
We wish you all the best, smooth sailing and a nice breeze at your back.
Best of luck on all new projects. Please keep me posted. If I can be helpful
please let me know.
David, Karen, Michael, Kayla, Mathew
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January 2018
From our Family – Haley, Briana, Nicole and Terence from the Great state of Colorado: The boat was immaculate. The Captain trustworthy, knowledgeable, and with a great sense of humor. Daniela, a marvelous cook! Exquisite! Bernd, a lucky man. Lena, fabulous service always with a smile. This was a trip of a lifetime! We enjoyed learning to wakeboard, playing karaoke and dancing all night. We will never forget this trip and the wonderful crew- see you again!
Christmas 2017
This has been such a fantastic trip - a week of relaxing, sailing, eating, drinking, and being together with my sister and her family. Thank you so much for sharing your fantastic spots with us. We look forward to coming back for another week. You guys are WONDERFUL!

Daniella, Luke, Will, Nicole, Jack, and Claire
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December 2017
There hasn't been a better week in my life that I can remember. Certainly for me, the Caribbean and the Virgin Islands are amazing, but the crew of Shangri La were incredible, and this trip has been a beautiful moment in time for me. I am forever in your debt.
Thanks and with Love,
Nicole and Blake
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Dear Daniela, Lena and Bernd,
Wow! What an incredible trip. Thank you so much for all of the hospitality. Our kids have has a trip that will be difficult to out-do. Thanks for being so gracious to our kids. Also Bob truly enjoyed this and it was awesome quality family time. This was Bob´s trip of a lifetime! We will miss you…Sincerely and best Regards the Oklahomans Dru, Misty, Avery, Gavin and Grandpa Bob
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December 2017
Thank you Bernd, Dani and Lena for that wonderful trip. We enjoyed each minute but especially the yoga in the morning, our card games at night, wakeboarding and subwinging, the Scooter-Tour in Anegada, all the white beaches and lonely bays, the snorkeling, the Austrian Glühwein and “All you can eat – Kaiserschmarrn”, the best Gin&Tonics and Painkillers, the fabulous and amazing food and last but not least our X-mas karaoke. Thank you for everything! We really loved to sail with you!
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November 2017
Dear Dani, Bernd and Lena,

Thank you so much for the wonderful time on Shangri La. It was another great trip- especially Anegada. Thank you for taking care of little David and thank you for the superb food- it deserves *****.
This was our second time on Shangri La and we are sure that we´ll come back.. see you next time!
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October 2017
A fantastic sailing trip- thank you for everything! We sailed with Shangri La now the third time and each time it is just phenomenal – a lot of champagne, yoga in the morning and Zumba in the afternoon, Laura´s birthday party, awesome food (we loved the Kaiserschmarrn), best cocktails and unforgettable sailing!
Thank you – Shangri La rocks!!!
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August 2017
Dear Bernd and Dani,
We are grateful to have met you. Thank you immensely for coming to our rescue after our other boat was struck by lightning. Although that was very unfortunate, Paul and I feel that it was serendipity because otherwise we would not have found you and the Shangri La! This has been a true vacation of a lifetime. Everything about this trip was perfect - thank you for taking such great care of us in every way. The food was amazing and we really enjoyed getting to know a little bit about Austria. All the activities were so much fun! There is so much I can say, but I don't think I have enough room. We will cherish these memories always and rejoice to see you again. You are always welcome in our home in Jacksonville, FL.
Sanya and Paul

Ha ha! Great picture. Thanks again for everything. You are both good people. We appreciate all you have done to make our much needed holiday very special and memorable. We had a great time and feel we made two new friends.
Bis dann,
Photo 109
August 2017
Bernd and Dani,
Thank you so much for making this vacation so wonderful! You made the trip so much fun! I loved all the water sports and meals and yoga in the morning! If we ever go skiing in Austria we'll give you a call. The food was AMAZING!!! That was the best wiener-schnitzel that I've ever had! I also LOVED the (virgin) cocktails and I loved you guys! Also thanks for teaching us some German, I can now successfully call someone a liar in German. The karaoke was really fun!
Amazing Charter and Family Friendly
We decided to try something new in the BVI and chartered Shangri La for a week. Our party was three adults and one four year old. From the minute we joined Shangri La to the time we said farewll we had an excellent time. Dani's meals were excellent and she provided a great variety of food each day - the only problem was it was more food than we could eat. Dani's morning yoga was a hit with us all including the four year old. Before we went on the trip we were very uncertain about comfort and safety while on board, and I am happy to say that the boat is comfortable in every way and the crew make you feel safe at all times. We enjoyed Bernd's cocktails and several really good wines and champagne were available throughout our stay. Overall this was one of the most fun and adventurous vacations we have taken and would highly recommend that others join them as well, as it is all first class all the way!
July 2017
A boat full of doctors.. Safest trip ever! Thank you graciously for the most wonderful trip. The four of us enjoyed every moment of our journey. The care, concern and hospitality was evident the moment we first step foot on Shangri La. The food, the drinks and the love you shared with us will always be remembered. Our son, Liam, was as comfortable at sea with you guys as he is at our home. This was a once in life time experience! For everyone else.....this is a must on your bucket list!!!! If the winds of the world ever find you in Houston we look forward to returning the love!

