Buffet service style, choice in coffee, tea,
milk or chocolate.
Cereals, corn flakes, mueslis and yogurts
- Eggs Florentine with a bed of spinach in coconut milk
- Fruit Plate whit season fruits. Cheese Plate
- Homemade banana muffins
- Oats Pancakes
- Omelet, scramble eggs, fried eggs, with bacon
- Homemade fresh fruit juice.
- Cold smoked salmon

- Sesame crusted seared Ahí Tuna with wasabi vinaigrette
- Tomato, spinach and feta homemade quiche
- Grilled fresh local fish seared served with a warm Italian style pasta, salad and homemade salsa verde
- Greek yogurt chicken salad with fresh Tabbouleh
- Smoothie Melón with jamon serrano salad
- Nicoise salad with grilled fresh tuna served with coriander dressing
- Seafood Spanish paella

- Homemade hummus, and
- Black & green olives Tapenade with crudities
- Pan tomaca with jamon serrano.
- Guacamole with crispy sticks
- Petit choux stuffed with tomatoes and feta
- Crispy date and bacon roll
- Spanish tortilla and gazpacho




- Provencal style scallops with shallots, parsley and garlic Tuna tartare with guacamole
- Homemade Zuchinni cream
- Seafood ceviche
- Verrine prawns with grapefruit segments and celery
- Sushi plate
- Four-spice duck foi grass with red onion chutney and toasted ficelle
- Samossas filo pastry stuffed with dry tomatoes, spinach and feta cheese

- Grilled lamb chops with roasted red apples and sweet potatoes
- Cacht of the day with homemade zucchinni gratin and green salad
- Couscous with mango sauce
- Salmon cooked papillot style with wok sauted vegetables.
- Flambéed gambas and scallops in a bed of creamy saffron risotto
- Marinate Mahi Mahi (dolphing fish or similar) with roasted eggplant, plum tomatoes and yellow peppers in a bed of lukewarm lentil salad and topped with goat cheese
- Tournedos steak “a la plancha” served with tomatoes provençal style in a bed of homemade mashed potatoes

- Steam fresh pear with homemade dark chocolate
- Homemade coconut flan with merengue
- Homemade Tarte aux pommes
- Homemade Tiramissu
- Homemade Red fruts crumble
- Homemade fondant chocolate
- Fruit season bavarois


The menu samples are merely examples and could be seasonally adjusted, or more importantly tailor made to suit the preferences of the owner and guest.

I have experience if vegetarian, gluten free and vegan diets are required.

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