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Hors d’œuvres – Canapés

With Anchovies, Pistachios, Curry & Honey

With Smoked Poultry, Pineapple, Malibu & Ginger

Of Beef, Règlisse and Carrots

Of Hummus & Marrons Glacés


Tartelettes of Salmon & Trout, Red Berries, Burnt Plantain Skins and Caviar.


The First Sensation

Soupe Glacée of Langoustines & Girolle Mushrooms

Potage Asiatique with Dumplings (Fish, Meat or vegetable) & Seasonal Vegetables

French Onion Soup & Brioche

Warm salad of Baby Crispy Vegetables

Ceasar Salad (Nature, Grilled Chicken or Duck or Grilled Fish)

Tartare of Sea Bass & Mint

Carpaccio of Beef, Spices & Stuffed Figs

Chef Gravlax & Condiments

Italian Proccuito with Caramelised Cashew Nuts & Granité of Watermelon

Pata Negra with Port Cantaloupe Melon

Sugar Cane Skewer of Fresh Fruit with Grilled Ginger & a Strawberry Wine

Fagots d’Asperge with Tomato Confite & Glazed with a Red Curry Hollandaise

Clams Farçis with Garlic & Fresh Herbs

Moules Marinières with Fresh Local Bread

Crab Cakes & Perche Caviar Mousse

Hot Oysters Gratinés with Spinach & Green Tea

Cold Oysters & Condiments

Feuilleté of Foie Gras with an Onion & Cheese Tuile Sauce & Green Grape Wine

Pompadoure Tuna Sushi, Mango Bean Sprouts & Red Berries

Green Cabbage Leaf Stuffed with either: Vegetable Mousse, Fish Mousse, Meat Mousse or Cheese served with Harissa Mousseline & Warm Nuts


The Admittance (2 or 4 people)

Plateau de Fruits de Mer
Oysters, Mussels, Clams, Crab, Seaspider, Langoustines, Shrimps, Lobster & Seaweed

Grilled Lobster, Braised Fennel, fresh Vegetables, Hawain Potatoes & a Hot Red Grapefruit Vinaigrette (2 or 4 people)

Whole Giant Scallops Gratinés, Purée of Dark Wheat & of Compote of Leeks. Sauce Beurre Blanc, Basil & Muscadet

A Typical Antipasto, Grilled Vegetables, Parmesan & a Foccacia with a Green Salad

Chef Bouillabaisse

Chef Paëlla

Chef Couscous

Enormous Côte de Bœuf Grilled & Oven Roasted with Ses Petits Plats & Green Salad

Whole Local Fresh Fish Stuffed with Local vegetables & Pommes Paillasson Choucroute de la Mer, all Local Fish, Vegetables, Mollusques & Crustaceans Peking Duck slowly cooked & Caramelised

The Admittance (per person)

Magret de Canard Grilled, Roasted with Dragées Crumbs & Fresh Figs

Giant Gambas Grilled with Coconuts & Asian Dip

Brochette of Fresh Monk Fish Oescetra Caviar, Pineapple Tree & Potato Mousse

Veal Chops, Oven Baked Apples, Tarte Fine aux Légumes & Sweet Potato Mikado.

Seafood in Black Organic Pasta, Fresh Pesto, Parmesan & Cream Sauce

Chicken Tagliatelle,
Pine Nuts, Basilic, Avocado & Portebello Mushrooms

Tuiles of Fromaggio de Parmegiano, Mint Baby Vegetables & Berries.

Beef Tenderloin marinated, Asian Noodles,
Crispy Vegetables, Soy Sauce & Black Bean Potato Purée

Crab Farcis à La Bretonne – Chefs Region

Les Douceurs

Salad of Fresh Exotic Fruits
Hot Skewer of Fresh Fruit, Chocolate Ganache & red Berry Compote Fresh Tuile with Warm Figs, Pistachios & Mascarpone Ice Cream Orange & Grapefruit Sorbet in their own Skins with Macaroons
Lemon Meringue Tart
Tarte Tatin with Vanilla Ice Cream
Chocolate Tart with Marshmallow Ice Cream
Banana Tart with Rum Coulis
Crême Brulée with a Choice of Chocolate, Berries, Nougat or Vanilla Nougat Glacé, Hot Pears & Règlisse
Soupe Glacée des Fraises des Bois
Green Tomato Sorbet, Sweet Pepper Chili & Ouzo
Charlotte Glacée aux Deux Chocolats & Berries
Chocolate Truffles Coated in Nuts caramelised with Mango , Papaya Iced Juice Duette of Crêpes en Cornet with Fresh Fruit Purée & a Guinness Mousseline Peanut Butter Ice Cream, Bailey Coffee Martini
Tiramisu Fusion Cocktail
Sorbet of Fresh Apricot, Chocolate Mikado & Ginger Mousseline Regional Cheese Board, Dried Fruits, Nuts & Warm Local Bread


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