To make your stay as enjoyable as possible, we love to surprise you with a variety of different meals.

  • When you book a trip with us on Akka, we will send you a preference sheet. From it, you may choose the meals and drinks you care for.
    Please take some time to let us know your tastes and requirements.
Our menu is a combination of local and international foods, all freshly prepared.

Start the day

...with fresh baked rolls, baguettes, fresh fruits and coffee, a variety of teas and juices, an assortment of French cheeses, ham, preserves, cereal and yogurt, bacon, and eggs (any style).

Lunch time

...fresh salads with warm goat cheese. Smoked duck, chicken or fish, and various pasta dishes.

Over to happy hour

... snacks of smoked salmon, shrimp, dips and chips.

End the day

...with a three-course meal consisting of salad or soup, an entrée of Creole, Thai, or Fijian Shrimp, creative dishes of beef, chicken or fish, followed by homemade desserts.
                                      SAMPLE MENU


Coffee and Tea of your choise, Juices

Fresh baked Breadrolls, a variation of Yogurt, your choise of Cereal

A variation of cheeses, Ham and Sausages

Fresh fruit

Pancakes, Bacon and Eggs


Light Lunch

Thai Beef Salad

Mixed Sald with Smoked Trout

Farfalle with Sun Dried  Tomatos and Pecan Nuts in Pesto Sauce

Warm Goat Cheese Salad


Happy Hour Snacks

Celery Boats with Shrimps

Herb filled Cherry Tomatos

Potato Smoked Salmon Bites

Chips and Dips



Cold Advocado Soup

Mixed Salad with Blue Cheese

Shrimp and Gapefruit Salad



Mahi Mahi with Almondine Sauce with Sweet Potatos and Cauliflower

Shrimp Fiji over Cous Cous

Salmon in Mango Ginger Sauce with Vegetables and  Rice

Vinyard Chicken with Rice



Caribbean Delight

Mousse de Chocolate


Baked Pears with Hot Chocolate Sauce







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