Early March, 2016 guests aboard ENDLESS PLEASURE said:
On a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being the highest) the entire vacation from start tofinish was a 11++++++ ! I cant imagine doing this cruise vacation with another crew! The boat was lovely, but the crew made our vacation. They were always willing to do whatever and certainly paid attention to our preference sheet regarding where we wanted to go and what we wanted to do. They tried to accomplish all our musts within the parameter of our timing.

Any positive adjective would describe our crew. Courteous, Helpful, Friendly, Attentive, Knowledgeable are only a few of the adjectives I would use. I happen to be nervous on boats but I always felt safe and in competent hands. They went over the top to make our time on Endless Pleasure one to remember.

As I mentioned above, the crew paid close attention to our Preference Sheet; they even had the exact yogurt my daughter prefers. They were overly generous to purchase special edible items for my daughters birthday celebration.

Rw: Meals.. I/We have never had more delicious meals and beautifully presented. My two adult children even took pictures of every meal! We appreciate all the effort that went into each dining experience especially all the little touches i.e., cloth napkins at every dinner!

The yacht was lovely. The beds were made every morning and the bathrooms cleaned. There was plenty of everything.. sunscreen if needed, lotions, etc. A welcome basket on our bed was a nice way to arrive.

We liked everything! I think the crew made our vacation! A boat is a boat but the crew was what made our experience so special. At the end of our vacation, we all felt we had made lifelong friends. We hated saying goodbye.

Our crew scheduled our itinerary perfectly. All island stops were scheduled according to our wishes which were adventurous.

Tracy Schofield
Guests aboard ENDLESS PLEASURE in early August, 2015 said:
Guest: Bob Dulla
Yacht: Endless Pleasure

How did you find your crew, Tim & Stephany Mauer were they friendly, knowledgeable, attentive and accommodating?
Tim and Stephany were tireless, helpful, interesting and sensitive to our needs. We could not have asked for a better crew. Their warmth, knowledge and willingness to share insights into their lives made the trip a very satisfying adventure. We have never received so much attention.

Was Endless Pleasure comfortable, clean and well ventilated? What was your favorite aspect of the yacht?
It is clear they take great pride in Endless Pleasure as it was very clean, well maintained and ready to sail under all kinds of conditions. The steady winds in the Grenadines and many hatches combined to keep the boat well ventilated. Air conditioning was turned on when needed and worked very well.

Was the food enjoyable and well presented? Did the chef customize the menu to your preferences?
We have never had a full time chef before what a great experience. JoJo continually worked to anticipate our needs and was more than willing to accommodate our diverse dietary requests. Collectively, they provisioned the boat with foods and drinks that we requested after spending an hour with us on the phone in advance of the trip. JoJos fusion expertise made many many memorable meals and the rum punch was a crowd pleaser.

Did you enjoy the itinerary and the area you sailed?
The itinerary evolved as we gained experience with the area and the opportunities available. We watched a leatherback turtle crawl up on the beach, dig a hole, lay her eggs, cover them up and head back out to sea. We caught tuna and ate sashimi. Tim & Steph did all the work laying out the line, cleaning the fish and handing off the meat to JoJo to apply her magic. We went snorkeling in many places, and went ashore to explore numerous islands, which led to a pattern of snorkeling, sailing, fishing, anchoring, exploring and sometimes waterskiing, paddle boarding and tubing. They even took pictures of us as a family in many places and gave us the file with the pics at the end of the trip.

Are you considering another charter that we can help you with? Or do you know of a group who would be interested in receiving information from Sailing Directions for their upcoming charter vacation?
We will be interested in another charter, but have no current plans. We will pass on information about Sailing Directions and Endless Pleasure to friends that are interested in sailing.

Any additional comments / references / recommendations from your charter vacation experience:
The end of the charter came too quick, we felt that we were just getting into a rhythm and could have spent many more days with Tim and Steph. We are interested in staying in touch with them and following their adventures and hope that our paths cross again.
June 16th-26th charter review from guests
Hi Katja,

I have been so busy since I got home. But I wanted to write a quick note to tell you that we had a fantastic time, it was the best charter we have been on so far. The reasons for that are simple: the crew made it great! We loved the three person model, having JoJo as our chef was absolutely genius! She is very accomplished, did you know that she owned her own restaurant? The meals were incredible, everything made from scratch, she accommodated the kid's requests, and quite simply made fantastic meals. She was so lovely and friendly with the kids, they were cooking with her in the kitchen. This has sparked something in my daughter Michelle, as a matter of fact she is making dinner for all of us right now (she is 12). She texted JoJo to ask for recipes.

