Summer Charter in Sicily
We had a very nice week on Vintage I. The crew was simply perfect: sailing, food, service, it was all excellent! And always with a smile.

Also the yacht itself was very nice. The only remark I should make concerns the beds are slightly small for 2 boys. A couple should be ok but for 2 grown-up individuals it might be too small.

All the rest was perfect. Looking forward to booking her again next year!
February Charter in St Maarten/St Barths and Anguilla
First of all, in name of my wife and the whole family, I want to thank you and the crew to give us such a beautiful and amusing 10 days of vacation.
The sailing trips were lovely and good organised , even spectaculair.
The food was very good and professional. Amazing to prepair all these on such a "small" spot.
In one word "SUPER".
X-Mas Charter in the Caribbean
We had a very nice yacht with a really pleasant and capable skipper. Despite of rough seas and strong winds
he enabled an unforgettable sailing experience for us. We felt save.

The crew was friendly and competent. The condition and appearance of the yacht was good.

Many thanks to Manu and the crew for their efforts and I hope to book the yacht in future again.
Charter 15/08/15 - 22/08/15
The captain and crew were absolutely fantastic, we were all over the moon with the whole trip and we really want to do it again next summer.

Thanks again to Captain Manu & his crew.
Charter 30/07/15 - 06/08/15 Montenegro - Croatia
We are back and settled in.
I finally got my luggage which was waiting for me in Zurich when we flew back to the US thru there.
Fortunately we were on the yacht and I didn't need much clothes. Everything worked out.
We enjoyed our trip north. Actually I would have appreciated even spending more time on the charter
but my wife was glad to get home. As mentioned previously the crew was absolutely fantastic. They continually
went out of their way to accommodate us. Alex, the chef, was an unbelievable cook. Each meal was better than the next. We could eat his food forever. He happened to be a quite colorful guy as well.
Manu was a great sailor/ captain . Knew his yacht extremely well and you could tell he was in
complete control of the waters and the surroundings. He continually made sure we were part of the itinerary
planning and were fully informed about our present and future plans. The mate, Marinella, was a skilled
sailor in her own right. She made sure we were well taken care of, our cabins were clean, laundry serviced ( especially
with my limited wardrobe), and we were always attended to with a smile.
Fortunately we had very pleasant weather with the exception of 1 storm during the middle of the night
and early morning 1 day. On the other hand the wind didn't improve and therefore were only up to travel by
sail for at best 1 1/2 days during the whole trip. It was also extremely hot and humid during our travels.
As we know we can't control Mother Nature .
We truly loved our charter and the experienced and accommodating crew. Your service, attention to our needs and
questions were exceptional. I am glad we used your services.
Thanks again.

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