Flagship VI
6501 Red Hook Plaza, Suite 201-221, St. Thomas, VI, 00802, USVI
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Day 1
Sushi / sashimi
Dinner: ​ Mandarin pork roast, mashed potatoes & veggies served with homemade herbed bread & compound butter assortment
Dessert:​ Jamaican Toto (Coconut cake) / vanilla ice cream / caramel & bourbon drizzle Saturday 
Day 2
Breakfast: ​Bacon egg and spinach Benedict served with ripe fruit
​Lunch:​ ​ Black and blue ribeye salad - Blackened ribeye steak, arugula, cherry tomatoes, red onions, blue cheese crumbles and homemade balsamic dressing
Appetizer: ​ Fruit and cheese board: Puff pastry covered triple cream brie atop local jam, Danish blue, Gouda & goat’s cheeses topped with balsamic glaze, honey, spiced nuts & dukkah, aside apple slices & flatbread crackers
Dinner:​ Traditional Jamaican jerk chicken, red beans and rice aside callaloo
Dessert:​ Caramel / bourbon / pecan bread pudding, served with vanilla ice cream 
Day 3
Breakfast: ​ French toast topped with fruit compote and maple syrup.
Lunch:​ Grilled white fish / mango coulis / basmati rice
Appetizer:​ House made tomato / basil Bruschetta and caprese salad / balsamic glaze
Dinner:​ Jamaican Jerk fish tacos, pineapple salsa, red cabbage salad
Dessert: P​ineapple crisp / vanilla ice cream / caramel
Day 4
Breakfast: ​Spinach / bacon and gruyere quiche
Lunch:​ Traditional caribbean goat curry served with paratha roti
Appetizer:​ Seafood, cheese & green onion wontons / spicy soy dipping sauce
Dinner: ​ Grilled white fish / corn polenta / sautéed spinach / red pepper coulis
Dessert: ​Mexican sopapilla cheesecake / honey drizzle
Day 5
Breakfast:​ Feta cheese, parmesan and veggie frittata / balsamic glaze
Lunch:​ Sephardic spiced fish skewers / tzatziki sauce / basmati rice
Dinner: ​Spinach&artichokedip/paratharoti&crackers
Dessert:​ ​Fruit crumble / vanilla ice cream / caramel
Day 6
Breakfast: ​Israeli shakshuka served with paratha roti
Lunch: G​rilled white fish over a spinach / bacon salad, served with a perfectly gooey hard-boiled egg
Appetizer:A​sian style pork ribs served with purple cabbage salad
Dinner: S​hrimp​ ​scampi / angel hair pasta / veggies / buttery white wine & lemon sauce / homemade focaccia
Dessert: ​Angel food cake / fruit compote / sliced almonds.
Day 7
Breakfast: ​Mexican sausage, veggie and tortilla strata served with sour cream
Lunch: C​uban sandwich / pickle / spicy potato wedges
Appetizer: F​ried plantains / spicy aioli
Dinner: ​ Shrimp, sausage and rice Jambalaya
Dessert: ​Individual cheesecake / berry compote
Last day
Breakfast: ​Biscuits and gravy or goat's cheese, veggie and bacon frittata
Snack: ​Tomato, black bean and avocado salsa / blue corn chips


Flagship VI