Cory, Holly, Liam and KK
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July 2017
We have talked about going on a trip like this for years.. and wow what an experience!
We loved EVERYTHING. Thank you both for an amazing, relaxing, physically challenging week. It was filled with many memorable activities that kids and parents loved, exquisite meals and great naps while sailing in spectacular waters and secluded beaches. Not to mention a beautiful and impeccably maintained luxury filled catamaran. The food was so amazing, Danny you are an awesome cook! We appreciate the patience you had with our kids, they loved you and had so much fun. We still haven't been able to get back to reality.....breathe iiin.....breathe ouuut..(yoga each morning) Thank you again for everything, we will definitely do that again!
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June 2017 - Incredible time
Thank you so much for an incredible time!

For anyone considering a Shangri La vacation, I'd tell you that the yacht is spacious, impeccably maintained and luxurious, and the food is excellent, but best part of a Shangri La vacation is that the captain and crew have only one goal, to make this the best vacation you’ve ever had.

We spent a week on Shangri La in June of 2017 and couldn’t have been happier. Every day was a new adventure planned just for us. We could request a location or take the advice of Daniela and Bernard and enjoy the surprise. We went to remote beaches and had bonfire picnics, were led on snorkeling expeditions at some of the quieter locations and in general treated like royalty. This was the 5th time my wife and I had been to the BVIs and it was by far the best trip we’ve ever had. We had 3 generations on board and from the oldest to the youngest everyone agreed that it was our best vacation ever. Thanks so much. Looking forward to our next trip.
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5 Star!
What a wonderful trip! Thank you so much for this great adventure! The food was wonderful - a five star experience! Can´t wait to come back for Bernd´s Shangri Lada Cocktail. Couldn´t have asked for a better crew! We loved the time here.
Jason, Katie, Ashley, Jody, Lucy, Tony
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June 2017
What an amazing, beautiful trip! Our family had the most wonderful vacation. Truly a vacation of a lifetime. I don't even know where to start and what was my favorite. The Islands were spectacular, subwinging was a blast and proud of myself for conquering my fears of the ocean. The food and drinks were always outstanding... I could go on and wish we could have stayed longer. This boat is absolutely beautiful, super clean and had everything you need to just relax. Thank you for the great hospitality and grace with 5!!! Kids!
Brandy and Justin
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BVI May 2017
Thank you for the best vacation ever on Shangri La!
We stayed on Shangri La the third time now and every time it is just amazing!
And we are coming again!!!!
Julia and Simon
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BVI May 2017
Thank you for that awesome trip, for paddle boarding, karaoke, Willy T, snorkeling with turtles and tarpons, yoga, the swimming bar, all the amazing food and the unforgettable beach party with BBQ!
Bernd and Dani are just amazing!

Sandro, Michael, Michael, Bernhard, Nina, Melina
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Thank you for that unforgettable honeymoon.
We enjoyed the days on Shangri La! Dani and Bernd are perfect hosts and we will never forget the yummy food and the relaxation, that can only be found on their boat.
Thank you for each perfect day,
Linda & Sascha

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BVI April 2017
Thank you for taking that great care of us this week and your generosity and hospitality. As our first vacation on a boat Bernd and Dani have given us amazing memories we will always cherish. Dani's food is superb and Bernd´s cocktails are tasty and fun! Additionally we appreciate very much their kindness and care for our little son making him feel welcome and happy.
Thanks a lot!
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Photo 136
September 2016 - First Class! Bahamas & Ibiza
What can we say, we have now chartered with this crew twice in less than 5 months and we will be joining them again in 5 more.

The Shangri La is first class in every way! With the brand new bigger boat and new toys, there is endless fun to be had! Norm can not wait to Sub-Wing again! Safe travels across the Atlantic! Can not wait to our next adventure!

Lindy What can we say, we have now chartered with this crew twice in less than 5 months and we will be joining them again in 5 more. The Shangri La is first class in every way! With the brand new bigger boat and new toys, there is endless fun to be had! Norm can not wait to Sub-Wing again! Safe travels across the Atlantic! Can not wait to our next adventure!

Lindy & Norm
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Photo 139
May 4-9, 2016 Bahamas Honeymoon!
We can't thank this Crew enough! What a wonderful Honeymoon we had sailing in the Bahamas. Dani and Bernd completely took care of us. The food was delicious and the adventures, many. We loved it so much that we are doing it again in a few months on the new Shangri La! We highly recommend sailing away with these two! Lindy and Norman
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Photo 142
April 13-20 2016 - Best Cruise We Have Had
This was undoubtedly the best cruise we have had in eight years. Daniela and Bernd took care of our every need, with great food and copious refreshments and could not have been more attentive. In addition they are lovely people, fun loving and there was much fun and laughter on board Shangri La every day.

We sailed to many lovely islands with stunning beaches, many of them uninhabited so that we had the beach, island, and sea to ourselves. On one deserted island Bernd and Daniela arranged a beach barbque using drift wood for the fire and we watched the sun set while Bernd cooked great steaks above the glowing fire embers to the sound of music provided by a large music center, brought ashore for our entertainment by our hosts. We enjoyed our food as it got dark on a beautiful warm night with nothing above us but the stars and the waxing half moon.

We took care to return the beach to its original pristine condition, before we retired on board Shangri La for a good nights sleep at one of the many safe and tranquil anchorages that Bernd knows so well.

All in all a very pleasant and memorable holiday.

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