Now I want to tell you that Tim and Stephanie were wonderful people. We felt very pampered, they are extremely professional, competent and overall caring people. They gave us whatever we asked for, if we wanted a certain spot, or a certain activity they made it happen. Stephanie was always thoughtful, handing us ice water (especially good for the kids because they forget to hydrate), handing us towels, hanging our wet items, asking us what we needed, handing us our snorkel equipment, etc. Tim was wonderful with the kids, teaching sailing, fishing with James, bringing the kids tubing, bringing us snorkeling whenever we wanted. Tim prepared fresh tuna that James caught, took photos of us jumping, just overall friendly, accommodating and fun. What lovely people! We would like to charter with them again. It was a really good fit.

I really think this crew is great for families with kids. We are so happy that we went with Endless Pleasure for this charter, definitely worth it to see the Grenadines in this way. I also felt that they knew the area well and this made us feel safe and comfortable. Everything on the boat worked well, even the dinghy. We have had other charters where the dinghy did not work and that was terrible for us. Tim and Steph take very good care of the boat and it shows, all was in good working order, clean and comfortable. I would like to write something more eloquent as a review for them but I just wanted to get this off to you so you know how it went.


Danielle, Michael, James and Michelle
Guests aboard Endless Pleasure
Tim & Steph,
Thank you for the best hospitality, conversation and endless/unique experience. We could have ever dreamed of. See you guys soon! We Love You! You made our last day the best!
xoxo Jesse & Sam
Past Guests
Tim & Steph,

We have decided that our stay on the Endless Pleasure cant come to an end. Its false advertising! We have taken the liberty of appointing ourselves as the newest members of your crew. We have donated all our possessions to charity and are ready for work. Should you need us. Youll find us working hard on our tans over by the trampolines. Thanks Again for bringing us in to your slice of paradise, weve loved every minute.
Your New Recruits
Rory & Kat
Guests aboard in January
Tim, Steph & Jojo,

Thank you for the wonderful experience of a life time that we will never forget. We hope to do it again in the next few months or year. Happy sailing and we will be in touch though out the year. Take care and safe travels. Bon Voyage!

Chris & April
Past Guests
Tim, Steh and Jojo-Thank you!!!!
This has been suck an incredible experience. you all are amazing & wish you the best of luck. Keep in touch! P.S Jojo food is by far the best!!!
Past Guests aboard Endless Pleasure
Hi Tim and Steph!

So good to hear from you.
So, Id be happy to say a few words in testimony to our wonderful time with you guys on Endless Pleasure. Feel free to use it, or any part of it, or not at allyour choice.

Endless Pleasure lived up to its name. My husband and I joined Tim and Steph along with 4 other friends on our first-ever sail. Endless Pleasure proved to be the perfect ship, and Tim and Steph the perfect crew to experience the adventure of sailing the ocean in all its blue glory. Theres something to be said about starting each day with nothing but a swimsuit and a plunge into whatever water you are sailing that day. Then you take in the gorgeous sky, the happy sunshine, and enjoy the cruise with no care of phone, hair or what day it is. Tim and Steph were gracious and warm, making sure everyone was relaxed and satisfied. The best part of the trip was liking it so much that now I cant wait to
leave again tomorrow for another sailing adventure.

I could go on and on, but thought Id keep it short. I truly, unexpectedly, loved the trip and look forward to doing it again. We WILL be in touch.

So, happy adventures to you both. Miss you and cant wait to see you both again.

Love and peace,
Past Guests aboard Endless Pleasure
Endless Pleasure is just that! PLEASURE! A glorious week on the water with fine food, accommodations and the staff was very attentive to our needs. Tim and Stephanie are wonderful hosts! I will definitely go back and I highly recommend this trip to anyone! T Plauche
Past Guests aboard Endless Pleasure
Hello Stephany and Tim! We think of our time with you both and are so appreciative to have had the wonderful time and experiences that you allowed! We hope you are doing well, Paul and Brenda

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